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Italic parts starting with a bold word is flashbacks. It ends same way.

A blond boy watched the village he was living in from window of the academy for ninja he was enrolled. He had spiky and long blond hair, sapphire-blue eyes, sun-kissed skin covered with dark-purple zipped hoodie and dark-blue shorts. He finished his outfit with a pair of black sandals. He felt a great amount of distaste but none reflected to his calm face.

'Konoha…' he mentally scoffed.

Sometimes he felt stupid to stay in this place; it wasn't like they can stop him if he wanted to… well, he wasn't a ninja yet so he can't defect technically but it was unlikely they will let him go.

There was a humongous, all-powerful bijuu in him; he was a jinchuuriki. Something people both hated and didn't let go without a fight. He mentally scoffed again.

As if he would fight for them… well, he will work for them for some time; certainly not waste rest of his life for such an ungrateful village however.

He was holding back their destruction with just breathing, he was sort of a meat shield and what he got back? Hostility. They wouldn't see the truth of course, they we too blind with hatred afterall…

An excuse but that is what it is.

"You would have thought Konoha would be better than other villages…" Konoha was the 'best' village in the great five. The most compassionate, most merciful, most close-knitted…

The best village to live in… he mentally rolled his eyes.

Perhaps that is right to someone else. But him?

They would… well, they wouldn't do anything physically damaging to him – they are terrified of Kyuubi's wrath and they can't risk damaging the seal afterall – but things like vandalism or hostile behavior was commonplace.

It took some 'persuasion' to make them leave him alone, but it was sufficient…

He would stay and play ninja for Hiruzen, however. He owed that much to the old hokage. Even if the things he had done concerning him were not always good for him, he always wished the best for him… at least that is what he chose to believe. He chose to believe the old man loved him as a grandson. Perhaps it was a ruse to make him loyal to the village, he is a hokage before everything afterall. He mentally shrugged. It wouldn't work anyway; he was too late if it was so. Somebody else 'swooped down to save him'.

Madara certainly didn't meant to save him from anything but at least the Uchiha ghost made sure he won't turn into a gullible fool. He wanted to make a new pawn for his project but… that was a failure too. Perhaps the old ghost overdone it when shaping him to a good enough pawn… perhaps he ended up having a pinch of affection towards him on his rotten, black heart. Or perhaps he was just optimistic and the Uchiha just underestimated his mental growth…

He wasn't sure about neither of their real intentions but he did have an affection towards them both. The old kage is the first person to show him any compassion while the old ghost was the one that gave him purpose when he wasn't sure if there was a point in living.

He woke up from and found himself in a dark place, the musty smell indicating a cave or other underground place. He didn't get up, just craned his neck to look around from the place he was lying then let his head rest on ground again with a sigh when he couldn't see anything interesting. It seemed the villagers threw him to a cave or something, he remembered letting sleep claim him on his bed in his house. The locks were broken so it wasn't impossible.

Not that he cared… perhaps he will die here, from starvation, thirst or get eaten by a lucky predator. He sighed again and tried to sleep. Perhaps he will be lucky and the reaper will take his four years old soul while he was sleeping.

"Hey kid, are you awake?" he grunted and craned his neck again to where he guessed the person are.

"Yes." He replied shortly. He heard footsteps coming closer to him and something like a half-man appeared on his visage. The man was also pure white, had green hair and yellow eyes.

"Good. He is waiting for you." the white man offered his hand to get him up. The blond stared at it for a few seconds then accepted it. He got up under the green-head's gaze.

"This way." He guided him to a 'hallway', torches lighting it dimly and dazzling him shortly when they passed by them. The green head shot him strange looks through the way.

"Aren't you going to ask where we are or what we want with you? the other boy didn't shut up about it until we answered." the blond thought about ignoring the question for a few steps, then decided against it.

"No." it didn't mean he was going to give a long answer. The green haired man blinked at him several times then they arrived to the end of the 'hallway'.

"He is inside." The blond didn't reply, just walked in.

The room was gigantic, there were several torches around and they couldn't light the ceiling. His eyes found a figure on a 'throne' and got closer to him.

He was an old man. He had gray, long, spiky hair; wrinkly, pale face and his skinny, frail body was clad with a dark robe. He opened his eyes – no, eye – and he saw a red iris with a dot for pupil and three commas around it. They stared at each other for a short while, the old man's stare was cold while the boy's own was calm and devoid of any emotion.

"Where are we? What do you want from me?" he asked without any passion. As if he was a very bad actor and just read his line instead of living it. The old man blinked slowly.

"we are in the middle of nowhere and what I want from you… I am deciding on that." The blond nodded.

"What else did that boy say, green-head-san?!" the old man blinked again.

"What are you talking about?"

"Green-head-san told me the boy before me asked these questions."

'Zetsu already told him about Obito?' he thought with another blink.

"What about you? Don't you have any questions of your own?"


"What if I told you I am going to kill you?"

"No. it also wouldn't change anything if you really wanted to kill me."

"I don't want to kill you?"

"You could do so while I was sleeping if you really wanted to." The old man was silent for some time.

"Do you not fear death?"

"No." the old man was silent again.

"Perhaps what comes next will be better than what it is now." the blond explained further after a moment of thought. The old man stared at him for a few more beats then closed his eye.

'Good work, Zetsu. He is perfect.'

"look into my eye, boy." Naruto obeyed.

'Tsukuyomi' …and his got bloodshot from genjutsu's influence.

That was years ago… perhaps a decade. He is very different from what he was before. He learned a lot of things from Madara – both good and bad. He was really sad he died.

He rubbed his eyes.

The ghost thought he turned him to one of his pawns but their beliefs didn't match so it failed. Don't get him wrong, he thought it was admirable of him to try to bring peace to these lands and he also shared the thought that the peace can only be forced on these people but they divided from there.

Madara's plan – the Tsuki no Me project, a project aiming to seal all bijuu into husk of ten tails; the progenitor of all bijuu, then cast a world-wide super genjutsu using the moon as a medium – would turn the world into a 'dead' world. It wasn't peace, it was enslavement.

They were not same.

It would stop fighting but calling it peace would be a stretch.

He mentally shook his head. It wasn't like he wanted peace; he didn't give a fuck if some people wanted to wash themselves with blood of others…

But… he would bring peace. For Madara and Hiruzen. After that, he didn't care if the world wanted to break it and continue to slaughter each other or-

Someone elbowed him gently.

"Naruto, he is about to shout at you two." That was Akimichi Choji. Heir of the Akimichi clan, a clan famous for being… overweight. It was (partly) because their jutsu demanded so, they draw chakra from calories so fatter an Akimichi, more powerful (s)he is.

Potentially, of course.

"Thanks." He grinned a little at the gentle boy, another thing they were famous for was their loyalty and gentleness towards their allies. Choji was… a bit overly gentle however.

That is until someone called him 'fat'. Then the gentle butterfly turned to a deadly wasp.

He mentally chuckled at the memory of a rude civilian boy calling him 'fatty'. The destruction he caused under the teachers' watch was hilariously extensive. The boy was hospitalized for a week and Akimichi clan had to cover the repairing expenses…

Well, at least students learned to not mess with the gentle giant and it was that.

He showed the same courtesy to the sleeping Shikamaru but the Nara swatted away the annoyance that is Choji. the Akimichi was persistent in his tries, however.

Nara bloodline was quite dominant on the lazy genius; his IQ was probably higher than the max measure and his laziness was higher than even Nara standards.

He barely did enough to pass in exams, both practice and on-paper… and the Nara is his rival on the tittle of 'class noob'.

He grinned softly at their antics; it was embarrassing to admit for him but they grew on him. Them and other clan heirs in their class.

So, he had to keep this charade. He had to be the class noob until Sandaime was gone. He was sure leaving the village was going to be bittersweet for this reason but he will still do it. Until then, he will act like a noob and press down the reflex to grab the chalk pieces coming towards them in slow motion for him.

Three soft thunks and three soft groans (one of them being fake) sounded out. Then rest of the class giggled at their misfortune.

He tried to be angry at their 'teacher' Iruka, but he too grew on him. Also, the man was only doing his job. He couldn't be angry at a man that was only doing what he thought was the best for them. He was just showing tough love.

"please listen to the lecture, you three." A chorus of half-assed 'yes Iruka-sensei' later the brunet continued his job.

They listened for an hour or so.

"…Alright class, as you all know; you will have your graduation exam tomorrow. Make sure you are ready for it. Dismissed." They gathered their stuff to go.

Next Day

Zetsu said Obito's organization, Akatsuki, was waiting for the three tails' re-manifestation to start gathering bijuu so it would roughly take 4 years or so for them to start. He was planning to play ninja for Sandaime in this time – if the man lived that long.

He sighed and reminded himself once again why he was doing this as a civilian boy 'accidently' bumped to him, causing his friends to start laughing.

There were things he should have done, things he shouldn't have done, things he should have asked before doing… but he believed the old hokage wanted the best for him at heart while doing those things so he would forgive him for the… misfortunes certain actions of his caused.

Even so, the Kyuubi issue was hard to forgive. Hard but not impossible.

He first learned about the bijuu when he accidentally knocked himself out in a training, overestimating extends of his limits.

The last thing he remembered before blacking out was trying to conjure ten super clones – a type of kage bunshin infused with a physical part of the user; hair, nail, blood, etc. – when his limit was half of it. It was a stupid thing to do, he would admit… he should have tried increasing it with a much…

"Come to me boy…" he blinked. Who would be with him in such a place? He decided to follow the voice, instead of listening to his instincts telling him go other way.

He must be dreaming; how else he would be in a sewer of all places?

There was a possibility of a Zetsu thought it would be funny to play a prank on him like this. If so, he will rip that plant man like a weed…

He found himself in a huge chamber with a gigantic cage. He could hear deep gusts coming from somewhere in that cage. Sounded like a draft.

Perhaps he could find his way out of this sewer if he followed the gust.

"Come closer…" it gave him a pause. The sound came inside of the cage. He cautiously walked closer and then suddenly took a step back, a talon bigger than his body cut the air he was in a moment before. The owner of the voice clicked his/her teeth.

"It seems my lovely warden decided to grace me with his presence… I am honored." Naruto narrowed his eyes at the cage and tried to see what is inside of it. The cage enlightened as if lights heard his desire to see inside of it and illuminated it. It was a gigantic fox with nine tails. Broad chest suggested it being a male.


"Kyuubi." He said shortly. The fox let out a short bark of amusement.

"You are not as much of a fool as you look, are you?" he chuckled. The blond figured he should be dreaming because the Yondaime should have been killed the fox. He sat down and decided to see where this 'dream' will go, away from those wicked claws… just in case.

"I should be dreaming… Yondaime killed you more than five years ago." he muttered to himself but the fox' huge ears caught it.

"Kill?" the fox laughed with a little too much mirth. "You puny mortals can't kill my kind, boy. Yondaime, your 'daddy dearest', sealed me in you." he pointed the blond with a huge talon.

The blond was not there however, he was stuck on the part implying the Yondaime is his father.

"Y-y-Yondaime is… my father?" the fox chuckled.

"That is true. What, didn't they tell you?"

It made sense. He was almost a copy of him, the Yondaime. It just didn't make sense how other villagers connected the dots. Perhaps they were too much grief-stricken? Too hateful?

The reason didn't matter. The thing that mattered was it made sense.

The whole 'Kyuubi sealed in him' did make sense too; hateful stares, calling him 'kyuubi' behind his back, hostility, vandalism…

Well, at least the fox had been honest with him. his eyes turned back to normal.

"What about my mother? Do you know her?" the fox growled.

"more than know! She was my old container, that witch!" the blond hummed.


"Uzumaki Kushina! Ku-shi-na! I curse her every syllable!" the fox roared. The blond watched the bijuu's enraged state calmly.

"I see. Thanks for answering my questions." The fox glared.

"Are you mocking me? Where is the 'my life is hell because of you'? where is the hatred?"

"I am sorry, kyuubi but… I can't say I hate you."

"Eh? I killed your parents and I am the reason your village hates you. You hate me of course." The blond shook his head.

"No… if anything, I think you are as much of a victim as I am here – perhaps even more."

"Victim? VICTIM?! I WILL SHOW YOU VICTIM! I WILL BREAK THIS CAGE AND CRUSH THE 'VICTIM' OUT OF YOU!" He banged his body against the bars but they didn't budge, instead electricity surged through him from bars and the fox cried in agony… but he didn't stop. He tried again… and again… and again but the result was same… only the force behind the pounds were getting lesser and lesser.

"I… I will show you victim… I will show you victim… I will show you victim…" He was chanting the sentence and trying to reach where the blond was, only less than an arms-length away from his talon. He was sure the wetness on his face was from the sewer water under him or sweat.

He refused to acknowledge an alternative reason.

"Stop." He flinched then clenched his teeth and tried to reach the blond again.

"You can't get out. You can't even stretch fully in there." The fox growled savagely but it was only thing he could do and both knew it. The blond ignored it and resumed.

"I did not choose to be the… object for you to get sealed in and you did not choose to be sealed." He said while glaring at the bars of the cage.

"So, I will not hate you… but you are free to hate me." He glared at the blond in confusion.

"What do you mean 'you are free to hate me'?"

"You are the one behind the bars. You are the one whose freedom is taken away. I don't give a rat ass about the villagers' hostility." The fox was silent.

"What about… your parents?" he asked lowly. It still echoed but not boomed like he can make it do so if he wanted.

"I don't even know how having parents feels like. I am not even sure if I feel absence of it." The fox clenched his teeth again.

"So, hate me. Despise me. Curse my name if you want to. It is alright." He got up to find a way to wake up after several minutes of silence. He decided to get out of the chamber first… perhaps doing so would get him back to his body.

This is a 'dream' afterall, perhaps it will happen just because he believed so…

"Boy." He faced the bijuu again curiously. He was… flustered?

"I… thought about it and…" he blushed even more. "…decided to give you a chance before crushing you to get out. Don't waste it!" the blond grinned and got closer to the cage. He waved the bijuu to get closer. The fox blinked a few times and get his face closer to the blond. He waved again and the bijuu kind of lied on his belly. His chin was almost touching the floor.

The blond hugged the giant face.

"W-what are you doing! Stop! I said stop! Let go! Back off!" well, his protests would have more weight if he was showing any effort to make him back off… or if his tails weren't wagging.

"Shhh…" he felt the fox' fluster turn to blush; extra warmth was a giveaway. He saw the gigantic eye glare at him a little more then closed down with an annoyed grunt.

"You don't have to hate me but it is alright if you do. I wouldn't want you to get sealed in me too." The fox glared at him again.

"So, it would be fine if I got sealed in someone else?"

"Would you be kept to yourself if you weren't sealed away?" the fox scoffed.

"I was keeping to myself. It is you furless monkeys that provoked me with that cursed red eye."

"Cursed red eye? Do you mean sharingan?" the fox growled at mention of the doujutsu.

"Yes, sharingan of that cursed human, Uchiha Madara!" the blond coughed uncomfortably. the nine tails raised an eyebrow.


"Uchiha Madara, eh? *cough* *cough*"

"Do you know him?"

"He is umm…" the words got tangled on the blond's throat.

"He is what? Spill the beans, boy." Well, Naruto regretted getting inside of the cage…

"He is… kind of my teacher." The fox blinked once.


Then swatted the boy with one of his tails none-too-gently towards the chamber's entrance. Hard enough to make the blond fly actually…

"AAAAAAAAAA- ah?" he found himself on his 'training room' without any damage on his body. He wiped the sweat on his eyebrow.

The fox had been hostile for first few times he visited him and grouchy for a long time after that… but in the end he managed to worm his way to the old fox' heart and turn their hostile relationship to friendly. Also, he allowed the fox to use his senses to make his 'imprisonment' more bearable and the fox shared his vast chakra and insight to make the blond's life easier.

Their relationship was as much symbiotic as it was friendly. They ironed out the symbiotic part first and it didn't take long for it to turn friendly.

"Uzumaki Naruto."

He got up from his seat and proceeded to the examination room.

"G-good luck, Naruto-kun." It was a very silent mutter and he doubt he would hear it if it wasn't for his enhanced senses. His eyes found Hinata's soft, lavender orbs. She blushed and tried to make herself smaller. Her eyes met his again after a few seconds and he shot her a tiny grin. She smiled at her jacked with a glowing face and busied her hands with its fur part.

He got inside the room. Iruka and Mizuki, another teacher like Iruka, were sitting behind a desk.

"Alright Naruto, I want you to create three bunshin (clone), kawari (substitute) with an object in this room and henge (disguise) to another person. Ready?" Iruka instructed the blond.

"Yes!" he replied with fake excitement.

"Then start with henge please." The blond grinned and narrowed his eyes a bit mischievously. He put his hands together to ram handseal.



When the smoke dispersed, they could see he changed to a female and older version of himself, 'she' had a white shirt that only buttoned up to barely cover 'her' chest and a black skirt that was also barely covering everything. She also had long, blonde pigtails and black-framed, circular glasses. She wore off her glasses and bit left temple tip, causing right end piece to rest on generous cleavage of her c-cup bust.

"Did I pass, sensei?" 'she' asked with a higher pitch than his voice but still low for a woman. It was like molten chocolate, if one had to compare it to something.

"Y-y-yes Naruto, you did." Iruka pinched his nose and replied with a nasally voice. The blond shot them a smile changed back with another puff of smoke.

"Nice! I had been working on henge for months!" Mizuki coughed and shifted on his seat.

"Ka- *cough* kawari please." The politeness was fake, both Naruto and Mizuki knew that… but the blond grunted with fake excitement, which was known to only the blond. Mizuki threw him a ball and the blond did a few handseals. The blond timed it with just a moment before the impact and changed into a training dummy with a smokescreen.

"A little slow with handseals but it is passable." Mizuki criticized. Naruto grinned internally; just as he wanted it to be…

"*sniff* bunshin please." Iruka recovered with a last sniff. Naruto nodded and put his hands to ram hand seal again. He was going to cast the jutsu but he felt the blue-haired chuunin disturb his chakra. He was going to conjure anyway but decided to see what was the chuunin's game in the end. The resulting trio of clones were pale and barely clinging to existence. They puffed away a few seconds later. Iruka shook his head.

"I am sorry, Naruto. You have to pass all three of the tests to pass the exam." Iruka sadly informed.

"Perhaps we can pass him. he did conjure three clones."

"No, Mizuki… he must conjure proper clones, you know that."

"what about giving him a second chance?" the blond understood why the blue haired man doing, trying to gain his trust.

"No, it wouldn't be fair to others. I will take the test next time. See you later Iruka-sensei." He said with a fake sadness. He got out of the examination room.

"The noob didn't pass! Heh, Figures…"

He ignored Kiba's comment as well as laughter of other kids and just made his way to his desk. He caught Sasuke's frown and Hinata's worried glance. He shrugged with a grin, causing Sasuke's frown to get deeper and making Hinata bow her head in sadness and stare at him over her lashes.

"You failed?" Choji asked sadly. The blond replied with a nonchalant shrug. The Akimichi furrowed his eyebrows sadly while the Nara stared at him sadly when he thought the blond wasn't looking.

"Why didn't you just conjure the clones properly? I thought you wanted to be a ninja."

'I want to see if Mizuki has an ulterior motive in failing me or did it just because he hates me. I don't think I will fail in anyway; I doubt the higher ups will allow a jinchuuriki to get failed in academy.'

You don't let a weapon like jinchuuriki get wasted in academy of all things afterall, it is just doesn't make sense.

"That is another thing I still don't understand…"

'*sigh* we went over this before… I am going to be a Konoha ninja until Hiruzen dies or the four years are over.'

"Why don't you just destroy the village afterwards? I sure would." The blond hummed dispassionately.

'I don't care about them. I'll just leave and wash my hands from Konoha.' The bijuu grinned.

"It is because of them, is it not?" the blond mentally shrugged.


Well, it was true; it was partially because of that… other and bigger part was because this is Sandaime's village.

"Alright everyone, the exam is over. Those who pass, come again tomorrow for team selections. Those who fail, there will be another exam a week before the academy starts again. Dismissed."

Half an hour later

He was on a swing, waiting for the blue haired chuunin 'hiding' from him to get closer and spit his plan out to him. He didn't wait much longer.

"there you are." He said with a friendly smile. Naruto raised his head to stare at the chuunin.

"Mizuki-sensei?" ah, it was kind of fun; tricking someone trying to do the same to him. He blinked at the older man.

"what are you doing here?"

"Iruka and I are sad that you failed." The blond's gaze fell to ground sadly. They were silent for a few beats.

"We thought about it and decided to give you another chance, another test." The blond blinked internally and got a hopeful expression externally. Then he averted his gaze.

"but… it wouldn't be fair to others." He had a tiny, sad smile.

"It will be fair, don't worry. This test is harder than theirs. We wouldn't allow you to do it if we didn't believe you can do it." The blond was a little interested to be honest, he magnified it and put it on his face like that.

"Then… what is it?" Mizuki grinned happily outside, evilly inside.

'Line, hook and sinker…'

"What we want you to is…"

Five minutes later

Naruto laughed like someone told him a great joke…

Mizuki wanted him to steal Scroll of Seals.

A genin… stealing from Hokage and squads of ANBU… a genin!

He couldn't stop giggling until the Hokage tower came to view.

It seemed like this was supposed to fail and get apprehended, perhaps executed… or sent to Danzo. Most likely the last one.

He giggled again.

"Get serious" the hypocrite bijuu commanded, as if he couldn't notice the amusement in his tone…

The blond explained what exactly Mizuki wanted him to steal on the way and even the bijuu thought it was so ironically funny.

Or sad… maybe disappointing. A matter of perspective. For both the blond's and bijuu's perspective, it was hilarious.

'Yes… yes. I should get serious. Otherwise I may accidently fail.' He giggled again. The bijuu in him bit his lip. A few snickers escaped before he can choke them back.

"stop trying to make me laugh… because it is working." He snickered again. The blond heaved a deep breath and got down to business.

'what can I use… guess 'oiroke' (sexy) will not raise too much eyebrows…' helanded on roof tiles silently. He changed to his 'succubus' form; a naked, older body with wings, a spear-tipped tail and too-big-to-be-normal boobs.

In short, a perv killer… well, disabler at least. 'she' broke the office window when ANBU patrol passed.

"Hello, mortal…"

"W-whoa! Ooaaah!" in three seconds, the professor; legendary teacher of three legendary ninja… lost consciousness.

Naruto was a bit disappointed with the ease he had with knocking out the old hokage but didn't pause to bat an eyelash in the end. He tied some ninja wire to each end of the giant scroll and swung it up.

Five minutes later he was in the hut Mizuki was talking about. Scroll of Seals was unrolled in front of him. some jutsu really interested him like his seal, Shiki Fuujin (Death Demon Consuming Seal) and Edo Tensei (Impure World Reanimation).

'Hmm… there are some jutsu in this I want to have a better look. I shall copy it down for later.' he thought to himself and conjured a kage bunshin. His eyes landed on a storage seal; he raised an eyebrow.

'what do you think this is?' he asked to the bijuu as he trailed his fingers on the seal.

"How should I know? But if you want to check, I suggest make a clone to unseal it. It may be trapped." The blond hummed internally.

'good idea.' The blond faced his kage bunshin.

"Hey you." the clone sent him a curious look.


"Unseal this when I am far enough."

"Yes." The blond went a bit further away.

"Do it." He wasn't far enough to shout but enough for him to get away if anything nasty happened. The clone nodded and put its hand on the seal. A puff of smoke later there was another scroll. It was as big as the Scroll of Seals. The original and clone blinked.

"…Unroll it." The original commanded unsurely and the clone nodded. It unrolled it and nothing happened.

"What is it?" the clone's eyes jumped around.

"I… have an idea but I am not sure. Perhaps you should come here and take a closer look." The original blinked and got closer tensely. He took a look. He narrowed his eyes.

'do you think it is…'

"Yes… it's a contract. For death I think."


Hope you like.