They are having a typical morning. Ren and Nora go to the Kitchen. She's expecting pancakes, but he has something else in mind.

This is my first time writing anything in years, honestly. Haha... I'm a little shy/nervous about posting it.

I hope you all like it! It's just a goofy little Team JNPR one-shot that came to my mind while I was making myself some breakfast ;)

Critiques and helpful comments are welcome!

6:10 a.m. Without even opening his eyes, Ren shuts off the alarm on his scroll with a loud sigh. He sighs every time he wakes up earlier than he would like. Sitting up on his bed, he scans his eyes across the shared dorm room. This was easy for him since he chose the bed all the way to the far right of the room (to the right if you're standing at the door, staring at the beds. If you're sitting on the beds and facing the door, Ren is to the far left.)

Here, he has a view of the entire dorm. No intruders, no monsters, and, most importantly: Nora is sleeping safely in her bed. He noted that Pyrrha and Jaune are not in their beds. This is normal: Every morning they would jog around the school, much to Jaune's dissent, and work on his fighting.

It is your typical Wednesday at Beacon Academy. Being half way through the semester, the daily routine is beginning to feel… tedious. The first few weeks were fun and exciting; Learning new things from your awesome professors, having fun battles with your peers and the occasional grimm, being woken up every morning by an excitable and energetic Nora, getting into shenanigans with team RWBY, and even staying up late to play video games or have study sessions with your dorm-mates. However, all that has begun to settle down now that everyone has gotten into the same, boring routine.

Learning new lessons from your awesome professors has turned into long, mundane lectures which could put you to sleep. Those fun battles have turned into an exhausting, unnecessary work out. He has practiced against these peers and beowolves for so long now, he no longer feels challenged. Team RWBY and JNPR no longer cause mayhem (no thanks to Glynda Goodwitch.) Being woken up every morning by an excitable Nora? That phase is long gone now. There are two sides to morning-Nora: Wakes up at 5 a.m with all the energy a human body could possibly sustain (this usually happens when something new or exciting is happening.) Or, much like today, she would rather lazily sleep in until 3 p.m where she will then have an endless amount of energy. There is no in-between.

...Except when there is class and she has to be forced awake by the sound of her alarm every morning at 6:30 a.m. This leads to a sleepy, grumpy Nora for the next few hours.

Ren peels himself from his bed and makes his way to the bathroom, where he will then prepare himself for the day to come. As usual, Ren thought to himself:

It seems as though everyone has been a little inattentive. Not that Beacon isn't interesting, however, things have been the same for so long now.. We are all running on autopilot.

Every morning, after Ren uses the bathroom and takes his ninja-quick shower, he would head over to their small kitchen in the other room and begin cooking up some breakfast for the team: pancakes, of course. However, today, he simply stopped in his tracks in the middle of the dim-lit bedroom. Instead of making his way from the bathroom directly to the kitchen, he stood and looked around the room again. His eyes landed on the bed next to his: Nora's. She could be mistaken for a giant, lumpy burrito underneath her blankets. A small smirk appears on Ren's face.

"AHHHHHH!" Nora let out an extremely loud, high-pitched scream. Within an second, Ren was on the ground. Nora may be a heavy sleeper, but her quick reflexes are a force to be reckoned with. Apparently, Ren had jumped on top of her bed to try and wake her. When he landed on her, he also started to tickle her...or, attempted to... until she threw him.

He is never afraid of being silly around Nora, but had Jaune and Pyrrha been here, he would not have done this.

Okay… trying to wake her up? Bad idea, Ren.. Nora was attacking him, repeatedly, with a pillow.

"NORA!" Shouts Ren, protecting his face from her merciless pillow attacks. She was sitting on top of him while he was on the ground, in between both of their beds.

"WHHAT!?" Nora yells even louder, not realizing who she was even attacking.

"IT'S JUST ME!" Ren ends this sentence with a small chuckle at the end of it. Although he was being attacked, he was extremely amused. He was glad, at the same time, that she is able to defend herself, half-asleep, should there be a real attacker in the room.

"Uh…" Nora rubs her eyes to get a better look at the person she was sitting on, "Oh! Ren! What the..?!" For once in her life, she was at a loss of words. Not out of shock, but confusion.

Why are they on the ground? Why would Ren wake her up like this? Why aren't the pancakes done? Why is he under her? Why is the sky blue? Why is he laughing?!

"What the hell, Ren! What's wrong with you?" Nora crossed her arms, a tad grumpy. She was holding back the small smile that threatened to appear on her face. Ren's laughter was one of her favorite sounds.

"You looked rather comfortable. I thought it would be amusing to disturb you…. It appears I was right." Ren smiled proudly.

"It appears you ate some pillow for breakfast." Nora grinned.

"What?" Ren asked, raising an eyebrow. Before he knew it, his face has met with a pillow with extreme force. "Ow! Nora, what was that for?"

"You looked rather comfortable. I thought it would be amusing to attack your face. It appears I was right." Nora smiled proudly.

"Alright, alright. I am sorry for disturbing your sleep. I just wanted to make a small change to our daily routine. May I get up now? I would like to make some breakfast for us."

"Aw, Ren. You don't have to apologize. It was just unexpected..and kind of fun! This made my morning. You're so silly sometimes. PANCAKES?" Nora rambles slightly, stands up, and helps Ren get to his feet as well. She may be much shorter than him, but her strength can match even the toughest huntsman in school.

"Well I'm glad I was able to make you happy. Haven't we had pancakes for the past 6 days? Don't you want something else? I make a mean omelet, too. With some tomatoes in it… Mmmm.." Nora made a fake gag face while Ren spoke.

"Listen, Ren. Shh...Listen." Nora started, but didn't continue. She stood still and stared into space.

"? Well ..?" Ren stared at her as they made their way towards the kitchen.

"You hear that?" Nora whispered, becoming silent. Ren's eyes shifted across the room as he heightened his awareness. His body became tense. He heard nothing but silence. She continued, whispering in his ear, "That's the sound of all the people who want your omelet."

With this, Nora started cackling. Ren's face relaxed and gave her a blank stare.

"Really, Nora?" Ren was not amused. Although he loved cooking for Nora, he was growing tired of making her pancakes every day. Not the act of making her the pancakes, per se, but the knowledge that he is the one feeding her all of the unhealthy junk she eats for breakfast. Pancakes and syrup are nice every once in awhile, but too much too often can not be good for the body.

"But I love your pancakes!" She whimpers and begins to pout. He sighs as she rests her head on his shoulder, "Pweeez?"

Ren obviously takes a few seconds to think about it. A small grin appears on his face.

"Alright, fine. Under one condition!"

"Yes?!" Nora's eyes widened.

"You go get Jaune and Pyrrha. Teams that eat breakfast together, stay together." He said with a smile. They usually wait until the duo come back on their own, but Ren wanted Nora to leave for a little while.

"Okay!" Nora shouts, running out of the kitchen. "Let me go put on a bra first!" Ren could hear her running around in the bedroom. He blushes and laughs at her last comment. Nora isn't shy at all. Growing up together the way they did, being open and getting changed near each other was unavoidable. It was only the two of them for so long. He was even there with her when she first got her period and thought she was going to die!

Ren laughs at the memory. Though their history wasn't the most pleasant, he is still grateful that he was not alone. He turns on the stove and prepares the skillet.

His idea wasn't genius, but he was hoping that it was one step closer to getting Nora to eat healthier:

Sure, I'll make her pancakes. But these won't be the sugar-loaded, unhealthy pancakes she is used to. Organic, sugar free pancakes. Whole wheat flour is a good source of carbohydrates for energy. . And fat-free, organic milk. She'll eat these, and won't even notice. When I tell her that these are healthier, maybe she'll take my healthier meal options into consideration! Oh! Sugar-free syrup? Perfect. Syrup is sweet enough, anyway… who the heck needs-

Ren's thoughts were slightly interrupted by the sounds coming from his skillet. It was time to plate the pancake and make a few more. On the side, he cooked up some eggs, ham, and bacon. He also made a bowl of fruit salad, actual salad, avocado toast, and threw some pre-made biscuits into the oven. He knew Jaune and Pyrrha didn't want to just eat pancakes everyday, and he also knew that Pyrrha was vegetarian. He wanted to give them some options.

He was used to taking over the kitchen, he loved cooking for everyone. It would take him back to the days where he would help his mother make breakfast for him and his 4 siblings. The sounds of the kitchen, clinking tupperware, sizzling skillets. The warmth of the fire and oven, the smell of the delicious homemade food. The laughter of his family. His mom was a single mom for a while, but she always made sure that he and his siblings were never without food, warmth, and love. He always had love.

"Are you okay?" Nora's question startled Ren.

"Pardon?" He didn't expect her to be here so soon.

"You looked really sad. Your lips were kinda smiling, but your eyes and everything else was just sad. What is it? Is it your mom? Do you want to stop and talk?" Nora slightly-babbled. She does this when she gets nervous. She had a frown on her face while her eyes were wide with worry. She knew this look from a mile away.

"What? I'm okay Nora, don't worry. Thank you for your concern." Ren's magenta eyes lit up once again. She never fails to amaze him. She always knew what he was thinking just by seeing the expression on his face, and he could do the same for her. "Nora, where are Jaune and Pyrrha?"

"Oh, they'll be up in a few minutes. They are on their way but I ran back so quick I got here sooner than them. I'm so excited for breakfast. They are walking all slow because they're lazy, tired noodles and refused to accept my challenge! No one ever wants to race me, Ren! I don't understand. I'm a fast runner! Right? Ren, the only person who is willing to race me is Ruby and I don't want to race her! Umm.. Not that she's not fun to race with, don't get me wrong. It's just that she's so fast and I'm obviously destined to lose against her. But Jaune and Py-"

"Nora?" Ren stopped her, finishing up his last pancake and beginning to set the table.

"Yes?" She responds. She was sitting on the island counter in the middle of the kitchen just watching Ren as he moves about the kitchen.

"I think Jaune and Pyrrha are simply tired from their morning exercise."

"Hmm..weaklings." Nora says, but doesn't actually mean it. She has great respect for her team mates, and is quite fond of them. If anyone were to mess with them, she would break their legs. Jaune and Pyrrha are a second family to her (Ren being her first.)

"I don't race you because I know I'll beat you!" Jaune enters the kitchen, kissing his biceps.

"Jaune, if there is any muscle-kissing to be involved, you should perhaps kiss your quadriceps. They are what would help you win a race, not your biceps." Pyrrha chimed in.

"Ah! You're right." Jaune joked and attempted to kiss his calves. Pyrrha sighed.

"YOU'RE WRONG!" Nora stood on the counter she was previously sitting on. Suddenly, she was extremely tall.

"Nora. Please get down from there. It is unsanitary. Plus, we have to eat breakfast before class at 9." Ren advised. It is already 7:05 a.m.

"Yay! Pancakes!" Nora jumps down from the counter. Team JNPR makes their way towards the table full of food.

"Oh man, Ren. This looks so good. Dude you're the best person to have on any team! We don't need none of that garbage from the dining hall.. We've got chef Ren here!" Jaune was excited to dig in. He placed a bunch of food on his plate.

Nora, of course, put nothing but pancakes on her plate and continued to drown it in syrup. Ren had replaced the syrup with healthy, sugar-free lite syrup. He watched her carefully to see if she would notice.

As she grabbed her first pancake, she excitedly shoved the whole thing into her mouth and began chewing. After she swallowed her bite, she stopped and stared at Ren.

Ren quickly looked down as his plate of food and acted as though he wasn't staring at her. He could feel her eyes on him as the room fell silent. Pyrrha and Jaune, however, were silent because they were enjoying their meals. They didn't notice Nora glaring at her best friend.

Before he knew it, Ren was on the ground after Nora took Magnhild to the right side of his body. Ren, once again, was on the floor. This time, in a bit more pain than he was earlier. Jaune and Pyrrha look up at Nora, alarmed.

"WHO ARE YOU...AND WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU DONE TO REN!" Nora demanded, rather than asked.

" is just me." To Ren, this felt a little like deja vu from this morning.

"Don't you fucking lie!" Nora responded, holding Magnhild up higher over her head. At this point, Ren knew she wasn't just joking. A slight hint of fear threatened his body. Nora doesn't often curse, but when she does, it isn't good- she must actually think someone is pretending to be her best friend! "First you wake me up this morning? You were playing around? And now this?! I knew something was suspicious. Where is Ren? Who are you?"

Jaune jumps out of his seat. "Nora! What are you doing to him? No one took over Ren's body! It's really him!" Jaune vouched for the dark-haired man, despite not actually knowing whether or not the real Ren was consumed by a dark creature.

"Nora, why are you behaving this way?" Ren adds.

"Oh really? Because I know Ren. And Ren would never do this. Do you see this?!" Nora grabs a pancake with one hand, "THIS is an embarrassment! These phony creations are NOTHING compared to Ren's amazing pancakes. You're a fake, pretending to be Ren! You can't master his amazing pancakes!" Nora throws the pancake at his face with a plop, and quickly goes back to holding Magnhild. This time, she holds the hammer higher over her head, threatening to hit him. Just then, Pyrrha steps in with her polarity and stops Nora from attacking Ren. It is difficult to take control over Magnhild since it is not made completely out of metal, but she is trying to save her teammate from being crushed by his best friend.

"Listen, Nora. We must be reasonable. Maybe Ren used a different recipe for his pancakes? Why don't you give him the opportunity to explain himself?" Pyrrha tries. She grunts a little.. Magnhild is extremely heavy.

"Fine," Nora grumbles. "Tell me something only Ren would know."

"Um… You're… You're queen of the castle." Ren mustered.

Bad idea…

"NO! EVERYONE KNOWS THIS! YOU PHONY!" Nora shouted once again, and began whacking Ren's chest with her hands since she was no longer able to move Magnhild. "You lie!"

"Nora? Nora!" Ren tried to gain her attention. He wasn't sure if this would work, but it was worth a shot.

"What? You have one more chance before I crush you."

With this, Ren smiled, looking up at Nora. He pressed his finger to her nose.