Third Person Limited: Lal Mirch

Lal didn't know what to think when she walked in on her student. Mariko was absolutely filthy like she hadn't washed herself in days. She also looked tired.

However, it wasn't Mariko's appearance that had started Lal so much. It was the fact that the woman was cooking something. Admittedly it was something simple, noddles she believed, but she was still cooking. "What are you doing?" Lal asked her student. "Hmm? Oh, making egg noddles. I'm hungry." She said as her response. Lal scowled. "I can see that. Why are you cooking instead of cleaning up yourself. Or better yet, telling me where you have been for the last few days? Or even getting some sleep." Mariko looked tiredly amused. "I was in the field. I am cooking because I am hungry. I am too tired to take a shower. I'll be sleeping after my food is eaten. And that's about it I believe." And with that she went back to cooking.

"Oh, Imoto. Your back early. How'd it go?" Tsunayoshi asked as he walked into the room. "Food. Sleep. Shower. Report." He stated after getting a good look at his sister. Said sister sent Lal a victorious smirk. Then her phone rang.

"Hei?" Mariko answered in a language that Lal had not learned yet. Yet.

"Meillä on ongelma." Mariko looked slightly upset as whatever the other person spoke over the phone. "Ja mikä on tämä "ongelma"?"

"Varia ovat matkalla Japaniin kun puhumme."

"Ole hyvä ja anteeksi kun menen nurkkaan ja huutaa profanities niin monella eri kielellä, että tiedän." (Please excuse me as I go into a corner and scream profanities in as many different languages that I know.)

Tsuna laughed at whatever his sister had said, then turned serious once more. "So, I am a target now huh?" Mariko grimaces at her brother's choice of phrase. "Yes, now, I thank you for the information. I want you to notify me about even the slightest change. Thank you." And with that, hung up.

"What was that all about?" Lal asked of her student. "Nothing that you won't find out eventually. Tsu-nii, imma have to skip the bed. I need food and a shower, but I can go for a bit longer without rest." Tsuna grunts, looking like his mind is already far off. Mariko finishes cooking her food, eats it, and then gets up to leave. "Imoto, I want you to spar three on one with Kyoya, Mukuro, and Chrome. Tell Gokudera that he will be sparring with Takeshi and Onii-san. He's going to need the experience. Don't let him use his explosives. I want him learning other weapons. Are you going to be alright if I lessen his probation?" Mariko nods. "I was never really upset with him in the first place, he didn't know." Tsuna sends his sister a look that Lal could not define and continues with his instructions. "I want him to learn how to use a gun and how to combat illusions. Starting with Chrome, then after he passes her, on to you, and then Mukuro. I want all available flame users practicing with their flames for worst case scenarios. Yes, even Lambo. He needs to learn control sometime. I-pin and Fuuta are coming back tonight, and I want them also up to date on what is going on, and later training with you and the others. And Mariko?" Lal's student snapped her attention completely to Tsuna looking far more alert than she did even a minute ago. "I want you to sleep after the seal is broken." Mariko nodded curtly and walked out.

"Seal?" Tsuna looked up from staring at a small carving on the table to see Reborn sitting right across from him. "Yes, seal. The seal to the true Underbase. You have only seen the very first level of the Underbase. That level contains some training grounds and the Court's room. The true Underbase is sealed away for times of great trouble. Or danger, depending on what you will. (That made no sense. Even to me. I'MA KEEP IT FOR THAT REASON!) the true Underbase is used for many things, some examples of the things it is used for is a stronghold, command center, hospital, training grounds, labyrinth, laboratory, and the center of all operations in times of war. We have yet to go into all out war however." Lal was stunned. How could CEDEF not know about something this big? "The true Underbase spans for miles in all directions under Namimori. The entry is sealed off for these times. The last time we opened the seal, was when we almost went to war." Lal was itching to ask, but something was holding her back. Apparently the same can't be said for Reborn. "What did you nearly go to war over?" Tsuna's expression goes from blank to stone cold and almost feral. "No one will take what is mine." And Lal can't help but raise an eyebrow. That's very vague. And tells her absolutely nothing, aside from the fact that Sawada was likely a possessive Sky. "And I thank you for your possessiveness. I truly appreciate it." Lal's confirmation came from the doorway that Mariko exited. "And what's this about the Seal being broken? As I recall, the last time we were all using the rooms that hand been made so that flames were unable to work inside it." Rokudo Mukuro says as he enter the room and sits down next to Tsuna. The smaller brunet laughs. "I still don't know who Imoto's contact was that could manage to do that. Much less be willing to do it." Rokudo smirks. "Kufufufufufu I have yet to meet this contact as well. And I am certain that Kyo-kun was tearing up the town looking for the one able to do it. Kufufufufufu I know I would have been, if not for the circumstances." Both Reborn and Lal are now confused. And a little jealous. How on Earth did Mariko manage that?


First Person: Mariko

I sneezed. Damn you Muku-nii! Damn you for talking about me! That matters not! I don't really care what they are talking about it. They'll never find Uncle without consent! (Muhahahahahahahahahahaha- *cough cough*) Not in a million years, even if they had that long.

I look in my office, and enter after making sure that no one has bugged it or so much as entered it. Going behind my desk, I open one of the two panels there, the one hidden under my desk. Inside, there is a Flame Lock. After unlocking the flame lock, it is a full palm scan and a secret eye scanner. After that is a round key hole, I fit my Mist ring into it and run my Mist Flames through it, then take it out and replace it with my Cloud ring to do the same, making things work. After a door opens right beside me, which I enter, everything goes back to normal in my office.

The door leads down into the true Underbase.

More feet under than people buried, and likely not as dank and definitely not as crowded, the True Underbase was almost always Sealed. And when it is Unsealed, I usually spend all my time here. I am the Spy Master after all. My network will be the ones to gather information and report back to me. While I have little fear of traitors in my network, for safety precautions only, my people don't report in person. It's better that way. No one can follow them. My people are good, but there is always someone better, and I don't want them to feel like it's there fault if our base is compromised. For some of my people, that would destroy them. I don't want that. I need all my people, including the ones who are basically very observant civilians. Sometimes I think I need them especially, since my second is just that. She's good. But she can't fight to save her life or the ones that she loves. Considering she is an orphan that my brother picked up, that group is rather small.

I enter my main office, with my boys and girls following me. Clapping once, I turn the lights on. "Now, the Varia are on their way." I look to the display that shows things that a normal civilian girl should most definitely not have, ranging from tiny-almost-invisible cameras that can be attached to birds to dangerous chemicals important to making many deadly poisons. Looking back at my animals, I smile. "Let's get this show on the road why don't we?"


Third Person Limited: Unknown Spy, known to Varia as Michael

"VOOOOOOOOOI! Where the fuck is the Shitty Boss?!" Squalo shouted into nowhere. Man was Michael glad that he was used to loud noises from when he was being trained near Hime-sama. He was glad that he was trained near Hime-sama, or more procicely her brother, otherwise he would have been killed by the chaos in the Varia. It had nothing compared to Burisosu-sama'a Guardians, even with Hime-sama there to help calm them down. (Michael was worried about the message that Hime-sama had sent him about a new Guardian. He really didn't want to meet them. (He was forced to anyways.)) "I don't know where Boss has gone Captain. I would assume that he has gone to the shooting arena." Squalo looked pissed, "No he hasn't. I checked." The Shark managed to grit out. "Oh, my apologies Captain. Have you checked the wince cellar?" Squalo looked slightly surprised as Michael's question. "We have one?" Michael nodded sagely "Indeed we do Captain. Would you like me to check?" Squalo grimaced, likely at Michael's seeming idiocy. "No, I'll do it. We can't lose the only informant on the Decimo." That last part was muttered, and for once Michael was glad for Hime-sama's intense training when it came to infiltration. Michael only gave them information that others would be able to see, along with some of the things that slightly trained others could see. Not all of it true. Hime-sama has suggested something along the lines. (Hmmmmm... OMAKE TIME! *throws hands into air*) Squalo stormed off after Michael had given him instructions to the wine cellar. The long way, not the one under the Boss' desk. Only the Boss was supposed to know about that one. Although Michael's bet was on Squalo finding it soon. He had better, Michael had three hundred American dollars on the line.



First Person Limited: Mariko

I look up from my book to see a message on my computer. Quickly scanning the contents of said message, I curse. What is up with people and betraying me? I know it doesn't happen often, but still! My people should love me! Not attempt to dethrone me! Wait... That came out wrong... Oh well. *shrugs*

This thing will be easily fixed. "Gryphoness to Black Six? I am going to need your experience. One of my flock has strayed." From the other end of the ear piece, I hear a dark chuckle. "I'm sending you the information now." Which was true, I had just clicked the send button. "Black Six to Gryphoness. I just received the information. I will commence the operation immediately. Over and out." And with those final parting words, the connection in cut. I can count on Black Six to carry out the job assigned to them.

I look at the time, seeing that it is not even considered morning by my body clock, I am slightly surprised that it is so early. Of course, my body clock only considered the sun rising to be morning so~.

I pull out my phone, the one used for my jobs only. Sho-kun made it for me with the help of his English pen pal from scratch. Just like they started making the Box Weapons (I may or may not be responsible for purposefully or non-purposefully dropping a complaint within ear shot of the rednet about carrying too many things. *whistles innocently*). I enter a number, and wait for the person on the other end to answer.

"Hello?" There she is. "Yes, hello. With whom and I speaking to?" There was an unmistakable pause. "I would like to ask that as well." I grin. The person is definitely one of the people who I meant to call. "You can't see me, yet I can touch you. I can be gentle and destructive on the same day. I am dark, but I am still light."

"Tezcatlipoca." I don't need to give an affirmative. "You are speaking to Janus." I smile. "Well Janus, let's talk about your current employer."

"Of course, My Lady."


Mission Report: Reborn


Sawada Tsunayoshi is much more than we were led to believe. Nana is more observant, and Tsunayoshi is much more talented than Iemitsu claimed. I know not wether or not that was purposeful on Iemitsu's part. This family is much more than meets the eye. Earlier this month, I witnessed a 'court trial' of one of the people I brought over for doing something that was apparently taboo. My original intention was to let Tsunayoshi ease into this life. It seems that I have no say in that matter. A few hours before writing this report, Tsunayoshi's spy master, I was as shocked as you likely are to hear about this, gained some information that they deemed important. I do not know yet what that information is, however they are preparing for war it seems. From what I can see, Tsunayoshi's team includes many, active, Flame users. I do not know which ones are his official guardians, aside from the Rain Guardian. Nono, you should know, that Tsunayoshi has at least two Clouds, two Mists, two Suns, two Lightnings, one Storm, and one Rain. He has also been observed to be harmonizing to yet another Lightning and yet another Storm. I have heard rumors that yet more Flame active people are returning from a mission. They have yet to arrive. I have not once shot Tsunayoshi with the Dying Will Bullet. I have an assumption for how strong he is, but have yet to prove or disprove it. I will continue as I have been, and join them in preparing for this 'war' with an unknown enemy.

- Reborn


Response: Nono


Xanxus and the Varia are headed to Japan.

- Nono

(Reborn: Well Shit.)


Third Person Limited: Tsunayoshi

Tsuna was sitting at his desk at Headquarters, the upper layer, doing paperwork. He could hear singing from the hallway and knew that his sister was on her way, likely to either turn a report in or collect something from her desk. Beside him and slightly more towards the door, he heard the faint sound of keys clicking away from Shouchi's desk, likely working on a project. Behind him he could hear the soft breaths of one of his Clouds as he slept on the couch that was in the corner. He heard a twitter and noted that one of his sister's birds had entered the room, likely from one of the vents. Kyoya's bird wouldn't twitter, Hibird would sing. It was a peaceful day. Shame that that would soon be shattered. One of Riko's network had spotted the Sword Emperor. For whatever reason, the Varia were coming. And all Tsuna had to do was wait and see why.


A/N: The return from a mission was not planned. In fact, it was literally me making egg noodles while I was writing this. XD

Also, I have been taking Japanese lessons recently, and I have noticed somethings about the character's names. If you know what I am talking about, you will know who Black Six is, and no I will not be telling you people until the end of the book if you have not already figured it out. Although, I may or may not be dropping heavy hints throughout the duration of this book. I already dropped one heavy hint, and one light hint. Good luck!

I totally didn't mean for there to be some weird riddle with an answer, however I needed to introduce one of Mariko's... What would you call them actually? Secret subordinates? It's likely I guess.

As for who Janus is, if you know about Roman mythology, that will give you a huge hint. And Mariko's alias? I actually did some research into who to name her after. Tezcatlipoca is the Aztec god of... give me a second with this list; the night sky, the night winds, hurricanes, the north, the earth, obsidian, enmity, discord, rulership, divination, temptation, jaguars, sorcery, beauty, war and strife. *pretends to gasp for air* The aspect Mariko commonly associates with is the one called Yohualli Èhecatl, who (according to the wiki) is "Night, Wind". I chose this particular god because, if you really think about it (even though you don't know her personality that well yet) Tezcatlipoca fits her so well. A walking contradiction.

In this you see Mariko's slightly darker side. The side that can order the death or torture of one of the people who used to work for her with no remorse whatsoever. I wanted that because she is not a saint, and I don't plan to make her such. Mariko is human and all humans have flaws.

Apparently, American dollars are much, or a little depending on country, more valuable than most local currencies. For example, (Using Google for this BTW) one US dollar is equal to about 115.64 Japanese yen. So Michael is betting (Still using Google) about 34690.50 Japanese yen, and about 512896.58 Italian lira (The Italian currency).

Tsuna is NOT OP! He has just gone through training with his sister. Remember, Mariko is going to be a paranoid little shit (to enemies) and is Tsuna's Spy Master (Thus she is paranoid, kinda in the job description.). So as her brother, Tsuna went through the same kind of training that she did. Technically, they all did. So there will be many times for OOCness. To sum this paragraph up, Tsuna isn't OP. He is well trained. You will see what I mean later in the story.