"Thank you so much for saving me, Ren!~ you're such a hero!" Nora sighed.

"Nora?" Ren asked

"Yes Ren?"


"Hmm?" Nora responded. Her world was shaking.

"Nora. Wake up." Ren's voice could be heard from the outside world. The redhead had been dreaming.

"Mmm… Ren…." Nora sighed in her sleep. This caused a light tint of pink to appear on his face.

"Nora!" Ren called out. He had his hands on her shoulders, shaking her.

"Whaaaaat!?" Nora whined, finally picking up her head. She was lying in her bed, but sleeping on her stomach. Ren was sitting next to her, where he had been attempting to wake her for the past 10 minutes now.

"Finally." He sighed, scowling at her.

"Good morning." Nora said sarcastically.

"It's 2pm."


"Its laundry day."

"... So?"

"Nora, I am not doing your laundry again." Ren argued. Nora sighed and rolled her eyes.

"Fiiiinnee." She grumbled and rolled out of bed reluctantly. Literally. She rolled and landed on the floor.

"Um. You're okay, right?" Ren asked, looking at the girl lying on the ground next to his feet.

"Yeahhh. Hey, Ren? ...Am I gonna have to fold my clothes?"

"Yes. If you don't, they will get wrinkles." Ren stated.

"Ughhh…." Nora groaned, her face buried in the floor's carpeting. "But Jaune doesn't fold his clothes!"

"Jaune can be a bit… untidy."

"Then why can't I be?!" Nora argued back, now facing him. "I don't care if my clothes are wrinkled. Jaune doesn't. This is inequality!" Nora declared.

Ren sighed.

"Fine. Don't fold your clothes." Ren shrugged and walked away from her, heading towards his green laundry bag. There was never a day where the two did not bicker like an old married couple. Neither would have it any other way.

Nora hopped up and changed into her day-clothes before grabbing her pink laundry bag. Kindly, Ren had already put her dirty clothes in it for her before even waking her up.

She and Ren made their way to the laundry room where the two proceeded to load their clothes into a washing machine.

"Rennnnn… " Nora groaned. "This is so boring. What do we do noowwww?"

"We wait. It will wash for another...say, 15 minutes?" Ren estimated, squinting at the rumbling machine timer from across the room.

"This is the worst day ever. And I didn't even have breakfast."

"You woke up at 2pm."

"I am literally the most miserable person ever right now."

"It's just laundry."

"I think I'm gonna drop out of Beacon. I'm so upset."

"Hasty decision." Ren smirked, knowing she was only saying these things to get a reaction out of him. Yet she received no more than a simple, nonchalant answer from him.

"Rennn!" Nora whined again.

"Why are you being whiney, Nora?"

"It's cause I've been drinking wine!" Nora grinned, elbowing Ren and staring at his face, expecting a laugh. She wiggled her eyebrows for good measure.

"No, that was not even remotely funny."

"Oh c'mon! Yang does it all the time!" Nora pouts.

"My point still stands."

"Point….more like...punt?! Heh heh!"

"Nora, you're very bad at this."

"I am not!" She argued, "I should become a comedian!"

"I'm thinking no."

"I'm thinking yes."

"It physically hurts me to hear puns coming from you, Nora."

"Fine, I'll keep my day job."

"You don't have a day job."

"I do! My job is bothering you." She beamed.

"You are in the right profession, then." Ren responded.

A laugh suddenly erupted in the room, interrupting Ren and Nora.

"Whoa. You two have actual conversations? You mean, it's not just Nora talking at you, Ren?" Yang cracked up as she waltzed in, carrying 2 full bags of laundry.

How long was she there?

"Speak of the devil." Nora grinned.

"Aw, you two were chattin' about me? How sweet!" The blonde grinned proudly, throwing the laundry loads on top of two washing machines. Was she carrying a second one for someone else?

"Nora was attempting to steal your day job." Ren stated plainly.

"Her what?" Weiss asked, walking in as well. Ren's statement confused both members of team RWBY. When Weiss looked to Yang, the blonde just shrugged. Nora laughed while Ren let out a small chuckle.

"...Nevermind. They're both weird." Weiss added, shaking her head at the two.


This was a ficlet I started, but never came around to finishing. I didn't know where I was going with this, but I thought their little conversation was cute so I threw it in here anyway. I hope you guys like it =)

Deep down, Yang and Weiss adore Ren and Nora! Lol