"Jessie," Levi and Eren were eating with their children a few days after the awful incident.

"Ya?" the younger boy asked around his fork full of eggs. Naturally, Eren scolded him and Jessie swallowed before wiping his mouth and trying again. "Yes, dad?"

"I saw some of your pictures recently," Levi didn't break eye contact with his son. He watched Jessie get stiff and Eren seemed to notice something was wrong also.

"I drew those forever ago dad, why were you even looking at them?" Jessie went back to stabbing his food a little more violently.

"We keep a lot of your pictures on the fridge, you haven't drawn us any new ones for awhile so the older ones are still up," Levi explained. "But I like them. I was just wondering how do you come up with what to draw?"

"I don't know," Jessie shrugged. "I just start drawing and the picture comes out, however."

"Will you draw something for me today?" Levi asked.


"Just want to see what happens to come out," Levi stood, his plate was now empty. He took Pamela from her high chair and fed her the rest of her O-shaped cereal on his lap.

"Ya sure why not," Jessie didn't seem very excited. Eren was giving him a look from the other side of the table but didn't say anything as he wiped little Amara's face. Amara was getting too big, Levi sighed. At least they had Pamela, he kissed the top of her head and she giggled.

"Hey daddy," Marvin asked as he got up and took his and some of his sibling's plates. He also went down and grabbed Levi's.

"Hm?" Eren asked wiping sauce off of Amara's mouth and she laughed as he did.

"Anna and I were wondering if you could teach us how to use 3DMG today." Eren and Levi both looked at him.

"Well, first you guys would have to come check out the regiment with me today. Even though your father and I are veterans we aren't allowed to keep the gear. But I think they'd let us borrow some if we went down."

"And you'd take us, daddy?" Anna asked, wiping off the table, picking up Amara's plate momentarily to do so.

"Ya sure," Eren nodded but Levi can see the strain and worry in his eyes. Levi was glad, the survey corp was an honorable goal, but Eren looked less excited. Eren would warm to the idea, Levi decided, it would also be a good chance for Eren to take the older kids and Levi could find out more about Jessie's drawings.

"Thank you," Anna smiled and rushed to hug Eren. "Marvin let's hurry and do the dishes then get dressed, you too daddy. That way we'll look as proper Yeager-Ackerman's should." The two smiled happily and went into the kitchen.

Levi smiled to himself and kept feeding Pamela O after O.

"Oh stop that," Eren seemed annoyed with him.

"Stop what?" Levi arched his eyebrow.

"It's not good news. People die out there Levi, a lot of people."

"It's a noble cause that's why we joined."

"We joined because one of us was a criminal who preferred it to jail and the other was a fifteen-year-old orphan. We didn't have anything we loved like a family."

"They want to protect their family like a lot of people in the corp do."

"It's the least respected branch of the military and Erwin isn't even in charge anymore. How can you be so comfortable with this."

"There's no guarantee they pick survey corp they could go MP," Levi pointed out, trying to act like that wouldn't upset him. "Besides Armin is in charge, don't you feel more comfortable with that?"

"I trust Armin but the death toll is still head and shoulders above any other branch. I'd rather they go under Annie in the MP."

"Well, we'll just have to see what they choose."

"Daddy get dressed," Anna grabbed his hand and yanked him up. "We want to leave as soon as we're done."

"Alright princess," Eren kissed the top of her head happily.

"Ok, let's get some crayons for brother," Levi picked up Pamela and took her with him into the office where the crayons and paper were stored. "Here," he brought them back and set them on the table in front of Jessie. "Draw me something."

Jessie looked up at him worried and Levi sighed putting Pamela back into her high chair to play with play-doh. Damian and Leo were playing in the living room and Amara had followed Eren intent on going with him today as well.

"It's ok son," Levi sat beside him. "No matter what you draw, nothing is going to go wrong ok? I just, I'm curious," Levi confessed.

"Of course something is going to go wrong," Jessie sighed grabbing some of the crayons and paper anyways. "That's what happened last time. I don't have any control, I just see the picture and draw it. It's not like I can fix it. I see past things too," Jessie's hand was moving at alarming speeds and drawing while he stressed to his dad.

"We're headed out," Eren called, Amara was held in his arms while Anna and Marvin both looked more mature than Levi remembered. The two would still have a few years before they could formally enlist which would set Eren at ease at least.

"Have fun," Levi called and stood, ruffling Jessie's hair as he went by. "Stay as long as you want just come home for dinner ya?"

"Shouldn't be a problem," Eren dropped the few inches to kiss him. He lingered until Amara started pushing on his face causing him to laugh and pepper her face with kisses instead.

"I love you," Levi said, hugged both Marvin and Anna and then kissed Amara's cheek before stealing one more peck from Eren then locking the door after them.

"Here," Jessie shoved a picture into Levi's hands. Levi looked down at it and his heart tightened. It was his squad, broken and dying from years ago. But they had lived, Levi reminded himself.

"Hey," Levi called to Jessie who was storming away. Jessie turned back to look at him. "Why don't we go out today too? See if we can find anyone who can help you understand whatever this is a little better?"

"I don't want to understand it," Jessie came over to him. He hugged him suddenly and Levi wrapped his arms around his son. "I just want to keep my family safe. Anna and Marvin live, they're ok, I can see that too."

"Then why don't we go see if we can beat Leo and Damian at a two on two game hm?"

Jessie laughed and pulled away to go get Pamela. He was a good boy, Levi smiled. His whole family made him so happy.


Levi couldn't be prouder as he stood at the graduation ceremony. Amara, Jessie, Leo, Damian, and little toddling Pamela stood in front of he and Eren as they watched. Levi knew that they were the proudest ones there. Knew it for a fact.

Anna and Marvin held their hands over their hearts as they took their vows. To protect and to serve. To put the best of humanity first. To grow up to save lives. So proud. He looked at the little ones standing in front of them, hands over their own hearts in a way they've known since birth. Watched his husband mouthing the words with their kids as he stands proudly, hand over his heart. A tear slid down his cheek, he's so proud.

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