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"This is the best day ever!" Yang yelled as she wrapped an arm around Ruby and Harry and squeezed them tightly together.

"Yang, let go!" Ruby yelled as she struggled to free herself from Yang's hug.

Harry didn't say anything. Yang was squeezing him firmly to her chest and he didn't want to struggle away just yet. But Ruby forced herself away, so Harry did the same. He felt his face flush.

"But my little sister and eye candy both got in to Beacon with me," Yang said excitedly, causing Harry to blush even more. "This is totally awesome. I'm so proud of you both. You two are going to be the bee's knees."

"I don't want to be anyone's knees," said Ruby. "I just want to be a normal girl."

"I want to be normal, too." Said Harry. "I'm tired of being in the spotlight."

"Why aren't guys excited?" asked Yang. "You both have been given an opportunity to move ahead into Beacon."

"That's exactly why, Yang. We moved ahead," said Harry. "I already had problems with it, even though you both encouraged me to accept Professor Ozpin's offer. I don't want others to think I'm a special case or something."

"Me, too," added Ruby.

"But you two are special," said Yang. She took both Harry and Ruby's hand in hers.

Suddenly, a loudspeaker echoed around them and they turned to see a student behind them turn on a holo-tv. On the screen, they saw the mugshot of a man in orange hair.

"The robbery was led by nefarious criminal, Roman Torchwick, who continues to evade authorities. If you have any information on his whereabouts, please contact the Vale Police Department."

Roman Torchwick. By some coincidence, he and his men picked From Dust Till Dawn to commit their robbery. Ruby was in the back, reading magazines and listening to music. She didn't know the place was being robbed until one of the goons poked her on the shoulder and told her to put her hands up. Realizing she was being robbed, Ruby retaliated and knocked all of Torchwick's men unconscious.

Torchwick tried to escape, but Ruby chased after him to the rooftops. But a Bullhead was waiting to pick him up. Before things could get ugly, Professor Goodwitch arrived to help. Unfortunately, Torchwick and the Bullhead escaped.

That's what Ruby explained to Harry and Yang when she arrived at the hotel room last night. She told when Goodwitch hauled her to the police station, Ozpin was there to meet them. Realizing Ruby's skill with a scythe and learning Qrow trained her, Ozpin offered Ruby a place at Beacon's Initiation.

Much to Taiyang's disbelief and horror.

He tried to make her change her mind, but he realized too that this was an opportunity that couldn't be wasted. So later that morning, as the airship arrived to take them to Beacon, he hugged his daughters, shook Harry's hand, and told them all to watch out for each other.

As Lisa Lavender went over the latest story, a White Fang story, her broadcast was interrupted. Instead of a holoscreen, a hologram of Glynda Goodwitch appeared.

"Hello and welcome to Beacon," she said.

"Who is that?" asked Yang.

"Professor Goodwitch/My name is Glynda Goodwtich," said Harry, Ruby and Goodwitch at the same time.


"You are among the privileged few who have received the honor of being selected to attend this prestigious academy. Our world is experiencing an incredible time of peace, and as future Huntsmen and Huntresses, it is your duty to uphold it. You have demonstrated the courage needed for such the courage needed for such a task, and not it is our turn to provide you with the knowledge and the training to protect our world."

The hologram disappeared and Ruby rushed to the window, an expression of awe on her face. She pointed to the west.

"Look, you can see Signal from here!"

Harry focused. Indeed, he could see Signal's lighthouse on the horizon. It looked like just a small speck on the ocean. It's light flickering briefly as it swung in a circle, lighting the way for all who are lost.

"Home isn't that far away," Ruby said.

Harry laid a hand on her shoulder. "Home is where you make it."

"And where your family is," Yang added.

Ruby smiled at them both. However, the mood was interrupted by a boy in the corner of the ship. He was hunched over, holding his stomach and was slightly retching. Once that started, he was moving towards the bathrooms.

"Guess the view isn't for everybody," Yang said.

"Was a nice moment while it lasted," Ruby said.

Another horrible retching and there was a splatter sound. Groans of disgust echoed from the other passengers. The guy didn't make it to the bathroom. And his barf was all over the floor.

Including on Harry and Yang's boots.

"And the moment got worse," said Harry sickeningly.

Thankfully, the ship docked only a few minutes later. Harry and Yang got the vomit of their shoes with paper towels from the bathroom. The guy who vomited was sitting next to the door, trying not to barf again.

As soon as the doors opened to the landing pad, the boy got up shakily, then rushed to the nearest trash can. Retching came a second later. The passengers unloaded, careful not the step in the mess on the floor and shot the teen nasty glares as they passed him.

Harry and the girls' mood brightened when the saw Beacon in its luxury. Once again, the brilliant architecture and landscape took Harry's breath away. Ruby was looking around quickly, her eyes shining with anticipation. And it wasn't just Ruby, everyone was staring at Beacon.

"Best view in the house," said Yang.

Ruby gasped. "Oh my gosh, look at all the weapons. A collapsible staff! A fire sword! And a heavy axe with a cannon handle!"

"There she goes," said Harry as Ruby began to gush at everyone's weapons. She was in paradise.

"I got her," Yang said as Ruby began to float away. She grabbed Ruby by her cloak and dragged her back.

"Hey!" she complained.

"Ruby, calm down," said Yang.

"How can I calm down when all these magnificent works of art and destruction are all around me?" Ruby argued.

Harry sighed. "Ruby, not everyone is going to appreciate wiping your drool off their weapons."

"He's right. Why don't you try introducing yourself to the people holding the weapons?" said Yang.

Ruby looked down at her feet and kicked the ground. "Because weapons are better than people."

"You're going have to meet new people, little sis," said Yang. "You can't just hang with me and Harry the entire time you're at Beacon."

"Why not?"

"Hey, Yang!" said a girl's voice. The trio looked down the avenue and saw a group of four standing together. Harry recognized them from Signal as Yang's friends. Yang waved back.
"Sorry, but I'll catch up with you later!" said Yang as she ran to meet with her friends. Ruby's jaw dropped at the fact her sister just abandoned her. Harry just rolled his eyes.

"How could she just ditch us like that?" Ruby said shockingly.

"Ruby, it's not the end of the world," said Harry. "We'll meet with her later in the auditorium."

She groaned and crossed her arms. "It's no fair. Her friends are here at Beacon while mine are at Signal."

Harry sighed. "Remember Ruby, you chose to attend Beacon. You could have turned down Ozpin's offer and would have been with your friends for your third year at Signal. But no. You accepted." He put both his hands on her shoulders. "You told me this was the opportunity of a lifetime. We've both been given that opportunity. Let's not waste it by mopping around."

Ruby smiled at Harry and placed her hands on his. "You're right."

They stood like that for a few seconds before someone interrupted.

"Excuse me?" said an annoyed female voice.

Harry and Ruby turned to see a girl standing in front them with a scowl on her face. Her silvery hair was long and tied in a ponytail on the right side of her head. A silver ornament kept it bound. She had very pale skin, which almost matched her jacket and dress. It was elegant and beautifully made, falling halfway down her thighs and showing her thin legs. She was also wearing boots with heels.

At her thin waist was an artfully crafted rapier with four, metal flanges surrounding a dust-loaded cylinder.

"Yes?" asked Harry.

"Don't you two have anything better to do than block the street?" she asked. Her arms were crossed across her chest and she was tapping her foot in annoyance.

Harry frowned. There was plenty of room around Ruby and him to manuever. "You could always just walk around us. It's not that difficult."

"That's not the point. I'm trying to get to the auditorium and you two are just gazing at each other like a couple of lovesick teenagers. It's embarrassing for students to be acting this way"

"I'm sorry," Ruby said as she blushed.

The girl focused her gaze on Ruby. "And aren't you too young to attend Beacon. What are you doing here?"

Ruby began to stutter and push her index fingers together. Harry wrapped an arm around her shoulders and pulled her to his side.

"She got a personal invitation by Professor Ozpin himself to attend Beacon," defended Harry. "But I don't think that's any of your business, princess."

The girl stomped her foot. "How dare you. Do you have any idea who I am? I'm Weiss Schnee!" When Harry and Ruby didn't respond, she stomped her foot again. "Heiress to the Schnee Dust Corporation!"

Harry just looked at her for a moment. "And that means what?"

"Have you've been living under a rock all your life?" shrieked Weiss. "It means I'm the heiress to the largest Dust company on Remnant. How can you not know that?"

"I didn't know that either," said Ruby meekly.

Weiss scoffed. "I can't believe I'm going to Beacon with you two ignorant dolts. We're suppose to be the future saviors of the world. Apparently, they will let anyone attend here."

"Says the girl wearing a prom dress as a Huntress outfit," teased Harry.

"It's a combat skirt!" Weiss yelled. "It's perfectly acceptable as a fighting outfit."

"Sure, it is. Complete with heels and a silver toothpick."

"YOU…Unbelie….RRAAGGHH!" Weiss growled. She turned on her heel and stomped off towards Beacon. It was then that Harry saw two men each pushing a cart with luggage on it. The symbol on the cases matched the emblem on Weiss' jacket.

"I thought your sword was beautiful," Ruby called out to Weiss. When she didn't answer, Ruby groaned and sank to her knees. "Well, that was lovely."

Harry just sighed. That girl's attitude was too much. It really reminded him of the arrogance of Malfoy and his father: Snobbish, pretentious, and entitled. But maybe he shouldn't have goaded her like that. It wasn't helping Ruby make friends if he was fighting everyone they met.

"I'm sorry, Ruby," said Harry.

"It's okay. I didn't think that girl and I were going to be bosom buddies."

"Still, I shouldn't have teased her like that. If I see her again, I'll apologize."

Ruby gave him a small smirk. "If she doesn't spit ice at you first."

Harry chuckled. He helped Ruby back to her feet, and they made their way back to Beacon. But they didn't take ten steps before a voice called from behind them.

"Um…excuse me," said a boy.

Ruby and Harry turned to see the guy who threw up on the ship standing behind them. Now that Harry got a good look at him, he saw he was wearing an outfit that wouldn't look out of place anywhere. Just sneakers, blue jeans, and a black hoodie. But he was wearing armor, gloves, gauntlets and had a sword strapped his hip. He was rubbing the back of his blonde head with embarrassment.

"Aren't you the guy who puked on our shoes?" Ruby said quickly.

"Yeah. Yeah, I am," the guy said awkwardly. "Sorry about that."

"Just be lucky it wasn't in my sister's hair. She would have killed you right there."

"Definitely," agreed Harry.

"I believe you," said the guy. He then held out a hand. "I'm Jaune. I just came to say sorry about earlier."

Harry shook his hand. "It's okay. I bet everyone was nervous about today, too."

Ruby shook Jaune's hand too. "You just showed it more than most."

Harry bumped Ruby's shoulder with a grin. She and Jaune grinned as well. Then the three made their way back to Beacon.

"I'm sorry, but Vomit boy was the first thing to came to mind," said Ruby.

"Oh, yeah? Well, what if I called you Shortstack?" said Jaune.

"Hey! I drink milk!"

Harry didn't say much, but Ruby was talking out her ears. It seems like once the awkwardness of introducing herself was over, Ruby could be a real chatterbox. The first thing she did was show off Crescent Rose, then asked Jaune about his weapons. When he showed off a simple sword and shield/scabbard combo, Ruby assured him the classics were sometimes the best.

The trio made their way to the auditorium, where several students had gathered together. Harry couldn't help but be amazed at the all the different faces he saw around him. All these students wanted to help save the world by becoming warriors against monsters. And here he was, ready to join them. A wizard to warrior.

But then he began to see the old looks of fear and anger directed toward him from a few students. They didn't say anything, but to Harry, they didn't have to. They didn't want a faunus around. One student, a tall, brown head teen with silver armor and a bird emblem on the breastplate, was shooting him some nasty looks.

Harry ignored them as Jaune and Ruby walked behind him. Then Yang's voice called out.

"Ruby! Harry! Over here!" yelled Yang from the front of the room. She was standing near the platform that was in the middle of the room. "I saved you two some spots."

"Coming!" Ruby called back. She grabbed Jaune's hand and began to drag him to the center of the room. "Come on. You can meet my sister. You need to apologize to her, too."

"Great," Jaune said weakly.

Harry was about to follow them when a girl called out his name. He turned around.

"Pyrrha," Harry said happily, recognizing the redhead.

Pyrrha rushed forward and engulfed Harry in a hug. He was shocked at first but returned it. She pulled away and looked at him incredulously.

"What are you doing here? I though you said you were going to Signal," she asked.

"I was, but my teacher said something to Ozpin and I got special permission to come to Beacon," Harry answered. "Or at least, attend the initiation."

"Well that's grand," Pyrrha said cheerfully. "It would be nice to see a familiar face around here."

"Sounds great," Harry agreed. "Maybe well even be teammates later."
"Even better."

A voice rang out over everyone's chatter. "Quiet. Quiet, please," Harry and Pyrrha turned to the front and saw Glynda Goodwitch standing on the platform with Ozpin in front of a microphone. "Professor Ozpin would like to say a few words."

Ozpin approached the microphone, pushing his glasses on his nose. "I'll…. keep this brief. You have traveled here today in search of knowledge-to hone your craft and acquire new skills. And when you have finished, you plan to dedicate your life to the protection of the people. But I look amongst you, and all I see is wasted energy, in need of purpose-direction. You assume knowledge will free you of this, but your time at this school will prove that knowledge can only carry you so far. It is up to you to take the first step."

Ozpin stepped away from the microphone and Professor Goodwitch walked up. "You will gather in the ballroom tonight. Tomorrow, your initiation begins. Until then, your time is yours."

"Well, that was…," Pyrrha started.

"Odd," Harry finished.

"Yes, it was. Not exactly the inspirational speech I thought a Headmaster would give."

For a few moments, the two didn't say anything. They just watched people around them talk with their friends or just stand silently. Harry turned to Pyrrha.

"You want to go outside and get some air?" he asked.


They went outside and decided to sit together on the edge of the fountain in the courtyard. Other students got a similar idea and began touring the grounds as well.

"Nervous about tomorrow?" asked Pyrrha.

"A little," Harry answered. "I just wish I knew what to expect. I really want to pass. Taiyang didn't tell me or his daughters anything about the initiation. Just said it was a surprise."

"I think it's that way with all academies. Tradition or something like of the sort."

Harry smiled, remembering the tradition of parents not telling their children how they will be sorted into Hogwarts Houses. Oh, what a surprise to see when all they had to do was put on a talking hat.

"Harry!" called a voice from the entrance. They saw Ruby waving at them. Yang and Jaune were right beside her.

Harry waved back and they joined them at the fountain.

"We missed you during Ozpin's speech," Ruby said as she sat beside him. She turned to Pyrrha. "Who's this?"

"This is Pyrrha. We met on the flight back to Vale from Mistral."

Ruby recognized her. "Oh, this is the girl you were sleeping with."

"Ruby!" Harry yelled. Pyrrha's face turned scarlet and he bet his face matched hers. Jaune was looking at him weirdly.

Ruby realized her mistake. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean it like that!"

Yang laughed. "Way to break the ice, little sis."

"Shut up, Yang," snarled Ruby. She then turned to Pyrrha and gave a little bow. "I'm sorry for saying that."

"It's fine," Pyrrha said as her face turned back to normal. "Though I have to say, I've never been greeted like that before."

Ruby moaned and buried her face in her hands. Yang laughed again and wrapped an arm around her shoulders. She turned to Pyrrha.

"I'm Yang. Big sister to this munchkin."

Jaune walked forward and stuck out his hand. "And the name is Jaune Arc. Short, sweet, and rolls off the tongue. Ladies love it," he finished, winking at Pyrrha.

Harry, Ruby, and Yang both winced at Jaune's introduction. Harry was not expert at flirting but even he could tell that was bad.

However, Pyrrha just giggled and shook Jaune's hand.

"I'm Pyrrha. Nice to meet you, Jaune."

For most of the afternoon, the five students spent the time getting to know one another. Ruby gushed at Pyrrha's weapons. A normal, round shield she called Akouo and sword/rifle/spear combo she named Milo. Jaune and Yang bonded over the favorite band, the Exchange Boys. And Ruby and Jaune bonded more over their love of video games and comics.

As time wore on, everyone's scrolls beeped at the same time. Harry checked his. It was a message from Professor Goodwitch. It had his temporary locker number and the combination for it. He was to place his weapons, equipment, and clothes in it till the initiation. As one, everyone grabbed their equipment and went to the locker rooms that were in the room beyond the auditorium. Harry found his and placed Ember Rose and his backpack inside. Pyrrha had a locker a few doors down. When he shut the door and turned to Pyrrha, he saw that she was talking to someone. He frowned when he recognized Weiss Schnee.

She gave a small curtsy to Pyrrha. "Hello, my name is Weiss."

Pyrrha nodded at her. "Hello there, my name is-

"Pyrrha Nikos from Mistral," interrupted Weiss. "I know. I've studied your fights. You were simply amazing at the Mistral tournament last month."

"Oh. Umm…thank you," Pyrrha said awkwardly.

"But I would expect no less from the woman entitled 'the Invincible Girl'. Your victories are a real inspiration to future Huntresses."

Pyrrha was looking more awkward as Weiss praised her accomplishments. Harry remembered when Pyrrha was hiding from her fans and how they rushed her in Vale. As much as she wanted to avoid the spotlight, a fan will always pull her back into it.

Thinking he should probably help her, Harry stepped towards them. "Pyrrha, everyone wanted to gt to the cafeteria for dinner. Want to join us?"

"Sure," Pyrrha said. She slammed her locker shut and moved towards him. Weiss spotted him and scowled.

"Excuse me. I was talking to her," Weiss snapped.

Harry was about to snapped back, but he remembered what he told Ruby earlier. Biting back his retort, he turned to her.

"I apologize. My friends wanted to have dinner together. And I just wanted to apologize for teasing you earlier in the courtyard. It was wrong of me to do so."

Weiss looked surprised. But a moment later, her scowl snapped back into place. "You should be. It was very rude of you to do so."

Harry was biting his tongue when Weiss didn't apologize. Maybe this was a good as it was going to be with this girl. He turned back to Pyrrha. "Ready to go?"

"Pyrrha," Weiss interrupted. She stepped between Harry and Pyrrha. "They are going to be several students in this Academy who are going to take advantage of your fame. Believe me, I know." She gave a nasty look over her shoulder at Harry. "Especially his type."

That look was focused on the feathers on his arms and head. Harry could have exploded right then and there. He gripped his fist tightly, heat from his Fire was beginning to generate.

Weis turned back to Pyrrha. "You are going need help finding out which students are your friends." She held a hand to Pyrrha. "I can help you there."

Pyrrha looked down at hand offered to her. After a moment, she looked back at Weiss. And for the first time, Harry saw a look of unpleasantness of Pyrrha's face.

"I think I can find my friends by myself, thank you," she muttered. Pyrrha then pushed the offered hand and Weiss aside. To Harry, she asked, "So, dinner?"

Harry didn't say anything. He just turned and walked towards the door out of the locker room. Pyrrha walked beside him, taking deep breaths to calm down.

"Pyrrha…"Harry started.

"It's okay, Harry," Pyrrha said. "I don't care what others say. You were the first friend I made a Beacon. You didn't take advantage of my fame."

Harry gave a small smiled to Pyrrha. She smiled more brightly.

Dinner was fun. It wasn't fully stocked like a Hogwarts dinner. No golden plates or goblets, floating candles, or a selection of food that appeared at a Headmaster's odd selection of words. Harry had to grab a tray and select his food from a large table that had everything for healthy Huntsman and Huntresses to grow stronger. He picked his food and sat at a table with Pyrrha, Ruby, Yang and Jaune.

Harry learned more about Pyrrha and Jaune as everyone told their stories. Pyrrha lived in Argus with her mother. All her teachers and schoolmates pressured into enrolling at Haven Academy. But Pyrrha wanted to be a Huntress, not a tournament fighter. With her mother's blessing, she decided to attend Beacon.

Jaune was the youngest of eight siblings. The only boy with seven older sisters. When Pyrrha mentioned Argus, Jaune told them how his oldest sister was living there with her wife, Terra and his nephew, Adrian.

Ruby and Yang told their stories as well. Harry already knew them. When it came to him, Harry stuck with the story he made up. He lived in Vacuo all his life, living with relatives who didn't like taking care of him. He ran away from home and made his way to Patch, where he found a teacher with Qrow.

After dinner, the boys and girls separated to the bathrooms to get ready for sleeping in the ballroom. Harry brushed his teeth, changed into gym shorts and a shirt, and waited for Jaune by a stack of sleeping bags for everyone to use. His jaw dropped when Jaune emerged from the bathrooms wearing a blue onesie with a rabbit face on the front. Harry and everyone just stared at him in disbelief. It took a moment, but Jaune soon noticed everyone starting at him.

"What? It's comfortable," he said.

Several people laughed and others just shook they're heads.

Harry and Jaune walked into the ballroom and spotted Ruby, Yang and Pyrrha near the edge of a wall. Ruby was writing a letter, Yang was teasing her, and Pyrrha was watching them while brushing her long hair, which she had undone her ponytail. They looked up and laughed at Jaune's outfit.

"Nice pajamas, Vomit Boy," said Yang.

"I think it's adorable," said Pyrrha, smiling at Jaune.

"What are you doing?" Harry asked Ruby as he unfurled his sleeping bag.

"Writing to everyone back at Signal. I'm writing about what's happening so far," she said.

"Now that's adorable," said Yang. Ruby threw her pillow at Yang.

"You've got friends here Yang. I don't," Ruby said.

"You've got Jaune, Harry and Pyrrha."

"Hello, again," Pyrrha said.

"That's two, new friends you've made."

"And one enemy named Weiss," Ruby said sadly.

"Can one of you help me?" asked Pyrrha. She had her hair bundled up and her back to them. "Usually my mom would tie my hair up before I sleep."

"Sorry," Yang said as she flicked her hair. "I'm kind of a wild, mane type girl."

"And I've never grew my hair long enough to tie I'm afraid," added Ruby.

"I'll do it," said Jaune as he scooted over to Pyrrha.

"You?" asked a surprised Yang.

"Seven older sisters, remember?" said Jaune as he gathered Pyrrha's hair. "You want a braid or a bun?"

"Surprise me."

Jaune nodded and began to work. Everyone watched as Jaune whirled and twirled Pyrrha's hair, then tied different sections into braids. Harry didn't understand what Jaune was doing, but he was working the red locks with magic. A minute later, Jaune took one of Pyrrha's hairpins and locked her hair into a fantastic bun. Pyrrha grabbed a mirror and looked.

"Jaune, It's amazing," gasped Pyrrha.

"Whoa, are you a magician, Jaune?" asked Harry.

Jaune blushed and scratched his neck. "I've learned lots of talents thanks to my sisters. Braiding hair, applying makeup, dancing, sewing, and about of dozen other skills."

"You might start have beating girls away with a stick if keep that up," Yang smirked.

"Now I wish I had long hair," said Ruby.

Everyone laughed at Jaune's darkening face.

Hope everyone enjoyed the chapter. Next one will hopefully be added before the year is over. I know I made Weiss a little too evil, but she will straighten up soon. 3 characters are still missing. Who will Harry replace?