Rose raced to her apartment and took off her work suit to jump in the shower. She took a long shower as she washed the workday off of her. Once she was done, she hopped out and began looking through her closet for the perfect outfit to wear to Robert's. As she shifted her hanging clothes back and forth, she settled on a simple, black peplum dress and pulled out a pair of red heels.

As she sat in her bathroom, styling her hair and spreading out her makeup, her cell rang. She sighed as she got up and answered the call, "Agent Miles," she said, her voice giving away her lack of interest in the call.

"Rose," she heard Robert's voice causing her disappointment to immediately grow, "I'm gonna have to cancel our date tonight. We found Parsons and Bourne. I've called the Asset in. Do you want to come watch?"

Rose looked up at her ceiling, feeling childish for being so upset that there date would be cancelled. She took a deep breath and put on her agent face as she replied, "I'll be in as soon as possible." She slammed her thumb on the phone to hang up the call as she looked at her wasted hair in the mirror and threw on the least amount of makeup she'd need. She then went back to her closet and retired her dress and pumps for a smile pair of black slacks and a red blouse.

Rose drove back to Langley and joined Heather and Robert in the Operations room.

"What's going on?" Rose asked as she saw Robert, standing and observing, while Heather was at the computer, hard at work.

Heather looked up, "You're here! I thought you had something else to do tonight," she said, her voice surprised.

Rose smiled softly, "Yeah, well Bourne trumps any plans I might have had. But who knows," she offered coyly with a look Robert's direction, "If we can catch him quickly enough...maybe my night can go as planned."

Robert gave her a stern look as he started barking off orders. Rose sat and watched him work. It was one of her favorite things to do. The asset managed to take out Nicky Parsons which stung Rose's heart more than she'd expected however, Bourne got away with the flash drive.

"Heather, didn't you say you planted a virus on that?" Rose asked as she was finally back in full agent mode.

Heather nodded, "Once he plugs it into any computer, we will have a location immediately. I'll also be able to see everything he looks at."

"Good work, Lee," Robert said as she placed a hand on the small of Rose's back, very discreetly. He then continued, "Take shifts in this room tonight in case Bourne decides to look in to what got his friend killed. I'm going home for the night but I can be back in minutes if anything comes up. Understood?"

Heather raised her hand, "I'll take the first shift."

Rose smiled as she decided to torture Robert with her next move, "Good plan, Lee. I'll take over for you in two hours. That should be enough time for me to close my eyes and then get some good coffee for my shift."

Robert looked at her with daggers in his eyes. "Call me if anything happens," he ordered as he walked out of the room, followed by Rose.

"I thought you needed to catch some sleep," he said, surprised to see her following him out.

Rose smiled as she moved in closer to him and whispered, "I have no intention of using my two hours to sleep. Let's go to your office."