October 19th, 1923

Later at 12:00 PM after lines of rank had been formed infront of a stage quickly and hastily made of wood with two flag poles behind a makeshift podium, one on the right was the state flag of the Republic of Poland and the second flag was the flag of the Polish Armed Forces, Franciszek stood in the front row with his men and women soon attention was called as the first marshal Josef Pilsudski walked up the stairs to the stage with the General of "Special Region" forces, Kazimierz Lapinski behind him, the Marshal took his place at the podium with the General to his side turning to him both giving each other a salute the General spoke. "Marshal Pilsudski! The men and women of the Special Region forces have assembled and await the orders of the Marshal and the Government of the Second Republic of Poland!" After finishing his speech the marshal ended the salute and took his glove off shaking hands with the General giving another quick salute before turning to the podium to speak while the general stepped back to behind the Marshal to his right. "Soldiers of the Second Republic of Poland, freedom loving men and women of Europe, our Romanian allies! We are all gathered here together for one purpose! This gate in which brought another war to not just Europe but our very backyards, our streets, our homes! During the first days of fighting we have already lost many proud Poles of whom held the line for civilians to escape! But with steadfast thinking, calm hearts, and the blessings of a god we've worshipped since the year 966, we the faithful citizens of the Polish land we've fought for, bleed for and even died for came out once again victorious! For the second time in the 20th century we've fought a power in which sought to make our wives, children, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters slaves but the enemy wholely misscalculated, they thought the men of the police department of Warsaw, our military would break in their first assaults but it is them who has been broken, our Romanian allies though late into the fight have assisted us in gathering intelligence into this place we will fight in, we fight an empire ladies and gentlemen! Another empire in which has underestimated the resolve and strength of the Polish people! This time we will not become slaves, not to Germans, not to Russians, not to Communists or these men dressed in armour of the Roman Empire! My friends, I see you all as my very own sons and daughters, I would not ask you to do anything I would not, I hope with time and with god's blessing this war will end quickly and you will all come home to your loved ones. That is all."

The Marshal gave one last salute before he left the stage with the General and the stage was quickly picked up and moved out of the way before the FT-17 tanks followed up by FT-B armoured cars and Austin-Kegresse armoured cars, Franzciszek joined with his squad at a FT-17 infront of the Gate as they were the first ones that would go through, 30 minutes later the order was recieved for quick march through the Gate, infantry, tanks and armoured cars first then artillery would follow up behind. Before going through the Gate troops pinned White and Red circular cloth insignias onto the breast of their tunics afterwards forming lines behind the officers of whom most rode on horseback but Franzciszek was one of the unlucky ones without a horse, the squad marched through the gate behind a FT-17 tank carrying a lantern to guide the troops, the march was one that would rival in comparison to one going from Warsaw to Jedlinsk, it wasn't before long troops joined together in song through the colums singing a song in which all troops of Poland knew except for their Romanian allies further back "We Are the First Brigade".

Though soon the song would come to an end as a light finally became visible past the lantern carried by the tank, it was natural, sun light. Time in the "Special Region" and time in Poland passed the same, this was comforting as the troops with more wild imaginations held their speculations that possibly time passed slower or even faster there in this new world, one populated by dragons, humans and monsters one would write about if they were writing a book about the mideval ages, as Franzciszek's squad left the gate they walked around the FT-17 as if to guard it's sides from potential enemy ambush while other troops of other squads and platoons did the same with their tanks and armoured cars though it would be sometime before they saw the enemy they would start digging trenches and placing barbed wire infront of their trenches, digging emplacements for machine guns and artillery soon the modern weapons of warfare that had seen use in the world's bloodiest war yet to come and men born of generations of thousands of years of subjugation and warfare would fight with those still armed with swords, pikes, bows and arrows as well as dragons.

October 21st, 1923

One day after the Polish and Romanian forces crossed a Gate into a world much like the one left behind, but untainted by the recent wars fought between empires and republics on large scales unimaginable before in human history. This world would ultimately see a slight degree of what the weapons of modern warfare such as machine guns, large caliber artillery, and the power of a country armed with such weapons, and a hunger for vengeance, many of the men in the "special region forces" were the men who liberated Warsaw from their new foe, no longer was the world focused on the threat of the rising Soviet Union, but on a threat that used what could only be described as "magic" and "dragons" causing militaries of countries like the British Empire and the United States of America to experiment with new large caliber anti aircraft/dragon weapons in which were sold to the Polish military and quickly set up as soon as they were in possession along the Polish line of defense around a large camp in which encircled the Gate that brought war to Europe once again.

Major Zarakowski stood in one of a few trenches set up as part of the lines of defense around the camp encircling the gate, his unit amongst others were chosen to watch over the western area of the defensive line encase of enemy attack, one that wouldn't begin for some time, but despite there being a clear sense of urgency in the ranks to bolster defenses with landmines and more machine gun posts the mood seemed rather calm, which only made the Major more nervous, while earlier in the day he seemed to be nervous over nothing just as he was about to let his guard down a few riders utilizing a light car drove around the barbed wire, they were forward scouts, their car allowed them to remain ahead of the enemy force they claimed was coming numbering in the 100,000s the Major ordered them to get to H.Q. and inform the commander of the artillery divisions of the enemy force, the mood changing to one of slight panic as troops got to their assigned positions, mortars and artillery were assigned areas of bombardment while machine gunners in the trenches rushed to the depot behind the lines getting as much ammunition as they could carry while it didn't help in the confusion as machine gun regiments with Maxims were sometimes accidentally issued magazines for Chauchat machine guns and Chauchat machine gunners were issued with belts of ammunition for Maxims the mess was quickly sorted out and the men were in all sectors watching for any sudden movements over the large distance that surrounded the Gate.

Within the hour sure enough as the riders with the car came back with their hysterical estimation it seems they were right, but this wouldn't deter the well dug in Polish and Romanian defenders as soon as enemy troops were spotted the artillery rang out, their thunderclaps almost like a sign from god to the enemy to beware, but before they could interpret it as such whole formations, companies and even squads were decimated by the artillery then the stragglers were gunned down, their armour peppered with holes, within hours the attacking forces were almost completely wiped out and the survivors who did manage to survive the artillery bombardments and machine guns were taken as prisoners of war after provided with food, stripped of their armour and provided clothes for the upcoming fall.