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Every so often, Dino used to recall the soft symphonies of a violin resounding in the background, singing gently like a mother's lullaby you would hear every night before you slept. Melodies that echo around him in a beautiful crescendo, whispering in his ear with a voiceless apology that never reaches him. Trying, but failing to heal his broken heart, mending with what is left of their cold-touched flames of the sun.

And when the melody fades and the sun leaves, he could faintly recall the silhouette of a woman walking past him. Silvery blond locks passing his line of sight like the blowing winds, mouth curved into a smile with fleeting blue disappearing into lidded eyes. The ghost of her fingers pressing onto his shoulder in silent comfort before she lets go, disappearing into the distant in wisps of blue.

He feels cold afterwards as the blue disappears, watching them with eyes of longing, a longing to feel that comfort again. And yet, it never ends there as a broad hand goes through his hair like silk, brushing it cheekily, and Dino tries to imagine his hair turn an amusing mess like the old times. A deep chuckle resounds as the man continues to give him a gentle noogie, electric green eyes crinkling as he takes his hand off, his red swept back hair looking bright in the monochrome world Dino seems to see in. The man gave a concluding grin as he stalked forwards, giving a off-handed wave as he reaches out to the remaining blues, his own green tendrils mingling with them. Their flare of colours receding before they finally vanished together in a final dance.

Dino turns away with a heavy heart, like he always does after those two, eyes cast down bitterly in regret. Though, that regret was always knocked out of him when a distant sting of a hand whacked the back of his head, always causing him to yelp unexpectedly at the phantom pain. And just like always he'll look up mystified and see the figure that hit him in the first place walking away from him in a smooth stroll. His confident steps resounding loudly in the pavement as the midnight blue ponytail fluttered with each step. The man never looked back as he withdrew in a cloud of purple, swept by the coming breeze with a quiet smirk.

The Chiavarone sighs quietly, looking forwards again as he rests his eyes, patiently waiting for the sound of laughter that reaches his ears, the voice young as it shouts around him in glee. And when he looks, he'll see a happy boy running around him in circles. Untamed, unruly, mess of brown hair bouncing from his skips, reminding Dino of the time they were together by the river side, jumping from stone to stone till one of them ended up in a soaked mess.

It was always Dino, always.

It was then the boy halted in mid step, grinning as he balanced on the balls of his foot, gazing at Dino with twinkling ruby eyes. As if Dino was someone great to look up to, someone that deserved the boy's adoration and loyalty, someone that he called an older brother. He flinched, feeling the shame and disgust that washed over him at the unwavering emotions, because he didn't deserve it. After everything that's happened, he didn't deserve it.

The sounds of sweet bells sings across the skies soon after, the soft chimes sounding gentle as they hummed, and the boy giggled as he side-stepped with a cheerful twirl, hand in hand with the newcomer.

She was small, skin white as a porcelain doll as her lilac hair framed her face, expression seemingly desolated at first sight. Dino couldn't help but smile fondly at her, and it causes the girl to duck her head with a gentle blush, fingers fiddling at the hem of her black skirt. At the nostalgic habit, Dino feels himself chuckle, which causes the next flares of blushes to turn bright like the cherry reds. The red-eyed boy laughs, nudging encouragingly at her as she looks up, and they both settled down with a smile. The two children walks up to him together, separating to stand on each side and reaching out, grabbing his hands with their own smaller translucent ones. They look up at him in adoration and love, and just like that they disappear to the skies in bursts of red and indigo tendrils, swirling freely in the sky despite his futile reach for them.

Dino looks heavenward, forlorn eyes fluttering shut as his hand lay limply by his side.

He whispers.


It repeats itself.


Melodies returning, as they grew louder with each note before it sang once more, both beautiful and magnificent like always. And then he remembers the elegant draw of the bow, causing the next ripples of notes to sound just as extravagant like the rest as the conjuror leaned back. Black hair swayed from the movement as stray pieces of hair brushed over golden eyes that shone brighter than ever by the glimmers of the sun that passed through the grand mullion. Eyes that matches unmistakably with the one he calls uncle, a man of torturous tendency with a sadistic smirk that could bring fear to the hearts of children with a single glance. Yet the golden eyes he knew was kind, much more kind as they looked towards the distance, lost in his rhapsody.

Dino wonders sometimes, if the musician will ever find his coda with the way he plays his violin in an eternal loop. Repeating everyday and every time without an end, the music carrying on like the river streams. He questions himself why the song never stops, and if it did, how would it end? Would it beautiful? Sad? A goodbye? Dino never got an answer.

If he thinks about it, remembering…recalling…reminisced…

Dino breathes, the first tear breaking free before the rest followed, shuddering breaths escaping him as he presses the palms of his hands over his eyes. Choked sobs escaping his lips reluctantly as Dino bent forwards, feeling the streams of his tears never ending. He distantly heard the panicked shouts of his men running towards him, distracting him from the music that plays in his head as the sounds of laughter stills. And the loss of the symphony makes him shudder, shoulders convulsing as he cries harder.

"Don't go." He whispers in hushed desperate breaths.

Yet, if he thinks about it, remembering…recalling…reminisced…it was him who could never stop the music playing.

"Boss!" Romario shouted as Dino collapses, catching him in his arms as the older looked in distress at the hazed brown eyes looking at seemingly nothing.

Dino inhales as desire grew in his eyes, longing as he reached out towards the sky with the colored flames dancing before him. Dino smiles as he grabs at them, his lips whispering shakily at the words that will bring them back. Just for a minute. Just for a little more. The flames flicker.

"Di nuovo."


It repeats itself.


Crescendo - It means the gradual increase of loudness in a piece of music.

Coda - The concluding passage of a piece or movement.

Di nuovo - Literally means 'Again' in Italian, or I might be wrong. (People who speaks Italian, tell me if I'm correct, because I will be hella embarrassed as frick.)

Dino's Collapse - If your wondering why he collapses all of a sudden, it's because he is diagnosed with Psychotic Symptoms, specifically Positive symptoms which deals with Hallucinations. And Psychotic Symptoms links with PTSD, which in turn makes him collapse/faint at some points of time because of stress and anxiety.

AN: I might love Dino, but I do want to make my favorite characters to suffer. I don't know why though. Eh. HOPE YOU ENJOYED IT!