Okay, this may or may not be a bit au-ish, because I don't think Remnant celebrates Christmas? Heck, we don't even know if they have the same month-system that we do! Haha. Anywho, I'm writing this assuming that Christmas is a thing and I HOPE YOU ENJOY ITTT!~

Happy Holidays, everyone!

"AAAAAAAAAAAH!" Nora screamed. At 4:30 in the morning.

This instantly had Ren at his feet, despite being in deep sleep just a few moments prior. When he blinked a few times to focus his vision, he saw Nora standing on her bed with her arms thrown in the air excitedly. Jaune sat up to glare at his excitable teammate.

"... This is not an actual emergency, is it?" Ren sighed.

"Is everything okay?" Pyrrha asked as she brought her head up from under her blanket.

"IT'S! CHRISTMAS! EVE-EVE!" Nora screamed again. It's December 23rd.

"Great! Can we go back to sleep now?" Jaune said, from his own bed.

A sleepy Pyrrha can be heard grumbling something along the lines of "That's not actually a thing.."

"No no no nonono! We must do things!" Nora jumped on her bed, gesticulating with her arms. She was extremely excited. Pyrrha simply flopped her head back down into her pillow and tried to tune everyone out.

"At 4:30 in the morning?" Jaune asked. Nora nodded her head excitedly at him, only for him to fall back onto his bed.

"Nora, what things do you have in mind?" Ren said suspiciously.

"Well! First we need to go to Vale to buy lots and lots of food! And then we need to make COOKIES! But don't tell Ruby that. And then we need to finish decorating the tree, make a gingerbread house, and wrap our presents!"

"... But Nora, I already finished wrapping my presents. And Vale's shopping center will be much too crowded. The procrastinators are doing their last minute shopping." Ren stated, a clear distaste for the last minute shoppers.

"Heh….heh…...heh.." Nora blushed.

"You're one of those procrastinators, aren't you?" Ren sighed, raising an eyebrow.

"Maybe…. But I neeeeed to gooo! And I need your help wrapping presents because you do such a nice neat job and mine always end up looking like poop and somehow I always end up with paper-cuts in places paper shouldn't go like remember that one time on your birthday I got three on my b-rbhmphmffpf-"

"Understood." Ren stopped her, covering her mouth with a hand. The rest of team JNPR sighed in relief. "Fine. I will go with you to Vale, Nora." He said before uncovering her mouth.

"YYAAYY! You guys are coming too, right?!" Nora exclaimed as she turned around to face Jaune and Pyrrha. Nora was vibrating with excitement. However, the two teammates feigned sleep, Jaune even letting out a false snore. "Aww…" a disappointed sound escaped Nora's lips. Feeling like she just kicked a kitten in the face, Pyrrha almost went to say something before Ren began.

"Don't worry Nora," He chuckled while shaking his head at Jaune and Pyrrha's behavior. "You and I could get everything done."

With this, Nora grinned.

"Now, will you get down?" Ren motioned to her feet and offered her his hand. She was still standing on the edge of her bed.

"Oh, right!" Nora took his hand and excitedly jumped onto the ground. "I'm gonna get ready! You should tooo~! ASAP! PRONTO!" She skipped away towards the bathroom.

Ren released a tired sigh.

He walked over to their shared closet, which was directly in front of the foot of his bed, and pulled out both of their clothes for the day. He knew that if Nora went to grab her own clothes, she would not be dressed appropriately for the weather. A skirt serves no purpose while there is snow outside!

The two friends got ready with only a few protests from Nora's end.

"Pants suck!" She would argue.

She listened to Ren anyway, of course.

Vale was beautiful this time of year; bright lights, wreaths, Christmas decorations, and some remnants of snow still lingering on the side of the road or atop buildings. Nora skipped ahead of Ren as the two walked down the sidewalk, heading towards the shopping center.

"Be careful, there could be ice on the ground." He advised. As if he predicted the future, Nora slid and fell on her bum. A few snickers could be heard from bystanders.

"Oops." She giggled. Ren glared at a few of the laughing people before making his way to help Nora stand up.

"You don't listen to me sometimes, do you?" He smiled.

"Of course I do!" She beamed. "You said something about nice mounds."

"Umm… No, actually." Ren stated dryly as he turned away to hide his face; his stoic look was faltering while a small blush appeared. He continued walking, leaving his friend slightly behind him. Nora simply laughed.

"I know I know! I'm just kidding!~" She sang as she caught up with Ren and wrapped an arm around his waist. Without thinking, he wrapped his left arm around her shoulders, only to blush a little more a few seconds after realizing what he did. He left it there, not wanting to make it obvious that he did it without thinking.

The two had made their way into the shopping center's entrance. It was practically a giant, open, outdoor mall.

"I wonder what Pyrrha would like. Or Jaune. Oooh! Maybe I could get them a cute matchy couple gift," Nora giggled. "They should totally get a matchy couple gift!"

"I won't stop you." He chuckled. He often had to stop Nora from trying to push Jaune and Pyrrha together, but this seemed innocent enough.

"Well, it depends on what you get… " Ren added after realizing that she could probably take this gift down an embarrassing route.

"What? I'm not gonna get them sex toys or anything! Ick!"

"Nora!" Ren hissed, covering her mouth again with his mitten, using the arm that was around her shoulders. A slight hint of pink was returning to his face. "Would you not talk like that in public?" He whispered, motioning towards the many innocent civilians (and children) within earshot.

She began to speak, only for it to come out sounding like muffles.

"Are you going to keep this conversation appropriate?" Ren asked.

Nora nodded a 'yes.'

"Alright." He proceeded to remove his hand from her mouth and place it back on her shoulder (because he still had his arm wrapped around her shoulders and refused to separate)

"Pfft. They shouldn't be eavesdropping on us, anyway! Team Sloth ears, only!" Nora glared at the people, motioning to her left ear.

No one was actually paying them any attention at all, though.

"Team Sloth?" Ren questioned, letting a very small smile escape his lips.

"Yeah! That's us! Ya know, because we're partners! I made the sloth call in the Emerald Forest and you founndd meee!~" She sang again.

"That I did."

Team Sloth finished their (Nora's) Christmas shopping and were now on an airship, on their way back to Beacon.

It was a fun day for the two of them, actually. Nora happily skipped from store to store, and the two of them even played a few of the games in the arcade. They enjoyed lunch together, ran around outside, pet a few dogs, and Nora excitedly purchased gifts for all of the friends that she loved so much (That includes team Rwby!).

Ren even pretended not to look as she chose a gift (or 3) for him. Though, it was no secret: She was asking him what to get for her "bestest guy friend" the entire time. She stuck with a new smoothie blender, a recipe book, and a good set of knives. (Ren was pretty excited about these, and secretly wished he could open it and use it today!)

"You sure did splurge on your 'friend' today." Ren commented, motioning towards the bags with his gifts. He had to admit, all those things she got him were rather expensive.

"Pfft, he deserves it." Nora grinned.

"Where did you get this money from, anyway?"

"...no where." Nora turned her face away sheepishly. With a light glare, he sighed. Ren decided not to ask. This was a nice day, he didn't want to ruin it by giving himself a heart attack over Nora's antics.

"We're hooOooomee!~" Nora sang, slamming open the door to team JNPR's dorm room.

"How was your day, Nora?" Pyrrha smiled, welcoming the girl. She was sitting at her desk doing homework, before turning towards the excited girl in front of her.

"IT was sOo fun! Ren and I went all over Vale!"

"The shopping center." Ren corrected.

"And we went ice skating!" Nora threw her hands in the air, and Pyrrha smiled while listening to her story.

"She slipped and fell on an icy sidewalk." He corrected, again.

"And then we went into every. single. store!"

Ren nodded when Pyrrha looked at him, expecting a correction. This one was actually true.

"And then for lunch we went to a restaurant and I made Ren get me the biggest bowl of pasta! EVER! IT WAS LIKE MY WEIGHT, BUT IN PASTA! I ate it all! My pasta weight!... I threw up afterwards!" Nora vibrated. She was visibly the happiest person on Remnant.

Ren nodded again, but Pyrrha didn't bother looking at him. Knowing Nora, this one had to be true.

"Then we went outside and I played with a bunch of giant sloths!"

"She pet a few dogs." Ren translated.

"Well," Pyrrha added, stopping Nora from continuing her rambunctious story. "That sounds like a lovely day! I assume you need to wrap all your presents now, don't you?"

"Oh! Yeah, I do! Where's Jaune?!" Nora glared around the room suspiciously, "I don't want him to see his gift! And you too!" She pointed at Pyrrha's nose, booping it lightly.

"He is in the courtyard, on a call with his family. He's sad he could not be with them for the holidays." Pyrrha said with a sad smile. Nora's body relaxed as she mouthed 'Oohhh...'

"Speaking of which, I have to call mine." Pyrrha giggled, standing up and grabbing her scroll.

"Good. I, uh, don't want you here to look at your gift!" Nora added with a wide, fake grin.

"I will be back soon. Have fun!" Pyrrha smiled at the two and walked away. The moment Pyrrha closed the door behind her, Nora instantly dropped her fake grin. She moved over towards her bed and sat at the edge.

"What? Are you no longer excited about wrapping all these presents?" Ren said, giving her a small smile. He already knew what was wrong, though.

Nora watched him as he made his way towards her bed and sat right next to her.

"I dunno." Nora shrugged. "I just don't understand people sometimes. If I had a family, I would be with them by now."

"You are with them." Ren smiled, putting his arm around her again. This time, it was intentional.

"Yeah... but, but..like, Jaune and Pyrrha… they're here and not there! With their real family. And team Rwby too.. Why won't anyone go with their family?!" Nora asked. Ren shrugged.

"Perhaps this is their first Christmas away from their families. Maybe they were excited about spending the holidays with their friends rather than their families for once."

"I would rather the opposite." Nora mumbled.

"Well, perhaps they want to experience something new… " Ren trailed off. He could not find the right words, so instead he just held her tighter.

"It's okay, Ren. It's different for them. I understand." Nora sent him a small smile.

Suddenly, Nora rested her chin on his shoulder and gave him big puppy eyes. He knew this look.

"Can you wrap these up for meee? Pweeeeeez?"

Ren looked down at Nora, who was very close to his own face, and felt a small flutter in his heart. He could feel her breath.

And, how could he say no to those big, beautiful eyes?

"Fine." He smiled, pretending to sound reluctant. He knew this was going to happen, anyway.

Team Sloth (Ren) wrapped every single one of Nora's gifts (all 10 of them; she had a gift for Zwei, too!) He even wrapped his own gift from Nora. He knew that when he had to open it on Christmas day, he was going to have to act surprised.

He didn't mind.

"Reennnn!" Nora cried.

Ren looked up from his project (wrapping a giant, oddly shaped item. Much more difficult to wrap than it looks.) He sighed at the view.

"Helllppppp… " Nora whined.

"How you end up in such peculiar situations in less than a minute is beyond me." Ren stated, removing the tape that Nora had covered herself in.

"Ow!" She said as he accidentally pulled the tape from her arm too hard. "You hurt me!"

"Are you going to call Pyrrha on me, again?"

"Look! My arm is all red!" Nora argued.

"This is your own fault, you know. Why did you wrap yourself up in tape?" Ren asked. Despite the lecture, he was gently rubbing the red spot on her arm with his thumb.

"For science."

"I am curious about what kind of research you are conducting."

"It's physiology!" Nora grinned. "My hypothesis was that maybe I could shrink my adipose tissue by taping myself. So… here's my experiment!"

"I have so many questions." Jaune stated, suddenly walking in through the door. Nora was completely covered in tape, and talking about physiology and hypothesis. Ren was kneeling down on the ground in front of Nora, attempting to remove tape from her thigh.

"Ask and you shall receive! Maybe." Nora grinned at her leader.

"I have no more questions." Jaune retracted his statement.

"OW!" Nora jumped and lightly smacked the top of Ren's head. "Stop pulling so hard! I have peach fuzz, ya know!"

"Then stop moving. And no more taping yourself. You absolutely do not need to shrink any adipose tissue."

"Is adipose tissue a tumor or something?" Jaune raised an eyebrow and began slowly removing some tape from Nora's shoulder.

"No. It is connective tissue composed of adipocytes that fills up space between organs and provides structural and metabolic support." Nora said, dryly. "Duh, you should know this!"


"It's fat." Ren translated.

"Didn't know Nora was such a science nerd." Jaune joked, later receiving a smack upside the head by Nora.

It was only 3PM and Nora had forced her team into: ugly Christmas sweaters, extreme Christmas decorating, extreme Christmas games, extreme Christmas sparring, extreme Christmas baking, extreme Christmas movies, and blaring extreme Christmas music. Well, as extreme as Ren would allow for Nora.

"YEAH! Time to make 32 gingerbread houses!" Nora exclaimed to her teammates who were all lying on the ground in the dorm, visibly exhausted. Nora happily skipped off towards the kitchen and singing to herself, "Best Christmas everrr!~ Got to spend it with my bestest friends everr!~"

She left the kitchen door open, expecting her friends to follow behind.

Jaune and Pyrrha groaned while Ren stood up and dusted himself off. Heading towards the kitchen door, he quickly stopped and turned on his heel to say something to his friends.

"Don't worry, guys. I'll let her know that we only need four." Ren consoled with a smile. He was having fun, deep down.

The two remaining team members on the floor let out yet another groan.

"Not interested?" Ren chuckled. Nora walked up behind Ren, ready to say "Hey slowpokes, come join me!" until one of her teammates began to speak.

"We're miserable!" Jaune exclaimed dramatically, his face buried on the ground. "And I thought having 7 sisters would be exhausting..this is so much worse!"

Both Ren and Nora frowned. However, no one had noticed Nora was at the door behind Ren until she turned around and scattered away. This time, she slammed the kitchen door shut.

"Huh?" Ren muttered, quickly turning around to face the closed door. Jaune shot his head up in confusion as well.

A moment later, it clicked in their heads that Nora had been listening.

Ren turned back around to face Jaune and Pyrrha. Jaune had a blank look on his face, while Pyrrha looked apologetic, even though she didn't exactly say anything at all.

The two knew that anybody who upset Nora has automatically crossed Ren; and they feared his wrath for they have never actually seen it before. (Most people weren't close enough to be able to upset Nora)

However, Ren was much more understanding with his teammates.

"I-I didn't realiz-" Jaune stuttered.

"Guys…" Ren closed his eyes, inhaling deeply. He almost looked frustrated. This caused the other two members of the team to sit up straight on the ground. "I am not sure if you know, but this is actually the first time in a long time since we've ever celebrated Christmas." He sighed, opening his eyes again. He never liked to mention their past. If Ren and Nora were exactly the same in any way, it would be that the two preferred not to dwell on their past for too long, and would rather focus on their present. Holidays were hard, though.

"Before this, we couldn't even do anything. We did not have Lien to buy anything. Sometimes, the holidays would just come and go. We wouldn't realize it was Christmas unless we heard families singing or laughing from inside their homes while we sat outside in the streets."

Jaune faced the ground, smothered in guilt. Pyrrha looked up at Ren with wide green eyes, heartbroken.

Ren was genuinely not trying to punish them or make them feel awful. In fact, he understood that Nora could be a bit much at times. However, in this case, he felt that her point of view needed to be understood. He was, for once, justifying her extreme behavior.

"Nora doesn't even remember the last time she spent a holiday with her family. She may be rambunctious at times, but she means well. She is just very excited because... Well, we finally have some sort of family to celebrate with. She does not mean to make anyone miserable."

Before anything else could be said, he turned around and quickly entered the kitchen.

"Nora." Ren breathed. He saw her, sitting at the table with her arms folded over it and her head resting within her arms. Broken gingerbread surrounded her on the table.

Ren approached Nora and placed his left hand on her back, while his right index finger ran across the surface of the table, picking up crumbs.

"Why did you do this?" Ren asked sadly. "I wanted to build a home with you."

"I don't want a gingerbread house." Nora mumbled. "I'm too broken.."
"No, you aren't." He countered. "Let's build one together."

Whenever he found Nora feeling down, he always started off the conversation on a lighter topic. If that didn't work, then he would get to the source of the issue.
"Just make one yourself..."

"But you crushed all the cookie."

Nora did not say anything, but she shrugged. She was still face-down against the table. He began to rub her back.

"I can bake us fresh cookie and we can start over." He suggested.

"What's the point?" Nora shrugged, finally sitting up the look at him. Her small frown and wide blue eyes drowned him in sadness.

Ren frowned. He was still trying to cheer her up, but he knew that it wouldn't be the same unless Jaune and Pyrrha walked in with the same Christmas enthusiasm that Nora had earlier today (and an apology)

"I've tried… all day, to celebrate like all the other families do in movies and stuff. I guess I just don't know how."

"Hey," Ren said, pulling out a chair and sitting next to his partner. "I've had fun all day."

Automatically, Nora leaned sideways to rest her head on him and wrap her arms tightly around Ren. He hesitated for a moment, but proceeded to wrap his arms around her too.

"May we come in?" Pyrrha asked, walking in with Jaune. Nora lifted her head to glance past Ren and over at the duo.

"Hey… you put them back on." Nora acknowledged the dorky, scratchy Christmas sweaters that Jaune and Pyrrha were wearing. They removed them earlier because it was just too much Christmas.

Jaune and Pyrrha walked over to the table and sat down, Pyrrha on the other side of Nora. Jaune sat directly across from her.

"Yeah, I really like mine. I had to take it off earlier, though, because it was too warm." Jaune smiled at Nora, who kept a neutral expression. "Um yeah… look, Nora.." Jaune sheepishly scratched the top of his head. "I wanted to apologize for being frustrated earlier. It's because I was tired and I've been a bit grumpy all day."

"I can tell. Grinch." She responded.

"I mean if I'm grumpy for a day just because I'm missing out on being with my family this year, I can't imagine how… wh-, uh.." He stopped when both Pyrrha and Ren shot their heads up at Jaune, almost as if saying "watch your words because the direction you're going in right now doesn't sound all that great"

Jaune shook his head vigorously. "Sorry, uh, what I mean to say is..Just because I was grumpy doesn't mean I have a right to take away your spirit?"

Nora squinted her eyes at him, unsure.

"I think what he means to say is," Pyrrha said, ready to translate for her partner, "He is deeply sorry for what he said. He woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning and then got upset because I didn't give him any Pumpkin Pete's cereal."

Nora gasped. "No!"

"Mmhm." Pyrrha nodded her head. "Have you two ever read the ingredients list on that box? It's atrocious."

"She's definitely not wrong. I went from eating two boxes a day, to barely having a bowl! I need my fix. Pyrrha!" Jaune whined. Pyrrha and Nora giggled, while Ren smiled softly.

After a moment of silence, Nora spoke up again with a soft voice.

"Am I really worse than seven sisters?" she frowned. Instantly, all three teammates were looking at Jaune expectantly.

"Uh-" He was a bit taken aback by all the eyes on him. "No, definitely not. No better or worse.. You're exactly like them, actually. And that's honestly a great thing, because now I definitely feel at home." He smiled.

"Aw, thanks Jaune. You're like the sister I never had." Nora grinned.

"Thank you?" Jaune responded.

Suddenly, Nora gave him a distinct smile. "Soo...what about Pyrrha?"

"What?" Jaune's eyebrows raised in a mix of confusion and anxiety. He's beginning to tell the difference between Nora's smiles- and this one is definitely made of evil! Pure evil!

"Oh, what about Pyrrha? You know… is she exactly like a sister to you? Or is she worse? Better? Or….not like a sister at alllll? hmm?" She wiggled her eyebrows. Pyrrha sat back in her chair, face crimson.

Ren would normally intervene, but he knew she was simply trying to get payback.

He didn't exactly mind, after all. Nora was giggling next to him, his arm bouncing with her shoulders. He had completely forgotten that his arm was still around her.

"Ha, ha. Real funny, Nora." Jaune responded sarcastically.

Team JNPR baked whatever they had left of any gingerbread cookie mix and created three houses. Pyrrha and Jaune had their own houses, while Ren and Nora decorated one house together.

"Look Ren! Our home is beautiful!" Nora giggled, popping a gummy candy in her mouth. "And we can be neighbors with Jaune and Pyrrha!"

"That is a lovely house." Pyrrha complimented the neat gingerbread structure covered in a lot of pink frosting, candies, and sprinkles. Do sprinkles even go on gingerbread houses?

Pyrrha's house was neatly decorated with all her candies spaced out perfectly.

"What about mine?" Jaune grinned at his partner.

Jaune's structure looked like it was about to topple over and had candies placed in random areas.

"It... has a nice color scheme to it!"

(Later that evening)

"Hey, guys?" Nora called out to her team while she was jumping on Ren's bed. He was sitting all the way up by the headboard, reading and attempting to avoid her feet.

"Yes?" Pyrrha and Jaune asked collectively.

"Thanks for all the fun today! I can't wait until tomorrow! Team RWBY is coming over and we get to do it alllll over again!" She grinned.

JPR groan in unison.

Nora responded with a giggle, somersaulting in the air on her last jump and landed (on Ren) on the bed.