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Chapter 1:

"Ruby Rose! Wake up!" A shrill platinum blonde woman yelled causing the brunette girl in question to bolt up right. A trail of drool running down the side of her face. She was shocked she had even fallen asleep in... she wasn't sure what class. But what she did know was the single most terrifying teacher in the entire school system if not the world should not be in the room.

"Sorry Mrs Goodwitch..." The brunette known as Ruby said as she brought her hand up to wipe away at the corner of her mouth. Ruby spoke looking around to see her class laughing and talking amongst themselves, as the platinum blonde department head was tapping her foot as if she was looking for an excuse.

Almost as if Ruby had one to begin with. Not that she did, and she doubted that even if she had one besides how boring English was, the irate teacher would even buy the excuse. The blonde teacher turned towards the man running his moustache through his fingers on one hand. "Peter, mind if I take Ruby for the rest of this class?"

'Please say no... Please say no... Please say no.' Ruby chanted that simple mantra over and over. She had heard countless stories of the way she would shamelessly suspend students for the most minor of offences. She still remembered the one time she had an entire class suspended for missing parts of the approved uniform, including one girl who was just forgot to put her tie back on after lunch.

"That's fine Glynda." He spoke as the moustache just trailed on his fingers. His voice trailing off with a little bit of a laugh. One that Ruby knew would be probably the final sound she would ever hear.

She knew once her dad found out she would be grounded for the rest of her life. Yang would laugh and then go off to work enjoying the life she would then squander one that Ruby could never have herself. "Grab your things Miss Rose." The platinum blonde spoke causing Ruby to let out a silent groan of disapproval.

Reaching under the table, Ruby slowly grabbed her bag and pulled it onto her lap. Figuring that she could prolong this proverbial execution. Slowly and carefully she closed her poetry book she had no idea if that was even the book she needed... judging by the much thinner books everyone else had, she doubted it.

Once Ruby placed the book into her bag she sighed closing the flap to her messenger bag, she stood up slowly as she possibly could before the blonde furious teacher would make her punishment something far worse... and then by extension her dad's punishment would be worse. She didn't want to imagine what would happen to her precious baked treats as it was... just the thought that something worse could happen.

"Ruby, mind closing the door on your way out?" The large moustached man asked as Ruby just nodded. The storm raging in her mind was a far cry from what she let the world see. She took a deep breath as she closed the door. 'I suppose a witness would make things too easy for them... this is going to be bad... like really really bad... I just hope I can get some time on my laptop...' Ruby thought as the blonde gesture for her to follow.

The silence was only interrupted by the sound of the teachers heels connecting with the ground, like a metronome causing her already nearly fatal heart beat to go into overdrive. The way they passed by the open doors of classrooms, she could feel the eyes boring into her. It was nearly suffocating to her.

Shocked when the woman Ruby had quickly came to know as her executioner, stopped in front of the teacher's lounge. Quickly opening the door she gestured Ruby in. 'Crapbaskets! Dad has already been called... he is going to be so mad... I might have to also walk Zwei every time and never see the beautiful, blinding blue glow of my computer turning on again.'

Ruby walked in and took a large gulp as the blonde took a seat at the table and gestured Ruby to sit next to the raven haired woman Ruby couldn't believe she hadn't even noticed sitting in the room. Ruby gulped once more as she trudged over to where she knew would be the last place anyone would see her alive.

Taking a seat she looked at the raven haired woman with piercing amber eyes, making her shrink. The only solace Ruby had was judging by her uniform, she was a senior. And somehow that only minorly took care of the anguish she was feeling, and instead added a new type onto the dog pile that was ensuing in her mind.

"Ruby meet Blake, Blake meet Ruby." Glynda spoke, causing the duo's eyes to meet. The woman Ruby now knew as Blake extended her hand out, waiting for Ruby's clearly frazzled brain to kick in. Once it did Ruby took the hand and shook it.

Blake was slightly peeved she got pulled out of one of her favourite classes, partially because it allowed her to read. But now that her favourite teacher brought in this junior school student who looked something that Blake just knew was akin to a scared kitten in front of a wild dog.

"Mrs Goodwitch... do you mind if I ask what is the point in gathering us?" Blake asked figuring this shivering girl wouldn't be able to vocalise anything but the sound of words dying in her throat.

"I need you to help Miss Rose in English." The blonde spoke as Ruby let out a small sigh, one she hoped wasn't obvious. She wasn't in any major trouble. But it just meant she may still need to be the one to walk Zwei a couple more times when it was meant to be Yang's turn, or her dad's turn.

Turning towards Ruby she spoke again, "This is your last possible chance Miss Rose. If you don't get your English test results up, you will be held back." She spoke with a definitive tone that may have irked Ruby less if any other thing was the subject for debate. "This isn't fair... I'm still a B minus average student..." Ruby bit back slightly harder than she meant, but the simple fact that she would need to be held back because she got a couple 'no grade' tests back.

"It is a mandatory subject Miss Rose. Frankly speaking if I wasn't friends with your uncle, I wouldn't have gotten Miss Belladonna here to help you. You need to at least pass the remaining seven English exams of the year. If you do not, no amount of friendship I have with your family will save you from that fate. Am I clear?" With that the platinum blonde spoke standing up righting her outfit and letting a smile grace her lips.

"You two may use the library for the remainder of the final class. Or you may return to your classes. Those are your options, decide now." The way the blonde spoke caused Ruby to just frown. She had no desire to repeat the year... but she didn't even know if this almost terrifying older woman would be willing to spend the twenty minutes remaining trying to explain something that five separate English teachers in the school seemed to fail at.

The raven haired woman looked towards Ruby and smiled. "Come on then." The way the raven haired woman spoke caused Ruby to sulk again. Clearly the woman's mind was made up to help Ruby. Not that was what Ruby had a problem with... she would have just rather gone back to the room to sleep. She knew Mr. Port had practically given up on getting her to learn whatever it was that they were reading.

Ruby just stood up with the other student who grabbed her own bag and gestured towards the door for the younger brunette to follow her. Knowing that this was going to be annoying, she just wanted to get it over with at this point. She just hoped beyond hope that this terrifying woman would be able to figure a way to make this gibberish make sense to her.

As they came to a stop towards the room Ruby often forgot was a thing when Blake spoke up, "Hey... Ruby... have we met before? You just seem so familiar to me." Glancing towards the terrifying woman and shrugged her shoulders. "I'm the only junior on the school track team... and we did come first last year... and I'm the team captain of the school's math team... I know I'm a nerd." Ruby got out as she yawn into her elbow.

Smirking a little at the smaller girl's comment, but that still didn't make sense to her. 'Ah screw it... I'll be able to figure it out later.' Blake thought as she quickly lead them towards one of the tables and dropped her bag on top of it sitting down in one of the open chairs gesturing for Ruby to take one as well.

"Okay... before I start to help... I've got to know... how do you get a no grade on a test... did you sign your name right?" The raven haired woman asked as Ruby glared at her. "It is my third language for one... two... English is stupid and makes no sense. I can think of more uses for Pythagoras than I can for the works of Shakespeare."

Ruby bit as she took her own seat. Placing her bag carefully on the ground next to her. Not wanting to deal with any of this right now. She was already feeling a distinct level of dread from what was to come. But she knew that once she got home she could relax fully, maybe even get some time to relax on her computer before she had to go to bed.

"Well... clearly you know enough to speak, and read seeing as it is a mandatory subject, so be glad the answer to your problem is easy." Blake cut herself off as she stood up and quickly walked down one of the aisles and out of Ruby's sight. Ruby smiled as the terrifying senior went off causing her to rest her head on her arms on the table.

'At least I'll get some more sleep... only use these books have really... being pillows.' Ruby thought as she began to even out her breathing and just forcing herself to enjoy the time she was having away from one of the most annoying teachers she had ever had to be with. With his constant stories about how he smelled like cabbages when he was younger.

As she could feel her tired thoughts take over she was rudely interrupted by the sound of something hitting the table next to her head causing her to nearly jump out of her seat. She looked up to see a smirk on the raven haired woman's face. Like she enjoyed the terror she just brought to Ruby. The way her eyes bored into Ruby's vary being reminded Ruby of a cat just staring down a mouse. Silver locked onto amber, one not wanting to be walked over... the other not wanting to have her time wasted.

Losing the nerve Ruby looked at the object that ripped her from her thoughts and saw a hard bound book resting on the desk. The way the cloth bound book stared at her was startling to her. She moved the book over trying to see if there was anything that could identify what the book was, but she wasn't sure if the dust jacket was lost over time, or if the woman in front of her removed it to prove some point to her. Deciding that the only way to figure out what nearly gave her a heart attack was to actually open it she stopped as the jet black letters stared at her against the bone white paper.

"You're kidding... how the hell are fairy tales meant to help me? Can't you just give me a bunch of notes on poetry or plays or literally anything to do with the subject?" Ruby asked as the woman took her seat again, smirk from winning the staring contest having left her face as she reached into her bag and pulled out a book. "You are going to read that in its entirety. By tomorrow. If I got you notes, you wouldn't learn anything and it would make it even harder to learn the subject. Just trust me, and the advice I've been given in the past."

Letting out a loud exaggerated groan, Ruby looked back at the massive book. "There are like a billion pages... how the hell am I meant to get this read by tomorrow?" Ruby asked as she turned to the first page with a story. "One, hyperbole isn't going to help you. Two if you remove the pictures then it is closer to two hundred pages which translates to only a few stories. So if I were you, I'd get started on reading it instead of complaining." Blake responded not taking her eyes off her book, figuring that this was going to take a while.

"Still doesn't explain how this is meant to help me... I mean, I've been in nearly every English teacher's class... and the subject is tanking my average grade." Ruby asked as she began to read a story about two children getting abandoned in the woods. "The only way to get better at it, is reading. Come tomorrow, I'll give you something like 'Paradise Lost.' or maybe even something more modern, like 'The Help'." Blake spoke turning the page just enjoying the book, slightly annoyed that she had to defend her teaching methods to this girl.

"Fine... I'll read the stupid book... but I can assure you if this is all I'm going to be doing I'm going to fail the next test... that much is obvious." Ruby pouted as she turned her head to see a picture causing her to smile and appreciate the small portion she just read slightly more than she would have otherwise.

Smiling Blake lowered her book and looked at Ruby, she knew her smile was obvious, but she enjoyed the idea that she could prove her method in a manner her blonde friend had demanded before she dropped out of school. "How confident are you in that? Would you be willing to bet? I mean... you are what a Second Year student? How sure are you that you'll fail?"

"I'm ninety nine percent sure. Willing to bet a piece of programme I've been working on for the last three years that has the potential to net millions to the right software company." Ruby stated as she looked up from the book to stare into Blake's eyes. She could see a smile developing and a gleam in her eyes. "How about something less of monetary value... because that is wildly illegal. I suggest you make me brownies if you pass... and I'll bake you something you want for the year you have to repeat."

"Triple chocolate chip cookies. And add in some strawberry milk once a week... and you got yourself a bet." Ruby said holding her hand out, glad because this was a win win for her. Grasping the hand Blake smiled and stared at Ruby. "Rules are simple. You can't sabotage yourself, and you must do as I say."

Ruby smiled brighter as she took her hand back and glanced at the book. Quickly realising one fatal flaw with what she just agreed to. That meant she had to read something that was already boring her to tears. "Can you at least pick a non-boring book? I mean... this stuff is ancient."

"Finish it by the end of tomorrow and I'll give you a reward for it. I'm sure you can think of something you would want to do. After our studying session of course. If you don't it just means you lose out on having that fun." Blake said looking back down at her book and turning the page again. "Like... you paying for an hour at the arcade down by the docks?"

"There is an arcade down by the docks?" Blake asked as she glanced away from the book to look at the girl sitting in front of her. "It is kind of out of the way... and at midnight it turns into a rave... which is only slightly strange all things considered." Ruby spoke as she looked back down at her book.

Smirking as she looked back at her book, "If that is where you want to go then you'll need to lead me there. But again, you need to finish that book by the time of end of school tomorrow. So instead of talking, you should get back to reading otherwise you'll have to do a lot more than needed at home." Blake spoke trying to appeal to the brunette's sense of logic. Secretly hoping that she would actually need to pay for an hour if it meant that this girl would actually listen and by extension work for a grade let alone a passing one.

"Going to regret that call Blake... arcade games are one of the things you don't come between me with... I'm going to get this book done in no time at all." Ruby taunted, hoping for a reaction from the older girl but received none. "Nothing?" Ruby continued looking up to see the woman fully engrossed with the book.

'She is just trying to psych you out Ruby... don't let her... this is going to be easier than that time you had to teach Yang calculus...'

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