The second.

When he met his Rain Guardian, it startled him considering he didn't expect to meet his next one so soon, but in the end it wasn't a surprise. It was a Monday when his father first told him about the possible alliance with the Nordic group close by called the Duskregn* Family, and Reborn being the satanic tutor he was, all but dragged him along for harmless 'learning' purposes. From what Reborn informed him, the Duskregn Family was known for their trade of weapons, a group of arms dealers of sorts, and would only sell them to the ones they deemed fit for their resources. It was one of the many reasons why his father liked them, for their honour and integrity as well as their fixed judgment of character and would turn away any malevolent groups that seeked pointless bloodshed.

Though, at the beginning Dino only shrugged off the seemingly boring trip, especially considering Nicholas couldn't join in because of an incoming exam that he slaughtered with perfect scores. Reborn had never been more proud to know that the teachers that tried to rig Nicholas' test was found hanging out a window in nothing but their underwear on the very next day. So yes, he had expected a rather dull visit. However, the 3-day trip took a drastic turn for the best when he met the daughter of the Duskregn boss.

"Chiavarone Ninth, it's a pleasure to make acquaintance with you." A tall and beautiful woman greeted, wearing a dress that symbolised her leadership in the group.

Dino watched as his father bowed, grabbing her hand politely and pecked the skin in greeting, "As do I, Fifth."

He righted himself when his father turned toward him, beckoning him forwards and placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder, "Meet my son, Dino Chiavarone. Dino this is the Duskregn Fifth, Julia Duskregn."

Julia smiled at him, and Dino gave a nervous one in return, and promptly blushed when she chuckled at his attempt. "I've heard. You're 10, no? I have a daughter close to your age, perhaps older than you by 4 years. Her names Silvia, and I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time together-"

Dino shrunk at this as he listened at the gushing woman, fearing that he would embarrass himself like the clumsy person he was, and would rather wallow in his room for the rest of his stay without coming in contact with anyone that would laugh at him. Nicholas would have forced him anyways if he was here. On the other hand, Romario's encouraging words and Reborn's death stare gave him a perfectly valid (reluctant) excuse to go out and seek the daughter himself. He was walking around the garden of the Duskregn garden when he heard the suspicious clatter of shoes on brick, and turned a curious glance to the 2nd floor of the mansion, only for his jaw to drop.

A girl was practically shimming down the side of the building while clinging to a rope, descending with quick strides as if she's done it a million times. It was like watching a scene straight out of Rapunzel. The girl jumped from the short length between her and the ground, landing with a crouch and tugged satisfied at her riding jacket before turning, only to freeze when she saw him.

Dino marveled at her beauty, one similar to Julia as her Scandinavian features stood out, blonde almost platinum hair tied to a pony-tail that curled at the ends. She was pale, a nice kind of pale as ocean blue eyes blinked in horror at him, and it was then he noticed her clothes, the ones used for horse riding. Dino was about to comment of where she was going before she rushed him, grabbing him by the collar and hauled them both into a bushed area. Dino yelped, which was muffled when the taller of the two placed a gloved hand over his mouth, placing him in a chokehold as she looked suspiciously around like a James Bond spy.

When the girl deemed it to be safe, she spun him around with a look so reprimanding that it was hard not to feel bad for something he did not do. "You." She began grimly. "Saw nothing."

"Hah?" Dino couldn't help but gawk, and the girl gestured her hands like a hypnotiser.

"It was all an illusion, it was not real, you did not see a girl climb out a window, with a rope, and is obviously not trying to escape. You saw nothin'." Dino would have thought it was a joke if it wasn't for her serious expression.

The look of disbelief and scrunched up expression must have at least told something when the girl slapped a hand on her face, groaning. "Of course you saw me!" She despaired before looking pleadingly at him.

"Please don't tell my mother, I'm not supposed to leave the house today because of an alliance or something, but it so not worth it! Look at the sun, it's beautiful!" She stressed the last words as she pointed towards the sky as if to signify 'just look at this!'

"It's perfect for a ride!" And it was at that moment that Dino got a clue of who exactly he found.

"You're Silvia!?" Dino questioned in disbelief, and the girl, Silvia, furrowed her brow while placing a hand on her hip.

"Wait- don't tell me, you're the son of the Chiavarone Ninth aren't you." When Dino confirmed it with a silent nod, she groaned once more.

"Great- great! My escape was futile!" Silvia said, looking depressed as a sad miasma hovered over her.

Dino laughed hesitantly, "I'm not going to tell anyone, don't worry about it. You're secret's safe with me!"

At this, Silvia stopped as she observed him, looking at him with passive eyes that stared deep into his soul. A slow smile drifted onto her lips as something shone on those eyes as a look of respect? Approval?- shined in her eyes. Turning towards the forest with a path, Silvia grinned as she waved at him while sending him a teasing wink, "Well then, thanks for having my back!"

As she said this, she bolted down the path, pony-tail whipping wildly from her eager sprint before she disappeared into the shadows of the forest. Dino smiled in amusement as he watched the older go, feeling a sense of peace settling over after their encounter, and his face contorted in confusion at the sudden feeling of tugging and compatibility that drifted over him. It made him look back at where Silvia went, the feeling never leaving as he could feel where she moved, and consciously felt her leaving further and further away from him and he couldn't help but feel uneasy at the sudden distance. His thoughts was cut short though when Reborn came sailing, kicking him in the head as he was sent flying onto the garden grass.

Dino sputtered, "R-Reborn! What was that for?"

"Are you an idiot to not know when you've got a potential guardian in your sights, pipsqueak Dino." Reborn scolded while Leon crawled over the rim of his fedora.

Dino paused at this, still feeling the pull from earlier, and proceeded to brush his hand through his hair in awe. "That's what a pull feels like?" Dino spoke, "I thought it would be like, like- like what I felt with Nicky, I thought it would just snap into place."

Reborn boinked his head, "Some bonds don't just snap into place, pipsqueak. Listen here, you need to court her-"

After a throughout lecture, a couple of hits and there's, Dino concluded that he wanted to get to know Silvia. And it wasn't a futile goal considering she literally rode a horse into the garden soon after she disappeared and hoisted him up onto the majestic animal with an effortless throw and rode on with a cackling laugh. All in all, he could not deny that his girly scream did not attract the attentions of the Duskregn followers, and when they saw it was Silvia who was on the horse with the Chiavarone heir, they panicked. In the end, he actually found a hobby that he liked despite the near traumatising ride, and Silvia was more then delighted to hear that he wanted to learn how to ride a horse.

While he stayed with the Duskregn, he didn't miss a day without hanging out with Silvia, and they enjoyed themselves. She was like an older sister that Dino never knew he ever wanted, and she seemed to recuperate that with her own shouts of 'little brother' once in awhile. They did a lot of odd things from taking calm strolls to full out fencing. Humiliatingly unsurprising, Dino gets his ass handed to him every single time, much to the amusement of Reborn.

Dino felt at peace with her.

So when the time came for them to leave, Dino was extremely upset.

"I hope to see you soon, Silvia." Dino said a little regretfully, the feel of the pull never leaving as he smiled wryly at her, wishing to have at least mentioned his wish to try and harmonize.

Silvia, on the other hand, smiled softly as she placed her hand out while tucking a hairpiece behind her ear. "I wouldn't mind if you at least tried to seek me out, you know." She said, a knowing smile on her lips.

"Dino Chiavarone," Silvia started with determined eyes. "Could I have the pleasure to join your family?"

Dino might have gaped, he didn't know, and before he knew it he was already reaching his hand out to grab hers.

He nearly made a fool of himself again by sobbing hysterically, only to be kicked in the head by Reborn. All in all, it felt amazing to have another family.

It wasn't long before Silvia moved into the Chiavarone House and got acquainted with Nicholas who absolutely loved the new family member. Dino still remembered the time when they took a stroll together, talking about anything and everything all the while they giggled and shoved at each other. And just like that, a group of two grew into three with their bonds singing true.

Silvia Duskregn was his Rain Guardian, his second.

Her once wintery hair was smudged red as she lay down on the cracked, collapsing floors, eyes closed in an eternal rest. Her plum lips cracked with fight as her right arm was crushed from the fractured pillars, and yet her face was relaxed, no longer in pain from the earlier betrayal. Her blouse was ripped, her rapier was left forgotten, burning to cinders from the devouring flames. She held on tightly with her right hand, a smile on her lips.

She was the second to pass.

A/N: I feel like this is really cliche...

*Duskregn - It is the Norwegian word for Drizzle