"So do you want to tell me where we are going or do I have to guess?" Gray asked has he followed Patrick through large cavern.

"I wish Ur was still with us so I can apologize for leaving her but I had no choice you see I discovered something that made everything seem insignificant in comparison" said Patrick.

"What exactly did you discover" asked Gray covering his eyes at the bright light that was coming through the cavern exit.

"This!" Patrick shouted has he stepped through and spread his arms wide

Gray looked around and saw people riding on Ice wyverns, buildings made of solid ice, he saw people use Ice maker magic and other types of ice magic everyone was laughing and singing and everyone seemed to be absentmindedly stripping their clothes.

"You see in the past Ice magic was considered the devils magic and ice mages where often subjugated to abuse and no one ever wanted an ice mage around them said Patrick.

"But Ice Make can be used to make wonderful things and my magic has saved not only my friends lives but my own has well" said Gray.

"When it's too cold crops can't grow, If the road's get to iced over no one can go anywhere without risking accident's and Ice mage with no control of his power is the most dangerous person to the world" said Patrick.

"Then this place is"

"Yes Gray you are correct this is a utopia made for ice mages I discovered one day while I was exploring and it was so amazing I just couldn't bring myself to go back to Ur or my daughter" said Patrick.

"Ur's daughter see told us about her and I think she told us about some guy who ran off before" said Gray.

"Patrick! Milkovich is that an outsider you bought into the land of ice" said a man with longish white hair tied in a ponytail and light blue eyes he wore a white long coat with his collar propped up the cuff's of his sleeves rolled up just a bit .

"Chris this man is a fellow ice mage he is one of us I've bought him here so he can receive training from the 4 kings of the tundra" said Patrick.

"The 4 Kings don't just train anyone. Only the ones with the most potential shall be trained by the 4 Kings" Chris said has he crossed his arms.

"My wife saw his potential and she has never been wrong at these types of things so I'll not only believe in Gray I'll believe in Ur's judgment of him" said Patrick.

"What's your last name boy" Chris asked.

"It's Fullbuster" said Gray.

"My name is Christian Reddington but just call me Chris" Chris said fully introducing himself

"Good to meet you" said Gray.

"If you truly want to receive training from the four kings or if you even want to be permitted to enter pass this small town then you must complete the Arctic Trials" said Chris.

"Arctic Trial's?" Gray asked confusion evident in his voice.

"Yes it's a Trial all new comers must go through" said Chris.

"Okay I'll do it just lead the way" said Gray.

"Come with me" said Chris.

What is this place Gray asked has he looked around a massive hall with giant statues of past ice mages stretching down the halls.

"This is the sight of your first trail the home of the everlasting flame" said Chris.

"What is it I have to do?" Gray asked.

"You must freeze the flame" said Patrick.

"Alright sound's simple enough" said Gray with a nod of his head.

"Does it now" said Chris has he pulled back a curtain revealing a small blue flame.

"That's the flame that's barely big enough to burn paper" said Gray.

"It's not about the size of the flame it's about the heat of it" said Patrick.

"If you so strong freeze this flame" said Chris.

"Ice Make" Gray said has he got into position.

"Cannon!" Gray yelled firing cannon of ice in attempt to freeze the flames but the flame was so hot that the ice melted before it even got close to it.

"Your doing it all wrong allow me to show you how it's done said Patrick has he walked forward a bright light shining off his hand's

I'll even use your magic maker magic to do it" said Patrick.

"Ice Make: Ice Beam!" shouted Patrick has an ice gun formed in his hand's and a beam of blue energy shot out of it freezing the flame.

"What- what was that light" asked Gray in shock.

"It was the magical energy coursing through my body unfortunately Ur died before she could teach you how to utilize that power said Patrick

"Come with me I'll teach you how to utilize that power the ice around the flame should thaw in a few days that should be enough time to at least learn the basics" said Patrick.

Gray was at a lost for word's shocked at the power Patrick display as easily has walking on the streets on laying down on a comfy pillow.

"Close your mouth kid you'll catch flies" said Chris has he shut gray's mouth.

"Let's go" said Patrick.

"I'll leave it to you I must be going now" said Chris has he waved them off.

"Where are we going" asked Gray has he followed Patrick down a spiral staircase the air around him seemed to get hotter and hotter the further down they went.

"I bet Ur trained you in the coldest conditions which is a good method to get your body used to the cold but if you want to train your magic then you must train in the hottest of heat's said Patrick has he brought Gray to a room covered head to toe in intense flames.

"It's so hot I can't even form any ice" said Gray.

"Now lets begin the training first I want you to focus all your magic power into your fist" said Patrick.

Gray tried and tried but found he couldn't do the task given to him.

"Damn it!" Gray shouted in frustration.

"You seem like the type who picks things up once he sees them so pay close attention said Patrick has he closed his eyes and took a deep breath his fist began to glow and he stepped towards the flames.

"Ice Force!" Shouted Patrick has he threw a punch and sent a ripple effect through the air bit by bit the flames froze for a few seconds before the ice melted away.

Gray tried again closed his eyes and focused.

"Think about why you want to get stronger why did you leave your guild who is it that you want to get stronger for?" Patrick said.

"I want to get stronger for my friends back home I don't want to ever lose anybody again said Gray has his fist began to glow and his eyes snapped open.

"Now freeze those flames!" Patrick shouted

"Ice Make" said Gray getting to position.

"Fan!" Gray shouted creating a giant fan of ice that blew his magical energy into the air and froze the flames.

"Hahaha! I knew you'd get the hang of it" said Patrick.

"Do you think I'm ready to freeze the eternal flame now?" Gray asked.

"No these flames are matches compared to the eternal flame" said Patrick as the ice around the flames melted away.

"I'm going to leave you in here I want you to meditate and train until you can freeze those flames with just your magical energy alone" said Patrick.

"Wait your just going to leave me here?!" Gray asked

"Yep I'm pretty good at leaving people I'll be back in three day's" said Patrick has he walked out the room of flames.

"I'll do this in two" said Gray has he took a seat and closed his eyes.

Three Days later

Chris and Patrick where walking down spiral stair's

"Why is it cold down here isn't this supposed to be the hall of flames?" Chris asked.

"I guess Gray managed to freeze the flames" said Patrick with a smile.

"I froze them yesterday" said Gray has he walked passed them and headed up the stairs.

"What no way only the 4 kings can freeze these flames for that long no way you got as strong has them in three day's" said Chris.

"Of course he didn't he just got strong enough to learn from them in that time" said Patrick with a smile.

"Let me try freezing the Eternal flame again I know I can do it this time" "it's now isn't it?"

"Slow down Gray yes I'll let you try again and it thawed almost has soon as we left" said Patrick.

"But you said-

I know what I said I said that so you wouldn't try to skip out on your training to try and freeze the flame before you where ready but now you are" said Patrick.

"Then let's go" said Chris.

Gray found himself looking at the eternal flame he took a deep breath Ice make glove Gray said has he made a glove of ice that cover his hand he then walked up to the eternal flame and waved his hand over the top.

The top of the flame began to freeze but at the same time Gray's glove began to melt.

"You must focus more put more of your magical energy into those gloves!" Shouted Patrick.

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Gray shouted has his glove began to glow and the flame started freezing at a faster rate until they were completely frozen.


"I had a feeling my nephew would have such amazing power" said a woman with long blue hair and white eyes she wore white military attire with a white headband on her head.

Gray looked around and saw Patrick and Chris bowing to the woman before them.

"That woman is one of the four kings show some respect and bow down" said Chris has he grabbed Gray and forced him onto his knee's.

"Christopher you aren't being rough with my nephew are you" the woman whispered in his ear. Causing him to become stiff with fear.

"It took a few minutes for them to realize what she had" said.

Nephew! The three of them yelled in shock.

"My name is Maori Fullbuster I'm 42 years old and silver is my dear younger brother" she said has she did a slight bow.

"Is that why you looked shocked when I told you my last name" Gray asked Chris.

"I thought it strange that you had the same last name has one of the Four Kings but I didn't expect you to be her nephew" said Chris.

"Gray I hope you don't think I'll go easy on you just because you're my nephew" said Maori with a smile.

"I rather you didn't" said Gray.

"Good" said Maori has she sent wave's of ice shard's towards the three men.

"Ice Make Shield! Shouted Gray has he formed a giant shield of ice that cracked has the shards slammed into them.

"So you still have to use words to cast your spells and your magic Is barely strong enough to withstand my weakest attack" said Maori.

"W-Weakest?" Gray said in shock has he poured all his power to defend against it and even then he barely succeeded.

"Come with me you should be the other three kings and then we'll make you powerful" said Maori.

Gray followed Maori up a mountain and entered a massive castle of ice.

"Is this him is this him!" Asked a young girl who looked no older than fourteen wearing a white sundress her short light blue hair tied in a ponytail.

"Gray this is Idako Blues known has the prodigy and the youngest ice mage to ever earn the rank of four kings" said Maori.

"Nice to meet you I'm Idako Blues but just call me Ida" said Idako with a smile has she quickly and roughly shook gray's hand.

"It's been a while since we've had someone to train" said a man with short white hair in a buzz cut he wore a black tank-top with some cargo short's and had a body built like Laxus.

"This is Lenny the Goliath he's thirty six and he'll be in charge of your hand to hand combat skills" said Maori.

The sound's of a cane beating against the frozen floor caught Gray's attention it was so cold that he felt his heart freezing inside his body.

"That old fart is Mr. Pluto the strongest of us 4 kings" said Ida with a grin pointing to the old man.

"I'll be sure to pay you back for that remark later" said Mr. Pluto has he stepped into the light he was wearing white robes with snowflakes around the bottom and held a large staff with a snowflake at the top.

"I hope you're ready Gray because you're about to become Op as hell" said Idako with a smile.

4 Year's Later

"Gray is you really leaving us?" Idako asked with a sad look on her face.

Idako has grown in the last four year's her body became more develop reaching Erza and Mira levels of attractiveness her blue hair grew out and was now in a long braided ponytail she wore a white blouse with a black skirt.

"I'm sorry but I promised my friend's id return said Gray who was now sporting a thick stubble he wore a white coat with a pair of black pants.

"Idako go with him" said Maori.

"But I can't leave my post has one of the four kings" said Idako.

"I've seen you smile more in the four years that gray was here with us then you did before he arrived" said Lenny.

"Your parent's bought you here when you where only an infant you've never seen the outside go and see It" said Mr. Pluto.

"Old Man? You too?" Idako said looking at the three older mages who were smiling at her.

"You know if Gray stayed he'd probably take my spot has one of the four kings" said Idako.

"Probably" said Maori.

"I'm sure you have dreams and ambitions that you won't be able to obtain here in this frozen world go out and see what the world has to offer" said Mr. Pluto.

"Thank you, thank you all" said Idako has she bowed towards them.

"Don't thank us go before he leaves shouted Maori.

"Gray! Gray! Wait! Wait!" Idako shouted running after him.

Gray turned around only to be tackled to the ground by Idako.

"I'm coming with you" said Idako.

"I had a feeling you would" said Gray with a grin that immediately fell when he saw that the woman wasn't getting off of him.

"Fairy Tail I'm coming home and I'll bring a new friend along" said Gray with a smile.

"Gray! If you need anything you know where to find us!" Patrick and Chris shouted standing on top of some buildings.

BYE! Gray! Shouted all the town's folks he came to call family in the last four year's he was now twenty-two years old and he was ready to come home.

To be continued in Chapter 3 Lucy's Training