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The human looked around looking for the voice "Hey I'm down here" the voice said and they looked down and found some thing that surprised them was a talking flower "now let lil' old me will have to expalain the rules. You see that red heart that's your soal, down here you get the 'friendlyness' pellets you want L.O.V.E don't you" The human nodded" then touch the 'friendlyness' pellets" Flowey said looking at the human and shoot out the bullets. As the soal touched the'Friendlyness' pellets she felt pain

"You don't get it do you down here It's Kill Or Be Killed! DIE!" he said laughing evilly as the ring of bullets sourounded Frisk a fireball came out of nowhere "What a terrible creature harming a child." a male voice spoke,they turned to a goat with a blonde beard "You ok child" They nodded "Thank goodness lets get you somewhere safe." he said as they walked together

-Time Skip-

"Human I would like if you go though here on your own." he said walking away from them. They looked around and started walking got to a door, and that's when Asgore appeared "Don't worry I was just behind this pillar." Asgore said pointing at said pillar "Here's a phone so you could call me" he said giving Frisk a flip phone, they looked at the phone "oh, i'm going out, so stay here and be paitent while i'm gone" he said as he left

-Few Minutes Later-

Frisk decided to call Asgore and say hello "Hello! This is Asgore, Are you bored? I knew I should have left a book there, why not use your imagination to divert yourself?Pretend you are... A monarch! Rule over the leaf pile with a fist of iron. Can you do that for me?" he said "Can you tell me about your self?" Frisk said "You want to know more about me? Well, I am afraid there is not much to say. I am just a silly monster who worries too much," "Hey dad." Frisk said

"Huh? Did you just call me... "Dad"? Well... I suppose... Would that make you happy? To call me... "Father?" Well then, call me whatever you like!" he said

-Time skip-

they dicided to leave and started walking and sparing as they walked, they notice a door, walked in it and saw...(Monster Cady. Take one) they thought they heard something and then sruged it off and took some candy and left the room they walked towards a shining object...(knowing that you'll help the monster's gives you determination)*File Saved* while walking they saw a ghost fake sleeping,

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ... ZZZZZZZZZZ... (are they gone yet) ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ... (This ghost keeps saying 'z' out loud repeatedly, pretending to sleep.) as they go in battle Frisk decided to check



AT-10 (5)

DF-10 (4)

EXP On Kill-0

Gold On Win-0

ACTs-Threat, Cheer, Flirt

Frisk decides to Cheer "heh... they decide to cheer napstablook again "heh... heh..." they decide that 3rd times a charm "let me try... I call it "dapper blook" do you like it..." "Yes i like it" they said "oh gee..." they decides to 'SPARE' napstablook "I'll be going now..." Napstablook said as he Disappeared

they fell down a hole and found a door and walked out of it

-An Hour Later-

they are at a door of a house and they decided to knock Asgore answered it "hello child, did you have a grand adventure?" He asked the human nodded "Well come inside the house" as he said that, Frisk walks in the house "You must be tired follow me to your room" he said as they walked upstairs and into a room, Asgore left the room, Frisk saw a yellow thing and walked towards it (You are filled with determination) *File Saved* Frisk wald towards the bed climbed into it and fell asleep