Okay, I have a few AU fanfics planned but I need your advice! I have a classic Hogwarts AU and I need your help on deciding if they're going to be in Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin. In this AU Hogwarts is a high school (because I have no idea whatsoever how Adrien is going to arrive as a fourth/fifth year student) and everyone's going to be a freshman. It's still a boarding school. But it's not gonna be one of those Adrien as Harry fics. I'm not classifying Slytherin as "the evil people" group.


Marinette- Obvious Gryffindor, gonna be a Seeker

Adrien- Slytherin, REMINDER: SLYTHERIN IS NOT THE EVIL GROUP, he's also a Seeker

Tikki- Magical Patronus, I'll explain in the actual fic

Plagg- same as Tikki

Alya- Girl, you be Ravenclaw

Nino- Sorry DJ, you are the definition of Hufflepuff

Alix-Lionhearted Gryffindor! Gonna be a Chaser, also Captain for Gryffindor Quidditch team, constantly has broomstick races around the pitch with Kim,

Kim- Competitive Slytherin! Gonna be Keeper, Captain for Slytherin Quidditch team, has broomstick races 'round the pitch with Alix

Max- Ravenclaw nerd

Sabrina- Innocent Ravenclaw


Ivan- Punk yet nice Hufflepuff, also a Beater

Mylene- Hufflepuff, because I can't separate Ivan and Mylene, and also a Beater

Rose-Sweet little Hufflepuff

Juleka- Goth Ravenclaw

Nathanaƫl- Gryffindor because he's a brave and honest tomato

Lila- Mysterious Ravenclaw, great Seeker, actually belongs in Slytherin, I'll explain in the actual fic

Madame Bustier- A professor, also Quidditch referee

Madame Mendeliev- idk how to spell her name, also a professor, kind of like Snape

Mr. Damocles- Like Hagrid

Master Fu- the Headmaster, try to imagine him as Dumbledore's height in this fic

Mr. Bourgeois (Can't spell his name to save my life)- Minister of Magic, duh, used to be Hufflepuff

Mr. Agreste- rich and famous robes designer, was Ravenclaw, robe designing professor at Hogwarts, also Hawkmoth

Hawkmoth- Really Mr. Agreste, uses a mysterious variation of the Avada Kedavra spell to turn butterflies into akumas, which control wizards (as usual) so he can achieve a power equivalent to the power of the Deathly Hallows to resurrect his dead wife and rule the world

Mrs. Agreste- Was a Gryffindor, was a professional Chaser


That's all I've got! Please review if you want one of them changed. It would be a great idea to follow this because I'll post new ideas once in a while. Review if I forgot one of the Miraculous characters.