Mariko: Disclaimer... disclaimer... who to do the disclaimer...

*Lambo enters with Hayato chasing him*

Mariko: Haya-chan! Perfect timing! I was just wondering who could do me a favor!

Hayato: *warily* What do you want stupid woman?

Mariko: First of all, I am not stupid, second of all, I need a disclaimer.

Hayato: And why would I do a disclaimer?

Erri: So... I own you and can put you into a relationship with Takeshi and make it canon?


Erri: *grows mushrooms in a corner* There goes that hope.

Mariko: *comforts Erri* Well, look at it this way, you can still put them in a relationship.


Erri: Unless you haven't figured it out by now, there will be uncensored cursing in this book, and I will be trying my hand at romance filled relationships. But nothing rated M. Cant write smut. *grins evilly* Yet. And the only thing or person that I own in this is my OC named Mariko and the other OC that I haven't yet created but will appear. This is a slight AU because of the simple fact of Mariko's appearance. It may not look like a slight AU, but it is. The Plot is almost basically the same with what I have down. I will be changing things up a bit to make things more convenient for me. That includes but is not limited to: Plot, Character Personally, Time and Place. I read a fanfiction plunny and it decided to hop over into my yard and has yet to leave. Yes, it involves an OC or two that are important to the plot, that is the whole idea of an SI after all, and yes, she is slightly OP when it comes to mental abilities. However there is a good reason for that, for any Doctor Who fans out there, Mariko is BASICALLY a time lord, or half time lord or what ever. She doesn't travel time, however she has been exposed to it and thus her mental processes have been changed there will be more of an explanation in the story. One last thing, while I hate character x OC as a plot driven thing, that doesn't mean I won't play wth it a little. I can tell you right now that Mariko will be going out with Xanxus for at least a small time. There is an Omake that I am working on where it is in that time frame. I am using it to teach Mariko. Reborn set it up. That is the story