He knew he was dreaming. He walked on a beach of white sand, under a purplish twilight, while in the distance a gigantic mountain stood. Percy shuddered. Something bad was going to happen. Something terrible. The sky was darkening, the temperature dropped, and the earth itself seemed to tremble. The thunder roared and lightning, contrary to all logic, rose from the mountain to hit the sky. The sea suddenly lifted and unleashed itself in an immense wave which prepared to cover the mountain, while the wind raged in a destructive typhoon threatening to blow the dreamer away. A deafening deflagration then resounded with brutality and terrifying power by spraying the top of the mountain, which was crowned with a light so intense that the mere sight of it almost burnt Percy's eyes. The cyclone was blown in a moment and the wave evaporated, before rising again as the thunderbolts screamed back to the skies.

"Percy! Get away from Olympus! Flee the Colony! He approaches, and we cannot hold long against Him! Percy, hear me!

The voice of Poseidon resounded within Percy's head. It was the first time he ever heard his father panicked.

- Dad, what's going on? He yelled mentally.
- Do not discuss ! Flee! Flee to the land of origin ! Here, you will be stronger and...!

Another flash of light vaporised a portion of the moutain. Suddendly, a shining red star spurted from the mountain, and pierced the ground at the feet of the half-god. It was the remnant of a two-handed sword with a skull as guard, still melting in a shrill whistlin.


The powerful voice roared from the light of the top of the mountain, deafened by the distance and yet more so powerful it almost hurt Percy like a physical blow. He never heard it before, he was sure of it. But it terrified him.

- We can't hold much longer ! Percy, flee ! Pressed Poseidon, pain in his voice.

- Dad, what is ?!...

Another flash of light, this time almost burning his skin under the heat. Percy took a step back, arm before his eyes. Suddenly, a loud crack and a shock threw him on his knees while he felt a downfall of sand on his shoulder. When he opened his eyes, he saw it. What was left of a golden chariot, deformed and shattered, buried in sand as a pitiful remain of it's glory.


Like a drill, the unknown voice penetrated inside of him. A power that demanded everything, unconditionally. Reverence, fear, love, worship, life. Everything was required, without any opposition expected. With an incredible effort, Percy managed to reject it, looking the mount again. Th lightning were rising even more violently, the wind hurling in a raging attempt of deifying the burning light. But in pure loss.

- Perseus, RUN ! "

A new explosion of light led Percy to wake up brutally. A sudden trembling in the earth made him blench, and the wall of the blue bungalow cracked. The earth trembled again and he jumped out of bed to grab his sword and dress before going out in a whirlwind. He came face to face with an increasingly large group of scared half-bloods gathering around the fire. A jolt. A white glimmer pierced the nocturnal sky on the horizon in a sky streaked with lightning and Percy's heart compressed in his chest. What was happening on Olympus ?...