"Come on Missus Green we must hurry Mister Gold does not like being kept waiting" said Mister Red.

"I can't wait till I can teach those frozen bastards a lesson for their insolence" said Missus Green.

"As you know full well no one escapes the organization they will get theirs soon enough" said Mister Red.

"Hey look its two more idiots walking around looking lost" said Missus Green pointing to a pink haired young man and an older man wearing armor that said sub-zero with dark blue hair.

"Do you wish to take your frustrations out on them" Mister Red asked with a smirk.

"I thought you'd never ask" said Missus Green as she sent razor leafs flying towards the two men.

"Her eyes widened as not only her leafs but the entire forest around them was frozen solid.

"Was it one of those ice bastards?" Missus Green asked.

"I don't think this guy is the same has the ones we've faced earlier he's not as powerful as them but with our energies depleted from that fight he may be a pain" said Mister Red.

"Don't worry I'll take care of him" said Missus Green as branches broke through the ice.

"Why did you attack us" said Natsu from directly behind them making them jump up in surprise.

"Just venting some frustrations" said Missus Green charging at him.

"Missus Green wait!" Mister Red yelled.

"Flame Dragons Demonic Wave!" shouted Natsu as a wave of heat nearly cooked Missus Green had Mister Red not pushed her out the way.

"The ground is melting beneath his feet. Just who the hell is this guy?" Mister Red asked his hands trembling.

"I am the demon king of Galuna Island" said Natsu with a grin that showed his elongated fangs.

"Blood Sport!" shouted Mister Red as he sends hundreds of hardened blood needles towards Natsu.

Natsu merely smirked as he increased his temperatures and evaporated the blood.

"Flame Dragons Demonic Grip" Natsu whispered as he grabbed Mister Red by the face and gripped him until he heard the sounds of burning skin and crackling bones.

"GAH!" Mister Red screamed in pain.

"Mister Red!" Missus Green shouted as she wrapped vines around Natsu's ankle and tossed him backwards taking advantage of his momentary moment of surprise.

Missus Green jumped in the neck of time as right where she was standing became encased in ice.

"Who the hell are these people especially that pink haired bastard" said Mister Red.

"Flame Dragons Demonic Roar!" Natsu screamed as he sent a burst of flames towards Missus Green.

"Look out!" Mister Red shouted pushing her out the way and taking the attack head on.

"Mister Red!" Missus Green shouted but had to roll behind a rock to protect herself from the ice shards that flew towards her.

"Come on Silver I think they've learnt not to attack strangers in the woods" said Natsu.


Right after the battle Natsu and Silver went their separate ways Natsu continued on to fairy tail while Silver decided to escort a woman and her family to Galuna Island.

"How am I going to break it to them?" Natsu asked himself right when he was about to step through the tree line and walk towards the guild he smelt a scent that made his blood boil he smelt this scent before four years ago when he tried to hunt down the man no beast responsible for killing his friends his family…..

Two Years Earlier-

"Natsu where are you going you can't go out your body still isn't used to your new power" said Okami

"I don't care this might be my only chance to put Acnologia down and I'm going to take it" said Natsu.

"You won't stand a chance not until you learn to use your power" Mard tried to warn only to fall on death ears.

"I'll be fine don't worry I don't plan on fighting him I just want to see him with my own eyes" said Natsu as he vanished before their eyes in a pillar of flames.


"So this is where he was last spotted" Natsu said to himself as he walked up the side of a mountain and headed into a massive cave.

"Flame Dragons Fire Fly" Natsu whispered has he sent little tiny flames into the cave to light it up he was met with not a massive dragon but a massive egg as he got closer to the egg he saw it was transparent and inside was a girl that didn't look to be no more than eight or nine years old just floating inside the leg.

"What the hell is this?" Natsu asked has he tried breaking the egg only to find it not even getting scratched.

"That's my daughter" said Acnologia as he walked towards Natsu in his human form.

"Daughter?" Natsu asked.

"Yes she's a clone made from my scales" said Acnologia with a wide smile.

"I'll take you down one day Acnologia" said Natsu glaring at the man before him.

"Is that so? I look forward to the day you try" said Acnologia.

"How about now!" shouted Natsu throwing a Fire Dragons Iron Fist towards Acnologia.

"Pitiful is this all the power you can muster Igneel would be ashamed" said Acnologia catching Natsu's fist and sending him sprawling backwards with a head butt.

"Tell m boy what's your name" Acnologia asked

"It's Natsu, Natsu Dragneel" said Natsu with a smirk wiping some blood off his face.

"Ha! I thought you looked familiar you're the brat your father was a pain in my ass" said Acnologia.

"I won't let you raise this girl to become like you" said Natsu placing his hand on the egg.

"What right do you have?" said Acnologia.

"Don't try to sell me on that clone bullshit she's a girl you've kidnapped and modified" said Natsu.

"So what?" Acnologia said.

"So what? Do you not know that every action as a reactions every cause as an effect you've kidnapped this girl took her away her family is missing her dearly right now" said Natsu his demonic form beginning to break free as horns grew on his head and wings shot out his back.

"END" Acnologia whispered having a stare down with the demon that was once man.

"It's been a long time Acnologia our souls aren't completely synced yet so this boy doesn't remember the duals we used to have" said END with a wide smile.

"Apocalyptic Dragons Crushing Fang!" shouted Acnologia trying to bite End in the neck.

"Flame Demons Demonic Burst!" shouted End as he punched Acnologia in the stomach and sent him flying back.

"Unfortunately I promised or rather he promised his comrades not to fight you so I'll be going now" said End as he touched the egg and made it disappeared but not before he heard a voice from the inside whisper his name.

"Where did it go!" shouted Acnologia his rage reaching new heights.

"I don't know where she went all I know is that she's somewhere you'll never find her" said End.

"Acnologia charged towards End turning into a dragon with every step.

"Once our souls have completely lined up we will be a force that not even you can stop" said End before disappearing in a column of flames….

Current time-

"That was two years ago is he here to get revenge or try to get information about were the egg was sent?" Natsu asked himself has he broke through the tree line.

"EEEP!" you pervert, freak!, Sexual deviant!" screamed a young woman of about twenty with shoulder length light blue hair that pressed against her wet skin that Natsu noticed seemed to have a scale like pattern and her eyes where slited and her teeth elongated and ears slightly pointed.

"S-sorry I didn't mean too I thought you were someone else" said Natsu quickly turning around.

"Give me a minute let me get dressed" she said.

"Okay okay" Natsu said his face getting heated.

"Alright you can look now!" she shouted.

Natsu turned around and saw that her hair was tied in a ponytail with a cap over it and she wore a black sports bra with a pair of black fingerless gloves and some black skinny jeans.

"It's you she suddenly as she tackled him into a hug.

"Do I know you?" Natsu asked.

"You might not recognize me the egg sped up my growth but I recognize you no matter what form you take" she said.

"Wait you're the little girl that was inside the egg" Natsu asked.

"Yeah about six months after you left the egg began to crack and I guess you can say I hatched" she said.

"How did you get so big you were only a kid last I saw you" Natsu asked.

"I think the egg may have sped up my growth that's the only explanation I can think of" she said.

"Do you have a name" Natsu asked?

"Maybe I don't know I really don't remember much in fact the last thing I do remember was the day you sent me away" she said.

"Well you very well can't walk around without a name so how about I give you one" said Natsu.

"Really? I never really needed one before" she said.

"No everyone needs a name" said Natsu.

"How about Aqua?" Natsu asked.

"No way" she said quickly rejecting the name.

"Then how about Leslie" Natsu said.

"Call me that and I just might kill you" she said.

"Then what do you want to be called?" Natsu asked.

"Well the island you sent me too was a winter island so I was thinking Fuyu, Fuyu Dragneel" she said with a smile.

"Wait Dragneel you want to use my last name?" Natsu asked.

"Well yeah I mean it fits and besides I don't remember my past so you're the closest thing I have to family" said Fuyu.

"Well then lets go I need to say my goodbyes to my old family" said Natsu with a smile.

"Oh right during my travels to find you I had heard rumors that you were some sort of demon king" said Fuyu.

"Yeah I've turned Galuna Island into a sanctuary for demons" said Natsu.

"But I'm not a demon does that mean I can't join you on Galuna?" Fuyu asked.

"Well your definitely not human any more either so I don't see why you can't stay on Galuna" said Natsu.

"YES!" Fuyu shouted fist pumping into the air.

"Alright Natsu just tell them the choice you made I'm sure they'll understand" said Natsu as he and Fuyu walked towards the guild Natsu sensing four familiar scents and three new ones."

"Looks like I'm not the only one who met new friends on my travels" said Natsu.

Before Natsu could even get close to the guild he was tackled by a blur of blue hair.

"Natsu-san! I missed you much!" Wendy cried tears of joy.

"Uh Wendy is that really him did he always have those horns" Kara asked hiding behind a tree.

"Yeah this is Natsu Dragneel I know his scent anywhere even if he does look different his scent will never change" said Wendy.

"Can I have your autograph? I'm your biggest fan!" shouted Kara.

"I'm sorry but I don't have a pen" said Natsu.

"Here you go" said Kara pulling a pen and pad out of who knows where.

"I see you lively as ever" said Lucy coming over to them.

"Hello I'm Fuyu Dragneel" said Fuyu with a smile bowing to the three young women.

"Dragneel!" all three of them said at the same time.

"It's a long story that I don't have time to tell right now" said Natsu.

"I look forward to hearing it one day Natsu and I look forward to hearing about the new attachments" said Erza with a smile as she and Christina broke through the tree line.

"Erza! Let's fight!" shouted Natsu charging towards the woman who used to beat him black and blue.

"What's this I hear about you becoming a demon king?" Erza shouted punching Natsu in the face before he could call fourth his power.

"Yeah that's actually what I wanted to talk to you guys about" said Natsu.

"You're not coming back to the guild are you?" Gray asked has Idako skipped behind him.

"Sorry but I have responsibilities now" said Natsu.

"Don't worry I'll protect the guild you just keep your people safe" said Gray with a smirk.

"I will" said Natsu.

"Hi I'm Idako Blues" said Idako introducing herself.

"Christina Page" Christina said.

"Fuyu Dragneel" Fuyu said causing the new comers to gap in surprise.

"Whoa Flame Brain I thought you were training not getting hitched" said Gray.

"I'm not you stupid stripper!" Natsu shouted.

"Good to see you again" said Gray.

"You too" said Natsu the two powerhouses giving each other a high five.

"Let's say hello to our comrades" said Erza as she walked towards the door.

Suddenly a massive explosion that sent her flying backwards and left the guild a smoldering pile of ash erupted.

"RAH!" Natsu roared into the heavens.

"No not after all that training they can't be gone" said Lucy as she ran into the debris and began digging them out.

"Look it's a note" said Fuyu picking up a piece of paper.

"Don't worry your friends are alive I sent them to the shadow world but If you want to free them then face me scarlet" from Mister Black.

"That bastard" Erza said.

"I smell em" said Natsu his eyes getting clouded.

"Who?" asked Fuyu?

"The bastard who did this" said Natsu.

"Come on lets teach them what it means to mess with fairy tail" said Natsu as he pulled out a lacrimas.

"Oh hello Natsu are you on your way back Zale will be awakening soon" said Okami.

"Tell her I'm sorry but I won't be there for the awakening I have some bastards to fry" said Natsu.

"Would you like me to send in Tartaros?" asked Mard appearing on the screen.

"No the ones here now will take care of it" said Natsu.

"If that's you wish my king then I will obey it but if I do not here back from you in six hours I will send the entire Galuna army to rein terror upon our kings' enemies" said Mard.

"Wait a minute did that wolf lady just say Zale?" Erza asked.

"Do you know her?" asked Natsu.

"I know of her we met her husband he trained us" said Christina.

"I'm sure she'll be happy to see him" said Natsu.

"I'm sorry but he died killed by the same bastards who did this the same ones who tried to kill Zale in the first place" said Erza.

"Come on lets so the organization what happens when you cross us" said Natsu.

"Right!" the rest of them shouted falling in line behind him each with an angry look on their faces.

To be continued in Chapter 12(Raid)

The first Arc will be coming to an end I should have it wrapped up by chapter sixteen after that then we'll have an Erza focused arc...