Summary : Charles always imagined that they would be together forever just like what people said every time they saw them together. Just like what they had promised to each other. That was until Erik got drunk and had one night stand, resulting a pregnant woman. Charles let him go. Six years later, they met again.

-London, Eight Years Ago-

Charles Xavier rubbed his palms together, trying to gather some warmth for his frozen hands. His brown hair was adorned by snow as he forgot to bring an umbrella when he walked out earlier. He quickly made his way to Erik's apartment, hoping to make himself a cup of hot tea as soon as possible. He smiled as he finally stopped in front of a familiar door. He looked at small plastic bag and peeked into it. He beamed happily.

"Erik? Are you home?" Charles called as he entered the unlocked door. He ruffled his hair to get rid of the snow before making his way to the living room. He stopped in his track when he saw Erik was there with someone, a familiar brown haired woman he had not seen for years. It was not the sight of the woman that made him stop. He was glad to see her after a long time since graduating high school eight years ago. It was her tears and terrified expression when she saw him. Both Erik and Madga stood up when they saw him.

"Madga? Is that you?" He called, waking closer. He frowned when he saw Madga hugged herself and looked down. Her eyes were glancing at Erik now and then. Charles' attention turned to his boyfriend for nine years. He put the plastic bag on the table and faced Erik.

"Erik? What's happening? Please, tell me." Charles put both his hands on Erik's cheeks and looked straight in the eyes. He saw a deep guilt in the taller man's eyes. Charles looked at Madga and noticed that she was holding something. Charles had a bad feeling about this. He recognized what she was holding. He had seen it in Moira's hands months ago when she and her husband happily announced to him that... No. It couldn't be. Charles held out his hand.

"Give me that." He said firmly. Madga looked at him, terrified. Her grip tightened.

"Madga, please give it to me. I have the right to know what's going on and I believe that whatever you're holding right now is the cause of this." Charles said solemly. Slowly, after a glance at Erik, she put it in his palm. Charles felt a sharp pain when he finally confirmed his suspicion. A pregnancy test with positive result.

"Is this yours?" He asked, blue eyes never left the plus sign.

"Y-Yes." She said softly. Charles bit his lips. His heart was drumming inside his chest.

"Is it Erik's?" He asked again. A silent followed his question. He looked at Erik, who was looking down at his feet. Knowing Erik since they were child, Charles knew the answer just by looking at Erik's expression. Charles felt tears was forming in his eyes.

"I see." He said softly, hurt was very clear in his voice. Charles gave the test back to Magda who received it awkwardly before walking to Erik's bedroom. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath before he opened the wardrobe and pulled out his bag. Maybe it was fate that he left one of his backpack in Erik's apartment after his trip to Wales with his research team weeks ago. He began taking his clothes and put it into the bag. He did it as fast as possible, trying to get out of this apartment. He was in the middle of putting his books when strong arms wrapped around his shoulder and a head fell onto his shoulder. The body behind him was shaking. Charles felt wetness on his neck.

"I am sorry." Erik's hoarse voice swept his body like a heavy rain. Charles didn't say anything. He felt his body and lips were too numb to move.

"I am so sorry, Charles. I met her and went to celebrate her return two months ago. I was drunk and I made a mistake. Please, forgive me. I beg you, Charles. Please, don't leave me. Please. I love you so much." The last time Erik cried was when he was ten years old when his father died. Now, here he was, crying on Charles' shoulder after a mistake. Sadly, it was a mistake Charles couldn't forgive.

"Please, Charles. I am so sorry. Don't leave me." Erik begged. Charles took a deep breath and put his hand on Erik's. Erik's grip loosen and Charles took the opportunity to turn around. Charles' heart hurt at the sight of crying face, an expression he never wanted to be on Erik's face. Ever. However,...

"Erik, I forgive you. But I am sorry. I cannot stay with you anymore." Charles put his hands on Erik's cheeks and wiped his tears.

"Madga is pregnant with your child. She needs you by her side more than I now. You both created this pure baby, didn't you? Then you two have to take the responsibility for what you've done. Erik, you have to marry her and stay by her side. Your unborn child cannot go fatherless. It hurts so much, Erik. You've betrayed me. But I will try to accept the fact that this makes me realize that I finally realize why there is something missing in our life. I cannot give you a baby. You've told me you want to build a family, yes? Now you are going to have a baby, Erik. So please, smile." Charles said, tears were running down his cheeks. He untangled himself from Erik's grip and zipped his bag.

"Charles, I-"

"Hush now Erik. Please, make sure you make Madga and your child happy. Take a good care of them." Charles said softly. He walked out the bedroom and faced Madga who was crying now. She must heard everything. He walked to her and put a hand on her shoulder.

"Please take care of Erik, Madga. Please make him happy. I know you can do that. I trust him into your hands." Charles said before he walked out the door. Charles let the tears fell as he walked out of Erik's apartment building and also Erik's life. He walked away without looking back.

-Erik's apartment-

Erik sat down on the sofa, eyes staring blankly at the wall. Madga had gone home, saying she was waiting for his call. Erik's mind was playing Charles' last words to him like broken record. He never expected this to happen. He was an idiot. He hurt the person who loved him the most in this world after his mother. God, what was he going to say to his mother. He hadn't only hurt Charles but also his mother. Erik couldn't have any strength to look at his house. Charles had bring his clothes and books but everything in his apartment was still screaming Charles. The bedsheet, Charles bought it just a week ago. Charles' favourite cup was still in the sink. His toothbrush was still in the bathroom. The pictures of them were still everywhere in his apartment. He couldn't bring himself to look around. He missed Charles so much.

Erik's eyes fell onto the plastic bag Charles brought earlier. It was still on the table, just few feet away from where Erik was sitting. Erik reached for it and took whatever inside it out. It was a black bracelet. Man's bracelet by the look of it. Erik took a simple white paper and read.

"Happy anniversary, Erik. This bracelet is a special one because based on the seller explained to me, it is a loyalty bracelet. Thank you for always by my side all these years. I love you very much. Charles Xavier."

Erik took the bracelet and kissed his as tears run down his face. Guilt was gnawing his heart, his soul. He closed his eyes and imaged of beaming Charles emerged in his mind.

"I am sorry. I am so sorry. I love you, Charles. I am so sorry." Erik said brokenly as he treasured the bracelet in his hand.

-Few weeks later-

A loud slap echoed through a small house. A small woman was standing furiously in front of a young man and woman. Both looking at the floor, especially the young man, her son.

"How dare you! How dare you, Erik Magnus Lehnsherr." Edie's voice was full of disappointment, disbelief and anger. No one could blame her for this. Not after what her son did. Erik stood firmly on the ground. The burning on his cheek was nothing compare the heartache he had caused for Edie and Charles. His lips didn't move, too ashamed to utter a single word. Edie's greenish gray eyes, the eyes Erik had inherited, swept to the woman who stood behind her son. Madga had been like a daughter to her when she was kid. She knew that the brown-haired woman was in love with Erik, even after Erik dated Charles in their last high school years. Edie didn't want to have a bad thought about Madga but she couldn't help it.

"What did Charles say?" She asked, trying not to let anger consumed her.

"He... He wants me to marry Madga and make her and our child happy." Erik said softly. Edie closed her eyes. He couldn't imagine how the younger man felt right now. She sat down and rubbed her face with her already rough palms. She felt Erik knelt down in front of her.

"Of course he wants that." She said, blinking the tears. Edie took a deep breath and looked at her son and Madga.

"You two will get married then and raise that baby properly. You two can throw a big wedding, invite your friends and family if you want or... just have a quite one with several family and close friends. I don't care. Just... please take the responsibility." Edie said before standing up and leaving the two alone.

Later at night, Edie was staring at her cellphone. A name whose owner had become Edie's second son for many years could be seen on screen. Edie wants to hear how he was. He had no one except for his sister. Edie pressed the call button and wait. Edie held her breath when a sweet gentle English accented voice entered her ear.

"Charles." She called softly. The other line didn't say anything and the old woman was afraid that he didn't want to speak with her anymore.


"How are you, liebling? I am so sorry for what Erik did to you. I am so sorry for my son." She asked, holding back tears.

"It's okay, Edie. I have forgiven him." Charles's voice was shaky. He was crying. All Edie wanted was holding the poor young man in her chest and telling him everything was going to be fine just like years ago when his parents died and he had to live alone with Raven at such young age. But everything was not going to be alright no matter how many time she said that.

"Edie, can you promise me something?"

"Anything, dear."

"Promise you'll accept Madga and her kid. Help them in starting their new life because I know it is going to be very difficult for them. Please, Edie." Charles' wish broke her heart. Edie was crying now, feeling what Charles must felt right now.

"I promise, Charles. I'll accept and help them. Please, do not hate Erik. Please, Charles."

"I can bring myself to hate him, Edie. I love him too much for that. I let him go. Please take care of Erik. He needs you, especially now." With that Charles hung up the phone. Edie wiped her tears and folded her hands. She prayed that everyone would be given enough strength to face this reality. She prayed that Charles would be able to be happy too. Edie knew that Charles' happiness lied on her son and vice versa. She didn't care that she sounded so evil now but she prayed that one day, she hoped that Erik and Charles would be together again.