"Nora?" Ren spoke softly, poking Nora's shoulder. It was 4:30pm, and she was still in bed. At this point, it was rather odd. He knew she could sleep in, but 4:30pm was rather excessive for her. ..And she's the queen of excessiveness.

"Hmm." The girl groaned, her face buried beneath a pillow. Ren noted how her response was not sleepy at all: She has been awake. Possibly for a while, now.

"Are you getting out of bed today?" He said light-heartedly, still poking her shoulder a few more times. Nora responded by shaking her head 'no,' and further buried herself into more blankets.

"Won't you join me for pancakes? He asked, knowing that this would instantly perk her up and get her out of bed. Yet again, she shook her head 'no.' She pulled her blankets further up, also covering the pillow on her head. Her body and face were entirely covered.

Ren visibly frowned, accompanied with understanding eyes. Nora was not like this as often as she used to be, but some days were still harder for her than others. She couldn't even get out of bed at times. This was one of those times.

"Is there anything I could do for you?" Ren asks. He begins subconsciously rubbing her back through the blanket with his hand while he sat on the bed next to her, staring at the pillow which covered her face. Nora didn't respond. "Maybe we could talk?" he brought up, only to receive an aggressive head-shaking 'no!' "...Or I give you some space and leave you alone?" he offered again. Nora shook her head 'no' once more.

"I see." Ren mumbles.


Alas, an idea!

He gets up, lifts her blankets, and sits himself next to Nora underneath it. He pulls the blankets over their heads and with one swift movement, it was pitch black. Thanks to Ren's sitting-position, Nora's bed looked like a tent.

Nora finally lifted her head and looked quizzically in the direction of where she thought Ren's face would be. "I made a fort." Ren answers, as if knowing she was giving him the look of confusion. It was too dark for either of them to see.

"Oh." Nora responds, a small smile slowly creeping on her lips. She was now lying sideways, propped up on her right elbow, and staring at Ren through the darkness.

"I think we are gonna need flashlights if we ever want to see again, don't we?"

"Maybe." Nora speaks with a small voice.

"But what if we were surrounded by Grimm? We can't see." He continues.

"Well...I guess I'm dead then.." Nora shrugs casually. Ren scowls at her, despite knowing they can't see each other.

"But Nora!" Ren gasps, feigning drama. This was a very different side of Ren that no one else really had the pleasure of seeing. "There are dozens of ursi out there!"

"Oh?" The girl grins, now feeling amused. He could hear the smile on her face.

"Yeah. How convenient, because our Ursa skin rug shop is about to go out of business!"

Nora now hopped up into a sitting position next to Ren, "Not today! We've just received fulllllllllll inventory!"

He didn't even have to look at her to know she was probably bearing a slightly-maniacal looking grin. He could already hear it in her tone of voice. He was happy he was able to take her mind off of what ever was bothering her, if only for a minute.

Short and sweet. I thought it was cute. c: