Year: 1923

Date and Month: August 13th

Location: Warsaw, Second Republic of Poland

It had been three years since the Communist invasion of the Polish republic, one that threatened the catholic and democratic traditions of Poland and all of Europe it had just barely been repeled on the holiest day to all Catholics, and the most important day for the Polish Army, which was celebrated with a military parade through Warsaw and overseen by the First Marshal of Poland, Jozef Pilsudski. The day went as exepected, the sun shined in a cloudless sky and troops of the Polish Army marched through the streets of Warsaw having flowers thrown at them as well as holy water from a priest saying prayers of blessings of long, happy lives for the troops of the Polish Army, two years had gone by since the Polish army drove the communist hordes from it's lands and back across the border into what had once been the land of the Tsars, though the Polish army and it's command were confident they had banished the communist hordes of Lenin, Trosky, and Stalin from Poland they had kept their defenses turned east, though they had feared the rising political star in Germany, Adolf Hitler, they hoped the Polish people would never have to fight a war against another power, whether it be small or large. They had seen enough bloodshed from the Second World War when the German Kaiserreich and the Russian Empire fought each other on the very land the Polish state was founded upon though they didn't realize it, the fight against the communists would be the first test of the faithful Polish nation, a new enemy would arise, one from another world.

August 14th, 1923. 9:30am

Just a day after the "Army Day" parades, life took an exciting turn for Cavalry Captain, Franciszek Kryska Zarakowski, a spry, above average looking man, saw limited fighting during the acclaimed Polish-Soviet war as it had been called, finally a year after his last break up with his last girlfriend Marinya Chemielewski, he had found a new one but his date would be cut short. As would his time as a reserve and the peace that so many in Poland enjoyed after the struggle of the Polish-Soviet war. Janina Romanis a young brunette woman and her daughter Silviya had been in the center of the city of Warsaw, Janina was on her way to take her daughter to school before being stopped by friends, exchanging conversations and laughter while her daughter seemed to be focused on something in the center of the city square near government house and the headquarters of the Polish Military, while Franciszek hadn't known of the plans of forces at work outside of his realm of understanding, Warsaw would be getting a new tourest attraction, one that would cause more bloodshed for a time.

Silviya Romanis was a small girl of ten years of age, and a student at one of the few public schools in Warsaw, her mother and herself were already supposed to be at the school but those plans changed when a sort of building, a large structure made of Stone, resembling the US capital building's steps had appeared in the middle of Warsaw, stunned by the suddenness of the building's appearence, the police department had cordened off the area with rifles and shotguns at the ready as well as a machine gun, a lowly Maxim from the last war just barely functioning positioned just by a fountain in the center of the square though they hadn't realized it, it would take a lot more than that to stop what was coming through, a large force of men dressed in Roman Empire era armour and beastly creatures never before seen came through the Gate while the civilians had been evacuated from the area it would indeed take a lot more than just the police armed with some antiquated equipment and the will to protect Warsaw and their families from these people and creatures from another world. Soon a loud horn comparable to a fog horn on a boat sounded and the creatures rushed the poorly set up police line, slaughtering the slower reacting ones while arrows rained from the skys upon them and the remaining civilians still around, causing people to flee in mass panic while these troops from another world came out of seemingly nowhere, slaughtering indescriminately, Silviya's mother would be one of the many thousand unfortunates caught and killed by these men and creatures while the news spread through the panic of the attacking forces, the garrison troops of Warsaw were called up to defend the fleeing civilians while they left Warsaw and waited for troops of nearby towns to assemble to retake the capital. During this though Franciszek being off duty still assisted police and rushed military forces with the evacuation of civilians. For now, Warsaw was partially in the hands of creatures and men who could be described as not of this world. Though the nation's democratically elected leadership had been all mostly either killed or feared captured, the First Marshal stepped up and took control of the military, with help from recently arrived advisors from America, Britain, France and even the former Imperial Russian Army, troops dug in and stopped the enemy on the outskirts of Warsaw, withing a few days a counterattack was to take place with troops being supported by light biplane bombers, dropping ten kg explosives into the streets on enemy formations, though within the week, Polish troops had fought a long, hard battle against enemies of whom were not as technologically advanced, luring them into traps with machine guns and light artillery as well as armoured cars and FT-17 tanks, they broke the lines of the enemy taking prisoners wherever they surrendered and eleminating pockets of resistence still within Warsaw and the sewers.

August 25th, 1923

After the second battle of Warsaw, Franciszek Kryska Zarakowski was promoted from Captain of Cavalry to Major, the new collar tabs on his born uniform had been well earned in the fighting for Warsaw, not only for assisting in the evacuation of civilians but for his valued efforts in retaking the capital. Marshal Pilsudski had promoted Franciszek personally in the newly retaken military headquarters of the Polish military and a line of defense was set up around the gate consisting of Maxim machine guns, FT-17 tanks, and troops reinforced by the neighboring country of Romania. Franciszek had become known as the "Hero of Warsaw", a title recognized and approved of by military command of which had taken control of national affairs since the president was nowhere to be found and most of the cabinet had either fled or been killed during the first assaults of the troops of this as it was becoming known "Empire" had intended of making slaves of the Polish people and other countries of Europe. Once again the Polish Army would go unto the breach, for the second time in the 20th Century and just three years after it's foundation, the Second Polish Republic would go on the offensive for the defense of Europe and the world for a threat in which would dominate the world if not stopped.

October 19th, 1923

Franciszek work up early in the morning on October 19th, at 5:30 in the morning, he was amongst the men chosen to go to the otherside of the Gate and fight whatever, or whomever was on the otherside. Much like others in the force chosen for operations on the otherside of the Gate, he was highly nervous. It would be impossible not to be, much like his comrades he has seen what has happened to those unlucky enough to fall prey to the Imperials as they're called by men captured during the first assaults and the end of the second battle of Warsaw, he feared how many of those beasts seen during the fighting when the gate first opened. Little would that matter, when the bullets, the shells and the arrows start flying. Franciszeck left his barracks joining the sentries around the gate, he found he wasn't the only one to do so, there were younger recruits not like the old vets of the Polish-Soviet war, much of those men in Warsaw had died in the first attacks or were out of service, enjoying a pension and a relaxation period earned after their fight against the communist invaders in 1920. Franciszek had been drinking the previous night, it was the best way to cope before battle, except at this time it wore off, his hands started to shake though his nerves were shaky, his hands showed that clearly but he couldn't back out now, the roster was set, he would be going to the special region or he would spend the rest of his life in a military prison. So before he would officially join he met with his squad.

Firstly there were the privates, Jakub Enigms, a Latvian national who fled the communists rule of his home country, Lativa, then there was Grzegorz Smingly, a young man who looked less of a soldier than Enigms or the medic in the squad. Then there were the corporals, Lidya Maklakiewicz, a medical officer who joined the military during the Polish-Soviet war as part of a red-cross unit of the polish military, she would be the squad's medic, sergeant Mirella Fronczewski, the second female in the squad, lieutenant Zdzislaw Lodynski, the oldest of the squad he was a veteran of the Imperial Russian Army, with the most experience he is known as a sone hard old soldier infront of his squadmates and others in the military. Then there was the Major, Franciszek himself, his and his squad would be the first into the gate, followed by the armoured cars, tanks, light artillery then the heavy artillery, squads of troops already went ahead as recon, looking over the land and measuring up the enemy.