Welp... sorry for not letting you know earlier... but I decided to end this story last chapter... so here is an Epilogue.


Ruby gripped tightly onto the support bars on either side of her. She was in pain. The worst type of pain. She looked over at the doctor who had started to tut at her. It was already irking Ruby to a new level. She wanted to scream and kill the brick red haired woman.

"Come on! You only made it half way!" She yelled at Ruby as Ruby began to breath deeply. She needed to calm herself. If she didn't she may say something she would regret.

After a few more seconds Ruby began to lift her right leg, screaming in sheer agony as the once dead muscles would receive a sudden burst of electricity, and their response was to send back immense pain.

Quickly lowering her foot down ahead of her she began to breath again.

"Come on! You said you wanted to dance with your wife!? Push yourself!" Octavia yelled as Ruby looked back up at the woman. "It could be because... I HAVEN'T WALKED PROPERLY IN SEVEN YEARS!" Ruby yelled at the woman. She began to move her hands up a little bit more as she also began to lift her right leg.

She could see a slight smirk on the doctor's face in front of her. That smirk was causing Ruby so much anger right now. She knew it was Octavia's choice to try and spur someone on when they are trying to get further.

"I bet that five year old of yours could do this better. From that height too!" The doctor continued as Ruby glared at her. Trying to scare the woman off. She knew it wasn't going to work, but she wouldn't be able to look at herself in the same light if she didn't attempt to do it.

As she began to move her right leg once again so she can try and place it down again. Biting her bottom lip to try and contain the scream that was starting to build inside her lungs. She began to take a few seconds before the copper tasting liquid began to flood into her mouth.

She could see Octavia just shaking her head at the sight of Ruby. Before Ruby could respond the doctor walked away from Ruby and over to the door. Ruby began to take some deep breaths. She knew what that almost vile woman was going to try and taunt her into going further.

'It is like I've gotten further than the last few times... God damn that Doctor.' Ruby spat as she heard some soft footsteps. Craning her head Ruby looked to see Neo and Cerezas walking in holding each other's hand. Ruby could see the look of concern on Neo's face.

Cerezas quickly let go of her mother's hand and ran towards the front of Ruby. "How is this hard Mommy? I can walk just fine without it." Cerezas asked as Ruby scoffed a little. She was glad that after a few more scarce incidents that Cerezas finally learned that Ruby wasn't going to hurt her mother.

Ruby looked towards the small girl, in her long sleeved red shirt with black stripes, and pink pants sitting on the balls of her feet as she is observing Ruby. "Because, I haven't walked since before you were born Cerezas. Each step my legs are also screaming in pain." Ruby spoke as she could hear Neo walking to just behind the small girl.

"There. I got the wife and kid. Now give me the last quarter!" Octavia yelled as Ruby looked into Neo's eyes. Inhaling deeply Ruby took a step forward, but the pain didn't seem to hurt as much. Just the sight of her new wife, even if she was at one stage an ex-wife... and a child she didn't know she had until just over a year ago.

"Come on Ruby..." Neo began as Ruby began to move her arms and lift her leg again. She had to do it now. She couldn't let Neo down. Not now, not ever again. She had to get the last five feet. As she took another step, her arms began to shake.

She could feel them wanting to give, but she couldn't.

Closing her eyes, she began to take some deep breaths. She couldn't let herself fail here. She knew she could get the final few steps. All it was going to take was a few more minutes. Her hands began to sweat more. She could feel the beads of sweat roll down her arms and body in general.

But she had to get through this. No matter how long it was going to take. It was going to be that simple. Five more steps. That was all. She had no choice but to take them. She knew she could do it.

With her eyes still shut tight Ruby raised her left foot and placed it down. The simple countdown in her head went down on. Taking another deep breath she raised her right foot and placed it down. She knew she could do it. It was only going to be a few more steps.

Shooting her eyes open she couldn't help but feel a second wind almost. She was close enough that she could smell the perfume Neo decided to wear. She could feel the little girl's mirth egging her on. But the look in the both of their eyes was more than enough for her to look down.

"Two more Ru Ru..." Cerezas said, causing Ruby to smirk a little. She almost didn't want to hear the little girl call her anything else, it was probably the nicest thing she had called her since they met.

Ruby could see her doctor walking over with her wheelchair, stopping just next to Neo and Cerezas. Ruby couldn't focus on that though. The second she did, she would lose whatever spell Neo and Cerezas had cast on her to prevent her from feeling the pain.

As she raised her left leg and placed it down, she knew she could make the final step. She was too close to fail now. She knew it could be done. Without thinking, ignoring what little pains she was feeling when she took the final step.

Once her foot touched the ground she felt Octavia quickly catching her, her hands straight out under Ruby's arms as she began to walk backwards towards the wheelchair letting Ruby get comfortable. As she smirked.

"You got it done faster. And further before Neo and Cerezas came in here." Octavia calmly said as Ruby began to pant. Her legs were sore, but the look on Neo's face made her feel that much better. "Your next appointment is next week correct?" Octavia asked as Neo looked at Ruby.

This was the first she was hearing about it, and it was something that she would have rather known beforehand. "Yeah." Ruby got out as she gripped the wheels and leaned back. Just taking greedy inhales of air. The air seemed to be calming the pain she was feeling in her legs.

"Well, after that take a week off. If you push yourself as much as you are, you are going to cause damage. If you follow your exercises I don't see why you shouldn't be able to walk by Christmas. Just listen to me this time Ruby." Octavia stated as Neo nodded for her. "Reduce your medication intake to one pill every four hours as well." Octavia continued as Ruby nodded.

"Now, go, enjoy the rest of your day." Octavia said as Ruby smiled. She held her hand out for Cerezas to take as Neo walked behind her and began to push her out of the room.

Ruby just smiled at how nice her life had changed. She couldn't believe she was actually thinking about thanking Yang for meddling in her life. But she was a lot more thankful for that accidental fire. She personally wouldn't even care if it was from further meddling.

She got Neo back. But she got more, she also got a daughter. One that while at the start infuriated her, but she was more than happy to go through that time and time again just so she could have the both of them in her life.

Everything to Ruby was perfect. Once they got outside the building Ruby quickly picked Cerezas up and placed her on her lap, as she looked at the girl. "So... what do you guys want to eat for lunch? I'm sure Yang would love to join us." Ruby asked. She already knew what the little girl would respond, and she would fake like she would go with the chicken nuggets, while Neo would offer a real suggestion.

"There is a restaurant only a short walk from here. We can try that place. Yang is nearby as well. So she could meet us." Neo said as Ruby smiled up at her. "Sounds nice."

Author's Note:

Okay, so one thing I didn't use while setting up is Pyrrha and Yang splitting up. I should have used it earlier because now there is no way without it seeming shoehorned in. But I like this Epilogue. And this story... it wasn't all dark... proof sometimes there is a happy ending without doom and gloom. Onto the guest reviews...

Guest 4: They aren't shocked that Ruby is Cerezas paternal parent... I mean I made that clear from the start really. They are more so curious how Neo got her eggs. To which I respond, an alcoholic pain pill popping cripple wouldn't notice. After all the only obvious symptom is a slight limp. It is a non-invasive thing.