Chapter XVIII

13th of August 1775

The three of them stood there, speechless. I shared the feeling. I felt a strong squeeze in my stomach, becoming very nervous but willing to deal with what was to come. It was hard to take the looks of disappointment. The first to move was Connor, who was the saddest of the three. He sighted and turned around, leaving the cabin and yelling at his men to let the crew go. I followed him outside and Will and dad laid down their swords and followed. William followed Connor's lead and told our crew to retreat, who began shouting and laughing when they saw me. My father tumbled his way after us.

-Connor! – I yelled.

He continued to yell at his men to retrieve back to the Aquila, which was now on the right side of father's ship, with ours on the left one. All the men let go of each other. There seemed to be no deceased. Connor walked farther into the main deck, obviously angry and ignoring me, as I followed him.

-Connor! Stop! – I yelled.

He finally stopped moving, by the border of the ship, and turned around slowly, giving me the mad gaze I already expected. I walked until I was in front of him and he finally spoke:

-My function here is done, Evelyn. I must go. It is clear now what you are.

-What? – I asked, confused.

He looked at Will, who stood behind me, and took a quick look at the rest of our crew as well.

-Do you take me as a fool? – He said – At what price did he allow you to travel with him?

I gasped and he kept the angry look. Having those words come out from him, the way I'd always witnessed him being so kind to the people in the homestead made my stomach ache. He'd lost his respect for me and also his feelings, by the looks of it.

-What are you saying? – I crossed my arms – Speak your mind, but chose your words carefully, Connor. – I said and he looked at Will before he sighted whilst rolling his eyes – Are you calling me a whore?

William walked until he stood between us, seeming strangely amused but still defending me.

-Hey, hey… - He murmured – Easy there, mate. Eve does not sleep with the crew, if that is what ye are thinking.

-It's true, most of us have tried! – Jacob yelled somewhere in the distance.

-This is why I did not tell you. I couldn't bare this from you. – I said, hurt.

-Eve does not work for us mate, she works with us. – Will said.

Connor remained without changing his expression.

-Whatever this is, you made it clear it is not my concern. I don't even know why I came after you.

-I cannot believe you… - I whispered.

He whistled at his men to get back to the ship and so they did. I stood there as an idiot, looking at him.

-Please grant me a chance to explain everything. – I sighted. – I'll tell you everything.

-I do not take lessons from pirates.

-Evelyn, forget about this idiot. – William angrily said. – He doesn't seem willing to come down from his high horse to listen to you and you owe him nothing.

-Piracy is in your blood, Connor. – I said and finally got a reaction from him. – Your grandfather, Edward Kenway was a great pirate.

-Hold on… - Will laughed. – This half breed is the grandson of Edward Kenway?

-How in the world would you know this? – Connor murmured, angry.

-I'll explain everything… - I attempted. – Let us all go to land. I'll tell you of the piracy, the templars, everything… You deserve it.

-The templars?

-Eve, come to the ship. – Will said. – We'll all go to port and discuss this.

-Eve is staying here, in this ship. – My father replied.

-Nay, she isn't. I didn't come all this way for her to stay. – Will answered.

-Oh but ye did.

I looked at Connor.

-You are certainly not stepping foot in the Aquila. – He simply said and grabbed a rope.


-I'll stay with Will and my crew, father. – I sighted.

William did a small celebratory dance and a not so kind gesture to my father and the crew yelled, saying they didn't want me there either, hopefully just joking.


-How ye feeling? – Will said, back on the ship.


-Ye certainly got yourself in a big mess. – He turned the wheel, out ship following the Aquila to land. – But I was not expecting you to be so blind sighted by that Indian fella'.

-What? – I frowned.

-You both in love with each other or somethin', it is pure agony enduring your conversations. And we should talk about that demonstration of affection he mentioned, young lady. I thought you were proper.

I scoffed.

-I have feelings for him but I'm not a little girl. I know I won't be with him. But-

-Well ye act like one.

-Excuse me?

-Ye do. I'd never seen you desperate for a man's attention. Eve, we have work to do. These men won't follow me for long if I don't provide fortune. – Will raised his tone. – I can't keep wasting my time and theirs carrying you around from one place to another, whether this is about your godforsaken work with Mr. Fancy or some idiot you like.

-I wished I'd stayed with you from the start. I should have given up on the Templars long ago. – I said, unhappy with myself.

-Aye, ye should. - He angrily replied. – It is about time you make a choice. You stay with us or you're out, for good.

I was astonished. He'd never been that honest with me. I was angry and my heartbeat was racing, but I couldn't demonstrate anger towards Will. He'd shut me down in two seconds. I needed to start controlling that.

-If ye want to marry that scallywag Indian bastard, go ahead… He acted as a man out there. He defended ye as a man. If ye don't and ye wish to be a templar master or whatever it is, go ahead. Waste your life chasing another man's dream. But if you actually want to sail and make your fortune with us… It is about time you dedicate yourself to us. We've given you plenty o'chance.

-Will, I…

-No, I do not wish to hear it. – He cut me. – Just make yer mind and tell me the answer. Soon.

I sighted and held my shaking fist, attempting to control my anger.

-Well? – He asked.


-That demonstration of affection… Was he good?

Will gave that smirk he does to the ladies and I scoffed, glad he was lightening the mood.

-It was just a kiss.

He laughed.

-Still, didn't believe he had it in'im. Is he any good?

-I am not having this conversation with you.

-Come on, love. If ye ever need lessons, I'd gladly-

-Alright, nice try.

I walked away from his side and headed for my cabin, to get some rest before the arrival.

A few hours later, we finally made port. We came out of the ship, heading for the nearest tavern. I'd had plenty of time to rehearse my speech. Father, Connor, William and I sat by a table and I decided it was time for my remaining questions to be answered.

"Is Edwin a pirate now?"; "How was Leonard involved in this?"; "How long did father arrive to the New World?"; "What happens next?"

It was a long time until these questions had responses. Father explained that Edwin's father had gained an even more important jog within the British navy a few months ago and denied to provide him with some sort of expedition to find me, to cover a big favour from a couple years back. Edwin, although, seemed to be fond of the idea of seeing me again and invented some excuse for his father to place in the same ship. They only met Leonard once they arrived to the New World, after almost a half a year of journey. He was a good help and decided to join father's crew. Now that they had found me, they planned on taking me back to England, where Edwin and his father could assure me a wonderful life, giving me a new opportunity to marry Edwin and save my honour and chances of a life in high society. If I chose not to, father would be more than glad to take me with him on his ship and continue my old life as a sailor, except… there, in the British Navy. That was the decision Edwin had mentioned. I did not make a sound the entire time. William shouted and protested against father's words, claiming I was not to be forced to marry Edwin. But father knew we got along and that it would be a good life if I did. The only thing he would not tolerate was seeing me stay here and not go back with him. I was going back to England.

Connor made no visible reaction to any of this part of the conversation, seeming interested only in answers to his questions. And I provided him with them. And it broke my heart seeing his being torn apart as I told him of the training with Haytham and being a spy for him. I told that man everything. Betrayed my order and my master, simply because I believed him to be so kind that he deserved it. He allowed me to speak without interruptions and in the end simply asked:

-Was your mission simply to spy?

-No. – I said. – But I was not able to follow through with the rest. And now they'll never take me back.

He stared at me for a few seconds and then got up.

-Connor… May I contact you in the future? – I inquired.

-No. Hopefully I'll never see you again. – He was cold as ice. – And you are no longer welcome in the homestead.

He left.