Author's notes. This is a continuation of the ideas I tried to express in Ron's Coin. Kim, Ron, Rufus and all the other Kim Possible characters are not mine, I am just taking them out for a spin down roads that Disney would never have used. As in all fan fiction, if this can be confused with a real Kim Possible episode, then I am doing it wrong.

The main critique that I am trying to show improvement on is "more mayhem and more angst:.

I use Text to Speech to review my writing, that helps me catch errors that I didn't see visually. As a result, you might notice that some things that look like errors, and they might be actually be errors, but they are there on purpose. For example, using Google's Text to Speech on my phone:

The text Dr Slim Possible gets read as "Doctor Slim Possible"
The text Dr. Anne gets read as "Drive Anne"

A registrar at Eastern State University came across a notice from Middleton High School that read "As there was no such student named Rod Sorpable during any period that we can find, we are unable to provide an official transcript." Thinking that she should know that name, she went back to her desk and checking to make sure that no one was watching her, pulled out a Burperware container of coins. Closing her eyes, she selected a coin. Looking at the coin, the name Ron Stoppable came to mind. Putting the container away, she started pulling up records on her computer. The request for official transcript that was returned had the same tracking number as an application from Ron Stoppable. Further searches brought up no mention of any application from a Kimberly Ann Possible in the system. 'Well, well, my boy', she chuckled, 'perhaps wishes do have a catch. Maybe a little independence could be in your future'. In a few minutes of furious typing, she copied the unofficial transcript in Ron's application to a copy marked official, replaced the bad SAT scores somehow mistakenly taken from the records of a Bonnie Mottible with Ron's real scores (not super, but not too shabby). Sure he was might have been a "gentleman C student" in early high school, but his transcript was full of AP classes and he had really brought up his GPA in his senior year. All in all, his application with the correct information might look a little borderline in a review, but its approval would seem legit. Satisfied, she used an administrative override to approve his application and automatically send Ron Stoppable a letter of acceptance complete with approved scholarships that totaled to about three quarters of a full ride. 'Yes', she thought, 'should someone pull out this Colorado quarter and ask me for the story, I might have more to tell than just Ron's name.'

Warhawk and Warmonga were alone on the Observation Command Deck watching the blue planet slowly turn under them. Warhawk's console chimed and he pressed a button. "What do you have for us, Number 3?"

The intercom answered, "The challenge marks have all been placed on the planet. Synchronous orbit denial is ready. The two factory ships are in orbit and will be fully operational in 72 hours, our strike force will be ready to launch in 6 hours. We have located the Blue Pretender and discovered that the girl that Warmonga is looking for will be giving a speech at some kind of ceremony in 13 hours. How do you want to set up the attack?"

Warmonga touched Warhawk on the arm. "I want to publicly humiliate the girl. Let's grab her while she gives her speech in public while starting the assault with the strike forces from this ship. Then later we can crush this planet at our leisure with the forces from the factory ships."

Warhawk looked into his battle mate's shining eyes. "Perhaps there is a suitable spot on this planet to have a hunt with our prisoners before we leave for home."

Warmonga scratched her nails lightly across his hard biceps. "You say the sweetest things my love."

Warhawk spoke into the intercom. "We will drop down to the surface, grab the Blue Pretender then grab the girl as she speaks before returning to orbit and coordinating the assault. Given that, how long until operations start?"

"Nine hours, 24 minutes" came the reply after a short pause.

"Come, my princess, let's retire to our quarters."

"To rest?", Warmonga grinned at her battle mate.

"Perhaps that also". Warhawk took her hand and led her out of the windowed command deck.

Down in the armored Battle Command Center, the crew of the Lowardian small cruiser "Spear of Fire" initiated denial of the earth's geosynchronous orbit by boosting the equivalent of two 20 ton dump truck loads of one inch square steel cubes into a reverse geosynchronous orbit and releasing them. Twice a day, each geosynchronous satellite in orbit would pass through a cloud of over 150,000 metal cubes at a relative closing speed of over 20,000 feet per second. Not every pass would result in a hit, but a hit at that speed would destroy the satellite. Five minutes later, the crew cheered and broke out a double ration of beer as EchoStar-7 became the first geosynchronous satellite to run out of luck as it exploded into a cloud of debris.

Slim Possible set Anne back on her feet after giving her a huge hug. "And there's my fave-o-rite niece", the tall cowboy said, scooping Kim up in that same massive hug.

"Hi Uncle Slim."

"I hear you're fixing to graduate"

"I reckon"

"Say, is that sidekick of yourn still around? The one with that hairless prairie dog? Joss says to tell him hello for her.", Slim said, putting Kim back on the ground.

"Ron? He and Rufus are still around. We were just at the Bueno Nacho earlier."

"Slim, Ron should be by later", added Anne, "he was going to stop by the courthouse and pick up Kim's passport for her. She'll need it for when she starts going on those foreign college visits."

"The courthouse?", Kim paled. "Alone? I should have gone with him."

"Honey, Ron said you didn't need to go this time. Besides, Rufus is with him."

Ron carefully strode down the sidewalk. Using his scooter for this leg of his journey was out of the question due to the inability of his scanner to spot targets at even the relatively slow cruising speed the scooter could do. As the Middleton Courthouse with its shining beacon came in sight, three lawyer zombies shuffled out from the entrance to the parking garage, too close for comfort. Ron knew from the last status he had received from Zombie Central that more zombies were gathering behind him, so there was nowhere to go but forward. He gunned down the first two, then spun and knocked the third back with a roundhouse kick to give him the precious seconds he needed to slam a new clip in his Glock. Gunning down the third, he jogged over to the steps when one last clerk zombie popped out of nowhere and immediately exploded into a shower of gore and body parts. "Thanks little buddy" he said looking down to see Rufus hanging half out of his pocket loading new shells into a double barreled shotgun. He walked up to the beacon which unfolded into a holographic shield. "Middleton Courthouse ZombieStop" announced a cheery computer voice while items appeared on a glowing table in front of him. Ron pressed the team talk button. "Felix, got to go offline for a bit. Probably should give it a rest until the weekend. A-booyah! two gamma globulin self injectors!", he crowed in delight, scooping up his virtual items: 9mm clips, boxes of shotgun shells, two clips of silver 9mm ammo and the two self-injectors. "With the injectors to protect against viral infection, we can try the 'Rescue the Governator' mission this weekend."

"Ok Ron", replied Felix over the Kimmunicator screen. "I should look at my graduation speech stuff anyway. Oh, remember that the zombie nests migrate tomorrow, so we will have to clear areas all over again this weekend. See you tonight at graduation."

"Booyah indeed", murmured Ron as he closed his game of Zombie Mayhem Go and put his Kimmunicator back in his pocket. Ron was oblivious to the old gray bearded man walking by grumbling about how in his days, Zombie blasting was done in the privacy of your own home, not on the streets. Taking a deep cleansing breath to release the built up tension in his muscles, Ron jogged up the steps to the courthouse and into the building. He stepped through the metal detector setting off enough bells, whistles and flashing lights to be mistaken for a Las Vegas slot machine super jackpot. The security guard silenced the alarms. "Good to see you Mr Stoppable, go on right through sir." Ron looked a little embarrassed, but waved and walked to the elevators.

The next person, a man in a tailored suit, set off a little squeak. "Sorry sir, please take your belt off and step back through."

The man was indignant, "But that boy just went through…"

"Sir, we have standing orders from the judges here that the only time Mr Stoppable is to be stopped is if he doesn't set off the metal detector. Something to do with a hostage rescue involving the judges and rocket powered boxer shorts…"

The cell phone footage was a little shaky and the image wasn't the best, but it clearly showed a red haired young woman leaping onto a Middleton Days parade float, screaming in rage and ripping off a section of its covering. A blond young man jumped off the float and ran off, clearly trying to escape. He picked the wrong direction to run and immediately came face to face with the furious redhead. He flashed a peace sign and then with both hands up in a placating manner started to back away. The young woman followed, closed the gap between them, then lifted the young man over her head and hurled him into some wooden traffic barriers, breaking one. He sat up, moving more slowly now and once again, was waving his hands to try to placate his attacker. But the woman reached down, grabbed his collar with one hand and his pants leg with the other, slung the unfortunate blond around in a circle and then flung him off camera. She looked in the direction she had thrown him, hot fury in her eyes.

Judge White, a middle aged woman with cool gray eyes and a passion for juvenile justice, closed the video window and glanced at her notes to refresh herself on the case. Due mainly to that video evidence plus some eye witness testimony, the prosecutor pressed charges of felony battery against the woman, one 'Kim Possible'. Ms Possible claimed that a device called a "moodulator" caused her to attack her friend Ronald Stoppable resulting in multiple injuries. However a working "moodulator" was never produced and the inventor of the alleged mood control device was unable to be found in order to corroborate her claim. The case ended up with a plea bargain that resulted in a suspended sentence with probation for Ms Possible. Judge White's task for this case was to monitor Ms Possible's probation. In particular, she personally was watching closely for evidence of Ms Possible's physical or emotional abuse of Ron Stoppable. As such she had full access to Wade Load's mission files and mission data. She used her interviews with Ron to get information that never made in into the log and data files. The judge closed her laptop and pushed the intercom button on her desk phone, saying "Julie, is Mr Stoppable here for his appointment?"

"No your honor, but there is a Don Croppable who says he has an appointment?"

The judge rolled her eyes. "Send him in Julie and I need a bailiff please."

The door open and Ron walked in. "Hi your honor, I hope you are having a bondigetty day." He placed a home made Naco salad on her desk along with a super sized unsweetened iced tea and a small container of his own "Diablo Ranch with bacon" dressing. "I figure you haven't taken time to eat lunch, so I brought this for you."

The judge smiled, "Thanks Ron. I actually brought in lunch, but yours looks much better. What should I do with this serving of triple cheese lasagna? It would be a shame to waste it." The judge gave Ron a slight wink, placing a small Burperware container on the desk.

"Oh! Oh! Me! Me!" squeaked Rufus scrambling out of Ron's pocket and leaping onto her desk.

Judge White scooped up the little rodent, giving him several long strokes down his entire body. "Thank you Rufus, you are quite the hero." She set an almost purring Rufus down by the lasagna, opened it and after checking to make sure it wasn't too hot, told him to dig in.

A policewoman knocked on the open door, one hand on her service revolver, the other reaching for handcuffs. "Your honor? Do you need Mr Croppable removed? Arrested? What's the charge?"

"Hello Susan, no, no, nothing like that. Please come in and close and lock the door. I need a chaperone. Susan, this is Ronald Stoppable. He is here today to provide testimony and be evidence regarding someone else's probation"

Susan held out her hand to Ron, "Hi Ron, good to see you again. Your honor, I've run into Ron and his partners Rufus and Kim before. Why did Julie say it was someone else?"

Ron shook Susan's hand, "Hi Susan, she must have misread my name. It happens."

Turning to Ron, the judge said, "Let's get to work. Ron, do you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?"

Ron replied "I do your honor, given the caveat that some answers might be for your ears only." Ron had been here before and knew the drill. Judge White was the only judge he knew of that was cleared for pretty much any agency's secrets - Yanamouchi, Secret Service, Global Justice, etc.

"Very well", answered the judge. "Strip to your boxers."

After grilling Ron on the bandage on his side (Ron told about the mysterious 'Ms Ninja', but not about the leprechaun as Ron believed it had no bearing on the injury), she looked him over for scars and other signs of injuries not already noted in the case notes.

"How did you get these scratches", the judge asked, pointing to a myriad of faint, fine parallel lines running along his back, indicating for the bailiff to take a picture of the area.

"Paper cuts from falling into a crate of seven hundred forty two dollar bills."

"Seven hundred forty two dollar bills?" The judge repeated, trying to figure out how to parse that phrase. Ron, understanding her confusion, pulled out his Kimmunicator and pulled up a picture of a federal reserve note with a picture of Grover Cleveland in the middle and the number "742" in the corners. "

"A seven hundred forty two dollar federal reserve note. Where did you find such nonsense?"

"Señor Senior, Jr. was trying his hand at counterfeiting money. The '742' was supposed to have something to do with inflation. I never made sense of that but the plates, paper and ink he was using were perfect. Well, except for the '742' instead of '500'. The Secret Service was able to track down and arrest his sources based on our work.", Ron said with a bit of pride.

Once convinced that none of Ron's newer injuries were a result of Kim's abuse, she told Ron to get dressed. Once Ron had dressed the judge thanked and dismissed the bailiff after reminding her that anything she had heard or seen was protected information and not to be shared with anyone.

The bailiff said her goodbyes and left, closing the door behind her. "Ron's looking pretty good, just seen a bit of hard use.", Susan thought, "Could stand to lose a little weight around the middle. If he were a few years older, I'd partner with him anytime. Heck, for law enforcement, throw in Rufus and I'd partner with him now."

Judge White settled down to her spicy, cheesy, beefy salad and started running down her standard list of specific questions about relationship abuse:

"Does she humiliate you, put you down, criticize or embarrass you?"
"Does she refuse to talk to you or exclude you in conversations with others?"
"Does she flirt with other people?"
"Is she jealous when you talk to other people?"
"Is she moody?"
"Does she use the phrase 'I love you but…'"
"Are there periods where she withdraws affection?"
"Does she usually say that team failures are your fault?"
"Does she not like you spending time with friends and family without her?"
"Does she constantly message you when you aren't with her?"
"Has she ever threatened self harm if you leave her?"
"Does she have you chipped?"

As they discussed the questions, Judge White would often glance over at Rufus, who had finished the lasagna and was intently watching the discussion. He would periodically shake his head or nod to comment on what Ron was saying. It's not that the judge didn't trust Ron to tell the truth, she just figured that Rufus would give a more unbiased answer. After the list of questions had been discussed, Judge White spent a couple of minutes finishing up some notes and wrote a short note on a post-it. She opened a drawer, pulled out an envelope, slipped in the post-it and sealed the envelope.

Turning to Ron, she said, "This completes conditions of the probation of Kimberly Ann Possible resulting from her actions during the Middleton Days Fair last year. I will file the necessary papers to have her court records expunged, that should happen by the end of the week. Here is some paperwork for her and her passport. Would you give it to her or her parents?" She held onto the envelope when Ron started to take it. "Do not look at any of the papers in this envelope. Agreed?"

"Yes, your honor".

Releasing the envelope, she said "Ron, I hope we do not meet again in my official capacity, but if you are ever in the building, feel free to stop by and say hello." She scooped up Rufus, "Rufus, don't be a stranger.", she gave the wrinkly little hero a couple of long strokes and handed him back to Ron.

"Oh, Ron, one last question: Did Kim ever apologize for nearly putting you in the hospital?"

"No your honor, why would she? It wasn't her fault."

Ron stopped at the door, turned around and said, "Your honor, the questions you ask are about relationship stuff, right?"

"Yes, they are."

"I'm graduating tonight and my life now becomes the past that I can't live in because the circle can't hold, everything will end and …"

"Everything is a big category Ron, can you give me two examples?" the judge interrupted sensing that the young man was about to get spun up in a punctuation-less panic."

Ron fought his panic. "College and Kim." I've not gotten any acceptance letters, Kim has a pile of them, she's going away to school, I'll be here working at Smarty Mart, we'll call and talk, but then it will be 'Too busy to talk Ron' and then …"

"So everything is really your relationship with Kim Possible" interrupted the judge.

"Yes, your honor. Kim is my everything and I am going to lose her."

"Ron, listen to me." The judge paused until she was sure that Ron really was listening to her and not his internal panic. "The life you have had for the last four years isn't totally going away - for example, you have friends that with a little work, you should be able to keep for a lifetime. It's not ending, but it will be changing and one of the biggest changes will be that you and your friends may be scattered to the winds to continue on with the next part of everyone's life."

"But Kim and I…"

"You and Kim may remain lovers in spite of any distance for long enough to get back together or you may move on and find other companions."

"Uh, Kim and I haven't, uh…"

"I am talking about hearts, not anatomy here Ron. Who is Ron Stoppable? Is he more than Kim Possible's teammate and boy friend? Don't let Ms Possible define your identity. You really should take some time and think about who Ron Stoppable is and who he wants to be. And remember that who you are and who you want to be is allowed to change over time."

"OK" replied Ron, not sounding totally convinced. "Well, I have to be off to deliver this envelope to Kim and my family is going out for dinner before graduation."

"Take care you two."

She watched the pair walk out of the office, Rufus riding on Ron's shoulder while chattering in conversation with his human buddy. "I'll never see anything like those two again. I think he could find someone who appreciates him more."

"Surprise!", called out an elderly woman.

"Nana!" Kim got up and hugged her grandmother.

"I wouldn't miss this for the world.", Nana said, standing back from the hug to get a better look at her granddaughter, "Living so far away, I miss you."

"I miss you too Nana," replied Kim, "It's awful to be so far away from someone you love."

"Slim, check out these acceptance letters.", bragged James, handing Slim a stack of envelopes as the two walked in the room.

"University of Oxford, University of Edinburgh, Hong Kong University, Tsinghua University in Bejing", read Slim as he flipped through a few of the envelopes, "Hoo dang, them's far. You fixin to make visits to all of these?"

"Well, some of them, I have to pare down the list, Uncle Slim."

"Oh, Kimmie cub", said James, "Ronald dropped an envelope with your passport off for you, he had to run, his parents are taking him and Hana out to an early dinner and he had to get ready. I gave it to your mom, she will need it to make plane reservations for your college trips. He said he would try to join us for dinner after graduation. I swear that boy hangs around here just for the food."


Kim had just taken Nana's bags to the guest room when Anne called her. "Kimmy honey, can you come here for a minute?"

Kim walked to her parent's bedroom door. "Hi Mom."

"Kimmy, what does this mean?" Anne held Kim's passport open to a yellow post-it note. The note read:

"Why did Ron push you in the PDVI mission?"
"What caused the wound on Ron's side on the PDVI mission?"
" - Judge White"

Kim just stood there staring at the note.

"Kim? What's this note about?"

"Mom, I don't know, I thought we just collided when he jumped for the PDVI and I didn't even know he was bleeding until one of the parajumpers spotted blood on me. We got back late that night, I had to be at school early for meetings the next day, so I didn't see him home after the parajumpers took him to the emergency room, then we had to go stop Drakken and then check out Killigan and then there was graduation stuff mixed in and, and, well, I just never had a chance to talk to him about what happened on that mission."

"Didn't you two go to Bueno Nacho this afternoon?"

"Well, he saw my pile of acceptance letters and I didn't want him to freak because his letters haven't come in yet, so I dragged him to Bueno Nacho where he got panicked anyway - something about 'the center cannot hold', that graduation was the end of everything, he even got it in his head that we will break up. I told him that it is just graduation, not the end of the world and that we aren't breaking up.", Kim paused to take a breath then looked at her mother, "So, you think its all going to be OK, right?".

"Absolutely honey. But you should talk more to Ron as soon as you can. It's not the end of the world, but there are major transitions coming up that you two need to think and talk over."

"I'll grab Ron this weekend. I'll tell Wade no missions for a few days so we'll have time to talk."

Later, as Kim was starting to get ready, she decided to check on the reports from the PDVI mission. Going to the mission files, she didn't see Ron's report. That wasn't unusual, she or Wade often had to remind Ron to put in his notes and to be fair, the last couple of weeks were crazy. Looking in the data area, she found a file labeled "Unverified Camera Video". Playing it, she saw a view of the lair basement. Soon she saw the three of them drop down from the vent. She saw herself talk to Ron and then they split up as she had directed, she running to grab the PDVI and Ron running to the stairs, followed by Rufus. She saw Ron glance over his shoulder at the ceiling then he pivoted, and ran towards her. It was hard to estimate speed, but she didn't think he ran nearly that fast on the field. Then he jumped in an odd spinning leap, not towards the PDVI, but at her! He was pushing her! And did he throw something? The picture changed to a blast of static, like you might get from electrical or plasma interference close to the camera. When the picture cleared, she saw the two of them in a tangled heap on the floor. Then the picture shook and finally stopped, probably due to maybe Rufus blowing the lair? But wait - Rufus was last seen heading for the stairs, how did their talented little demolition expert blow up the lair?

So Ron pushed her on purpose, not bumped into her by accident. Why? What did he see in the ceiling? All she remembered was rows of lights hanging from the ceiling. She couldn't actually see the ceiling because of the glare from the lights. Her blood chilled as an answer occurred to her. This really wasn't the time to talk, but she found her finger irresistibly reaching for the button that was the direct call to Ron.

"Kim! Hi!" squeaked a little pink face in the screen. More like shouted to be heard over the din of kids yelling and some awful but cheerful and upbeat music playing loudly in the background.

"Rufus, is Ron there?" asked Kim feeling more and more that this wasn't the time.

"Skee! Intruder!" and the view on the screen panned around until she could see Ron helping Hana at a Skee ball machine. Seeing several ball-sized holes in the wall and a large pile of tickets at their feet, Kim guessed that Ron and Hana had been playing a while. The little girl rolled a ball that went into the 50 circle. Hana squealed with delight as her big brother lifted her up and did a victory dance with her. 'Leave it to Ron to have his graduation dinner at J.P. Bearymore's Pizza Party-Torium' she thought. The screen changed back to Rufus. "Need Ron?" squeaked the mole rat.

"No Rufus, just tell Ron that I love him and will see him tonight"

"Kay!" replied Rufus, closing the connection.

She put her speculation on what happened that mission aside, she would find out for sure, probably not tonight, but certainly this weekend. Spirits boosted by the image of her BFBF doing a victory dance with a delighted Hana, she stripped for a quick shower before getting dressed for graduation.