many years ago two races ruled over the world Humans and Monsters, and then war broke out between the two race, though the Humans succeeded and sealed the monsters underground after that a human named Chara fell down into the underground and was found by a young monster named Asriel. What if Chara wasn't the only human that Asriel found what if the other human he found was actually from a different world where this is just a game

"I finally bought Undertale on steam, lets got through this game." a male voice spoke, as he looked at the computer screen, he clicked on the game and pressed start he looked at the screen as instead of 'name the fallen human' he saw a black screen and looked confused "Huh strange" the male said as he clicked on a random button on the keyboard, he felt the world going black... he felt something soft as he woke up as he sat up he looked down and saw a bed of golden flowers Am I in Undertale or something? he thought as he stood up and looked around his surroundings Huh I guess I'm in Undertale he thought as he looked at the ruins. "H-Hey mister are you alright?" a voice spoke making the teenager turn around at look at the little goat monster "Yes I'm ok. Who are you? My name's Noah" spoke the teen named Noah, "Oh my name's Asriel Dreemurr"

Asriel said as the human started walking towards the other human he just noticed "What's your name.." he spoke looking at the smaller human "M-my names Chara." they said

"Oh.." Noah said So I just meet the 1st fallen human and Asriel he thought looking at the two "So where are you two going?" Noah said, "Oh me and Chara are going to my parents home, you want to come with us?" he said looking at the tall human "Sure why not." the teen said as they are now walking through the ruins This is going to be depressing

How's it going DLB here with my first UnderTale story, If you have read my Danganronpa story Danganronpa: The Station Of Despair I know I had writers block for a long time and with school, but I will try to have a chapter up for, go easy on me I've never played Undertale but I've watched YouTube videos that are about it