Agent Rose Miles walked through the halls of Langley until she reached the Director's office, which was always guarded by security.

"State your business, Madam," the guard said.

Rose smiled, "Will you tell Director Dewey that I need to speak with him on a matter of National Security?"

The guard nodded as Rose stood by, awaiting approval to enter. The guard was only gone for a moment before he came back and nodded, "The Director will see you now."

Rose smiled once more as she walked through the door, closing it behind her. "Director, I hope I'm not interrupting anything," she said coyly as she saw him sitting at his desk, looking at a thick stack of spreadsheets.

Director Robert Dewey looked up from the papers, a warm smile crossing his lips as he took in the sight before him, "You know that you don't have to fake urgent matters to come speak with me? I have an open door policy for a reason," he stated, knowing that was only the case for her.

Rose grinned as she made her way towards him, undoing the buttons on her blouse with each step, "I have a matter that I needed you to review if you had the time."

Robert smiled as he sat back in his chair, pushing himself away from the desk, "I hope you locked the door, Agent."

Rose shook the blouse off of her shoulders as she reached behind to undo the zipper on her skirt, sliding it down to join her blouse on the floor, "I didn't. I hope no one comes in," she said, laughing slightly as she finally reached him, her target.

Robert swallowed as Rose leaned down, placing her lips on his neck, kissing him as she ran one of her hands up his leg. She heard Robert moan into her ear as he stood, pushing her back against the desk as their lips met.

Rose pushed his jacket off of his shoulder as she began undoing his tie with one hand while running the other over his chest and around to his back. Robert pushed himself up against her, closer as her hips responded, grinding up against him. Just as she was about to run her hand down to his belt, the phone on his desk rang.

"Don't answer it," she breathed into his ear, almost a moan as one of his hands had traveled down her body.

"No one is more disappointed that I have to answer this than I am," he groaned in anger as he pulled away from her to take the call on speaker phone.

"Dewey," he barked as an answer.

"Sir, we've been hacked," the voice replied causing Rose to immediately walk around the desk to put her clothes back on.

"How bad?" Robert replied, taking in a deep breath through his nose.

"It's the worst since Snowden," the man answered.

Rose watched as Robert's face took in the news, "Do we have any leads on who did it?"

"Sir, all we know is that they had deep knowledge of our systems and this could jeopardize Ironhand, that's what Lee reported," he replied.

"I want a briefing with all intel we have in 30 minutes, in my conference room," Robert ordered as he ended the call, looking up at Rose, disappointment across his entire body.

Rose shrugged her shoulders, "Maybe later," she replied as she finished buttoning her blouse, "I'll see you in thirty minutes."