There was a bright flash, and soon they were flying above an island and Alice started to scream.

What's wrong!

I'm afraid of heights! Why are we so high up?! GET ME DOWN! Ahhhhhhhh!

Okay, okay. Hold on, we always arrive this high up. If you weren't holding my hand you would have fallen alllllll the way down there.

Alice suddenly felt her hand slip and then let go. She looked up at Peter and he didn't notice.


She was now falling through the air and saw Peter laughing above her, smiling. She then looked toward the ground which was coming toward her fast. She put her arms in front of her face to protect her. She immediately felt hands under her legs and back. Alice looked up and saw him grinning,

Why would I drop you?

I don't know because you think it's funny. I don't exactly trust someone I just met, let alone you.

Come on, I caught you didn't I? Here, look we're going down.

Alice gave him a scowl and Peter laughed it off. She rolled her eyes at him and then felt her foot touch the ground. She looked around to the island that would have crushed her and saw that it was beautiful. The jungle trees swayed back and forth with the wind. She looked towards the water and saw tropical fish swimming around and when she looked to her left just around the corner of the island, she saw a pirate ship. Suddenly a cannon ball was fired and Peter pushed Alice out of the way, as she fell to the sandy ground. He immediately flew off towards the pirate ship looked back at her and said,

Stay here! I'll be back in a moment.

Where are you…. going? And he was already gone. She saw in the distance the fight they had, Peter constantly dodging cannonballs and sometimes firing them back. When it seemed like the fight had ended, she saw Peter throw someone overboard. She gasped at the fact that he was laughing at it.

Why would you throw someone overboard!? She asked him when he returned.

What do you mean throw someone overboard? Oh, you mean hook? He's nothing to worry about, he always tries to capture me and do horrible things to anyone except his crew.

Peter looked at Alice with a confused look at first and then started to get what she was saying. Whose Hook? And I would appreciate if you wouldn't push me into the sand!

Hook is Captain Hook, but he's a codfish and controls the Jolly Roger. And I had to push you in order to save you from getting hit with that cannonball.

Both of them were starting to get angry at each other.

Well, you didn't have to shove me onto the sand! I could have spotted it!

We'll you still wouldn't have spotted it. Peter mumbled under his breath. Alice heard a bit of this and stood there shocked with a tinge of anger.

What did you say?...

I said Well, you still wouldn't have spotted it! Peter was now screaming and full of rage. But he still had one more thing to get out of him.

I wish I had left you there in the dark! And I wish I didn't catch you when I dropped you! Alice was shocked and she just stood there, frozen. HE had dropped her, she didn't slip, it was his fault. Suddenly her vision got fuzzy and felt a warm tear roll down her cheek and started to cry. As soon as Peter saw this he started to take steps toward her, but she backed away. She turned away from him and took off in a run, still crying, leaving tears behind her. She heard him shout a few things like

Stop! Wait! Please, I'm sorry! But then he stopped and just watched her run away, not stopping her at all.

Alice was still crying and mumbling to herself, not watching where she was running. Thoughts buzzing around in her head.

Why would he say that? Is that the ways he really feels? She stopped and looked around she had not realized that she was lost.

I'll never find my way back now. What did I get myself into? Suddenly she heard a snap of a dry twig.

Who's there? Alice stopped crying and looked around immediately. She felt a whoosh of something and felt a smack on the head. She gasped and let out a tiny cry, loud enough for somebody to hear. Everything went black and she heard a new voice speak.