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Breakfast at Stoppables

Jean adjusted the seasoning on her country fried potatoes giving them a final stir. Turning to Ann, she asked, "Cheese and veggie omelet OK for you, Ann?"

"Sounds great, sure you don't want any help?"

"Maybe you could gather up people for breakfast?"

"Sure, come on Hana, let's go wake up Ronald and Kimmy!" Hana grabbed Ann's hand and started bouncing and pulling her toward the living room.

After coming home from the hospital yesterday, Ron and Kim were pretty much glued together at the hip. Ann noticed that they were constantly bumping gently into each other and touching each other, not really flirting or in playfulness, but to reassure themselves that the other was there and alive. Jean had shadowed her son for much of the day but eventually settled down to a more normal level of affection. Ann wanted to sit Ron and his parents down and discuss the whole DNA thing. Besides, Ann was curious to find out what Amy had told Ron about the modifications she put in Ron's DNA. Maybe she could ask Kim…

When it came time for bed Ron and Kim declared that they needed a night of closeness and would sleep on the sofa bed in the 'public' living room to assure the parents that no 'inappropriate activities' would happen. Jean told Ann later that she didn't point out that she and Gene in their younger days had performed 'inappropriate activities' many times in a living room once others had retired for the night, but that she and Gene decided to cut the pair a little slack. That also gave the ninjas Ron's bedroom for sleeping. Besides, as Jean told her, "After all this time pushing him not to depend on me, I can't go all Jewish mom on him and start hovering over all his decisions."

Hana let go of Ann the moment they stepped into the living room, racing to the sofa bed, yelling "Brother! Get! Up!", then giggling as she vaulted over the back of the sofa intending a belly flop on her unsuspecting victims. Ann saw four arms reach up to catch Hana who was gently lowered only to peal with laughter as a raspberry was blown on the little girl's stomach. Looking over at the big recliner, she saw Suzie, alert and smiling at Hana's antics. She was apparently doing finger flexibility exercises with some sort of metal star.

"Suzie, go find Yori and Wanda. Tell them to join us for breakfast, please and thank you."

"Hai," replied Suzie, getting up and heading up the stairs.

Walking up to the sofa bed she said, "Jean is finishing up breakfast, think you both can be showered and dressed for the day in twenty minutes?."

"Not a problem, Mom," Kim bounced out of the bed leaving Ron to deal with the giggling intruder.

"That's showering alone, by the way."

"Mom!" Kim mock complained, but smiled anyway.

As Kim raced to the guest room, Ann rescued Ron from Hana so he could go upstairs for a shower.

At breakfast, Jamie joined them to report, "For some reason", he gave Wanda and Suzie a suspicious look, "DHS thinks I am some sort of law enforcement detective from England. They told me that Fukushima's backpack contained notes of the numbers of the burner phones of his accomplices here in the states. Even had their names. They expect to have them all under arrest before the end of the week. I told them to coordinate with Scotland Yard as I am not officially assigned to the case. They also found several very old journals written in Japanese which they haven't translated yet."

Jamie looked at Yori, "Are you the person who can tell me what happened to Lord Fiske?"

"I can tell you much," Yori replied, "but Ron-san is the only one that actually saw it all. Perhaps we should adjourn somewhere more private?"

"Actually, I need to take Hana to day care and help them out this morning," Jean said, gathering up Hana.

"And I should make an appearance at the hospital," declared Ann, getting up.

"We will clean up here, thank you very much for breakfast," said Suzie.

Ann paused at the door, "Ronald, dear, if you decide to go to the lake, stay out of the water. The hole in your head still needs to heal and I don't want to have to go back in to remove parasites or trout or anything."

For the next hour, over coffee and tea, Jamie was told the tale of Lord Fiske giving his soul to the Yono followed by the Yono's attack of the Yamanouchi school. They told him of the Yono's defeat by the young Hana who won the day not because her brother taught her how to be a ninja or mystic warrior, but because Ron was trying to teach her to be a little girl whose brother loved her. Who would have guessed that his lessons on dancing and turning pages would be critical knowledge for defeating evil?

Jamie sat silent after they described the stone statue that used to be Lord Fiske sinking under the ground in the Yamanouchi courtyard.

"Well, I guess that is it, then," Jamie finally said, "I don't believe that Lord Fiske has any heirs. I suppose that I will go back and get the estate ready for the barristers to figure out the disposition of the property." Unsaid was "and find a new place to live and new work to do."

"Mr Bates," said Yori, "What if there was a Lady Fiske who had been separated these last few years from her beloved Monty? Could she take over the estate?"

"I know of no Lady Fiske and am not a legal expert, but that seems reasonable if you can find one."

Yori glared at her Kimmunicator which had been beeping louder and louder. Looking at Kim and Ron she asked, "How do you silence this stupid device?"

Ron snorted as Kim replied, "You can't. The last time I turned mine off to get a little time for just 'me', toy robots almost took over the world."

"Better answer it," recommended Ron.

Yori glared at the rude device and stabbed a finger on the call button, "Hai, this is Yori, how can I help you?"

A panicked Joss appeared on the screen, "Yori, can we talk in private please?"

"One moment please, Joss-chan," Yori excused herself and walked out of the kitchen while Wanda and Suzie started asking Jamie about how he would feel if this "presumed Lady Fiske" invited a few senior ninja students to study and train at the manor.

Ron touched Kim on the arm and led her out on the porch. Sitting on the porch glider, she curled into him. "So," Ron started, "Do you ever feel like it's just not about us anymore? I mean I know that sounds awful, but it used to just be you and me with Rufus and Wade against the world."

"I understand what you mean," replied Kim, "It's like we are side characters in a story who are just hanging around while the main characters do the real adventures. But enjoy this break while you can, lover, soon enough we will be in the thick of things. Peace never lasts. Maybe we should take advantage of this break and see how much damage was done to the couch in your tree house…"

"But the tree house wasn't touched in the attack."

Kim looked steadily into Ron's eyes then grinned.

"Oh, right. Yes. We had better go check it out right now," Ron jumped to his feet and pulled Kim to hers.

Breakfast of Reckoning

Joss walked into the kitchen and immediately lost her smile when she saw Bethany sitting close to her Dad at the table eating a late breakfast.

"Bethany, I thought you had an early meeting!" Joss blurted out.

Bethany looked puzzled, "I moved it to next week. Is something wrong Joss?"

"NO! Well, yes. Maybe? Just a minute please," Joss ran out of the kitchen and onto the back porch. Pulling out her communicator, she pressed and held down the call button. Wade immediately appeared on the screen, "Joss, what's the emergency?"

"Wade I need to talk to Yori right now and I need the call private! Please!"

Wade immediately started tapping on his keyboard. His picture was replaced by a screen that said "SECURE CALL CONNECTING…", then Joss saw Yori's face and heard, "Hai, this is Yori, how can I help you?"

"Yori, can we talk in private please?" Joss's voice and face showed her distress.

"One moment please, Joss-chan." There was some movement, the sound of a door closing, and then, "I am alone now."

"Remember the last information you gave me on the MMP? The fertile as a jack rabbit part?"


"OK, so yesterday Rufus charged me and Daddy up with the MMP so we spent the morning healing naked mole bats then after lunch Nana and I went back to check on them and I spent the night there in the behemoth, Daddy has a lady friend that he said wasn't spending the night so I thought I could wait to mention the jack rabbit thing but I just walked into the kitchen and both of them are there sitting real close and now…"

"Joss-chan, please, take a breath," interrupted Yori, making a mental note to ask about the healing part later. "Your father and his lady friend are there now?"


"Please give the Kimmunicator to your father. I will explain it to them. Perhaps I should speak to them alone to save you distress."

A puzzled Slim and Bethany saw Joss come back into the kitchen. She couldn't meet their eyes and laid the Kimmunicator on the table. "Daddy, Yori will tell you both about the MMP. I'm sorry, but I was so worried about Rufus's children that it totally slipped my mind until it got real late. I'm so sorry," Joss fled the kitchen.

Puzzled more than ever, Slim set the Kimmunicator on its end so they could both see Yori. "Dr Possible-sensei, could you please introduce us?"

"Yori, this is Dr Bethany Stanek, formerly the head of the Department of Robotics at the University of Colorado. In fact, she was the department head when I was getting my Ph.D. She is a brilliant scientist in several fields and is currently doing astrophysics research as part of a NASA deep space project."

Slim continued, "Bethany, this is Yori, I don't know much about her, but Momma respects her and that says a lot. She's never said, but I reckon she's been helping Ronald with that MMP stuff I was telling you about."

"Dr Stanek-sensei, I am pleased to meet you," Yori gave a little bow.

"Please, call me Bethany. I gather that you are one of the heroes that Kimberly and Ronald work with?"

"I do not claim the title of hero, but yes, I have worked with Kim and Ron on some of their efforts. One of my current tasks is to check on Ron and his access to the MMP. One of the things I have recently been made aware of is what I need to discuss with Possible-sensei and perhaps you."

"You mean that y'all don't already know about this MMP hoodoo that you gave Ronald?" Slim wasn't happy about Ron being a guinea pig.

"Sir, we did not give Ron Mystical Monkey Power, he received possession of it on a mission where Kim could not be there to help him. Please understand that the MMP had been lost for so long that many thought it was a legend. During the mission, the four jade statues that held the essence of the MMP were destroyed and the released essence was transferred into Ron and Rufus. Like the jade statues, they can give people a temporary charge of MMP. Unlike the jade statues, the MMP is integrated into their very being."

"So what is the part that Joss is afraid to look us in the eye and tell us about?" Slim decided to get to the point.

"Please understand that I only found out about this myself a couple of days ago. I have no excuse, the information was recorded in an old scroll that I did not read before coming to the states."

Bethany put her hand on Slim's arm to stop him from once again telling the young woman to get to the point.

"One of the side effects of the MMP is increased fertility. I believe it may be increased to the point where normal birth control is rendered ineffective. Please excuse me if I have caused any offense, I am not making assumptions about your relationship, this is information that you may or may not need to act on."

"Thank you very much for the information," Bethany said after a thoughtful pause, "Is there any other information that you need to tell us about at this time?"

"No. This was the part of the MMP that you may need to know about now."

"I assume that I can reach you on this device if I want to talk more?"

"Yes, Bethany-sensei. Simply press the largest button under the screen. Wade Load will answer. Tell him who you wish to speak with."

"How do I hang up?"

"Simply press the largest button again."

"Thank you, Yori, it was a pleasure meeting you."

"The pleasure was mine, Bethany-sensei."

Bethany closed the connection.

Slim looked heavenward and blew out a breath.

"Joss told me that she needed to tell me something about the MMP last night but said it could wait when I told her that you had gone home for the night. So maybe this mess is all my fault. Well, I reckon we need to get to a drugstore."

"Not so fast cowboy, I have to think and I think I still have a couple of hours to do that," Bethany said and put her fingers on Slim's lips to cut off further conversation. "I need to see Joss. Stay put for a bit."

Slim watched her pick up the Kimmunicator and walk out the back door to find Joss. Being forty-five, he had assumed his baby days were behind him. Did Bethany want a baby if the MMP hoodoo did its magic? Joss wouldn't be home much longer and he had been hoping that Bethany would become his companion. And to be honest, he liked having people all over the place the last few days, even if there was an attack by idjits on dirt bikes. Was he too cussed an old cowboy to share his life with both a wife and new baby? Hearing Tornado's engines start up, he was guessing he had a little time to think about it. Maybe a talk with Mom would help steer him right, he figured that Joss didn't walk back home. Sure enough, looking out the back window he saw her behemoth of an RV parked back of the bunkhouse.

Tree House

It was a warm day, but the breeze was nice and cool on Kim's bare skin. At the moment there was a lot of bare skin that needed cooling. For Ron, the extra warmth was fine as he had his favorite covering, a mostly naked Kim sprawled bonelessly on top of him.

"Ronnie babe?" Kim's voice was drowsy and satisfied.

"Yes, KP?"

"This was nice. I'm really going to miss it when I'm off studying and traveling."

"Yeah, me too."

"Marry me?" said the still drowsy voice.

Ron's internal panic level rose from DEFCON 5 up to DEFCON 2, "I love you and don't want to imagine spending my life with anyone else and want to have your children…"

"So, The answer is no," said the voice shifting from drowsy to hurt, "Let me guess. You're worried about me seeing a new hottie and dropping you like week old sushi."

Ron felt tears on his chest, 'Gods, now I've made her cry. Definitely, DEFCON 1, is there a DEFCON 0?' thought Ron as he wrapped his arms tightly around Kim, "The last two weeks have been the best of my life even counting getting poisoned and blown up. Having you by my side has made it the best. Having you in my arms is the cherry on top. But I have this fear that I don't deserve you, that it will all come crashing down any time now when you find someone better."

Kim sniffled and drew a shaky breath, "But Ron, you don't deserve me. I'm not a vending machine that you feed in dedication, love, and smoking hot sex then push a button and out comes my love in return. I chose you. I know all about you from being with you for years and still, I choose you. Now on the other hand, whether I deserve you or not is moot, because you are mine, Ron Stoppable. Don't care about how many sexy baby mamas you end up knocking up, You. Are. Mine." Kim was starting to growl a little."

"What about you and hottie baby daddies?" Ron's mouth outran his brain.

"You will still be mine. Am I still yours if I have hottie baby daddies?" Kim tossed the challenge back.

"The position of the love of my life is permanently reserved for you. No matter what happens. All you have to do is love me."

Kim raised her head off his chest and stretched up for a kiss.

"Kimmie!, Kimmie-cub! We need to pull you away from Ronald for a bit, we are having a family meeting. Kimmie, are you up there?"

Kim shouted down, "Coming, Daddy!" She threw on her tee shirt, running shorts and slipped her feet into her sneakers.

Jumping down from the tree house she followed James around to the front of the house where James stopped her.

"Kimmie-cub, what's the matter?" James gently wiped a tear from her cheek.

"My idiot Ron thinks that he doesn't deserve me."

"But Kimmie-cub. He doesn't deserve you. Anybody can see that," James replied, "Just like I don't deserve your mom."

"But mom says that she needs you."

"That doesn't mean I deserve her. So what did you tell Ron?"

"I told him that he doesn't deserve me, but I chose him so he is mine no matter what!"

James laughed, "Kimmie, you are your mother's daughter. Wash your face, we are meeting in the kitchen."

They walked across the living room where Yori and Hana were entertaining the rest by dancing along with a TV show that featured celebrities competing in dancing. Seeing Kim's face, Yori asked, "Kim, what is the matter?"

"Ron won't marry me," Kim continued on to the bathroom to wash her face.

Yori continued the dance with Hana, but looked at Wanda and Suzi and then looked with eyes narrowed to the door.

Ron dressed and put Kim's sports bra and socks out of sight. He knew that he had to get a grip, that Kim was the best thing that could ever happen to him in his unworthy existence and that his insecurities were in danger of driving her away. Descending from the tree house, he turned to go find someplace private to meditate and nearly ran into Wanda and Suzie glaring at him.

"You made our Oneesan cry. No one makes our Oneesan cry…"

Girl Talk

Bethany was thinking about babies as she stepped off the back deck going to talk to Joss. She liked Joss a lot, she thought that Joss had sharp brains and a big heart, a prime example of a good kid. Bethany had never had the chance to have a child of her own, perhaps this fertility "hoodoo" was something that she should take advantage of. While Bethany didn't believe that everything happens for a reason, she did believe in watching for an unexpected opportunity. While this was certainly unexpected, something inside her whispered to her to grab it with both hands and hold on. Maybe it was the MMP talking?

Bethany found Joss out in the yard working on a huge robot Pegasus. At least Joss was going through the motions, She looked distraught and distracted.

"Joss?" Bethany called out. Joss turned around and froze, giving the woman a deer in the headlights look.

"I'm so sorry," Joss whispered.

Bethany held out her arms and Joss crashed into her, hugging her desperately.

"I'm so sorry, you're probably pregnant because of me," Joss sobbed.

Bethany broke out laughing, "Joss honey, that's not how it works! Maybe you need to take health class again." Bethany turned Joss so she could look the girl in the eyes and continued, "Joss, don't be sorry for anything. Slim told me that you tried to tell him, but that you said telling him could wait when he told you I wasn't spending the night. Besides, maybe pregnancy is a good thing. Ever want to be a big sister?"

"A big sister? Me?"

"Think about it." Changing the subject to something less weepy, Bethany said, "So Joss, can this flying beastie here carry two riders?"

Joss blinked tears from her eyes, "Uh, yeah, but it needs a ground controller helping to fly it until we get the onboard computer upgraded."

Bethany handed Joss back her Kimmunicator. "Can you do a remote link with this?"

"Don't need it, the ground control console is already attached to the Internet with a VPN," Joss pulled out her cell phone and a moment later Bethany heard Joss talking,

"Tim, can you remote in as ground flight controller on Tornado?"

"No mission or anything, a friend of Daddy's wants a flight."

"I figure to fly out to show her the naked mole bats over at Joe's place. I don't have GPS coordinates for it handy, but it's a short flight and I can do visual all the way. I'm guessing we will need you for an hour at most, that's fifteen minutes of flight time out, a half hour to cuddle some naked mole bats, and fifteen minutes for the return."

"Yeah, better make that an hour at Joe's place, besides mole bat cuddling, you're right that Spot will need some loving and petting."

"OK, We'll be fueled and checked by the time you are ready. Thanks, cuz."

Joss gave Tornado a preflight check followed by Bethany who was fascinated by the engineering that the three progenies of a brain surgeon, rocket scientist, and a robotics engineer had produced.

Joss did a slow circle around their destination checking to make sure her landing spot was clear. A large hangar sat in a field with a small helicopter and a hoverjet with Global Justice markings parked nearby.

"Bethany," Joss's voice was clear through the helmet mounted headphones, "I see that Global Justice is still here, that means that Dr Amy Hall is here along with Spot. Spot is a giant spider with the body the size of a dog, it's kinda scary but it's OK, it is a biological serum factory, I'm pretty sure that it treated Kim and Ron for poison. Sorry, I forgot to tell you that mole bat blood is poisonous, but nobody should be bleeding. Damn, I've got to make a list of things to tell people. Anyway, Spot likes to be pet, kind of strange though, soft fur on a hard body."

Bethany understood Joss's frustration, while she herself often forgot to tell people things, for Joss, it seemed like her list was filled with items of life and death. Too much seriousness for a fourteen-year-old. Landing, Joss had no sooner helped Bethany down from Tornado when the girl was covered in small chattering winged creatures. Her face lit up with delight.

Joss nearly had to shout to make herself heard, "Bethany, these are the naked mole bats. Naked mole bats, this is Bethany. Bethany, hold up an arm in front of you."

When she held up her arm, an especially bold one landed on it. The creature had a naked mole rat body, but instead of using its front legs for wings like a normal bat, the creature was six limbed with four legs and two wings. It rubbed its head along her arm like a cat.

"OK sweeties, back to the nest, I need to talk to Joss," a woman in a lab coat followed by one of the most terrifying creatures that Bethany had ever seen, a giant spider. Expecting Bethany's distress, Joss stepped in front of her.

"Down Spot. Easy girl, this is a new friend that needs to get used to you," Joss spoke to the creature.

The massive spider immediately flattened itself to the ground curling all but two legs under it, waving those two legs toward Joss. Joss stepped forward and let it wrap them around her hand and wrist. Petting the legs with her free hand, she said "See? It's friendly and knows how to shake hands. Come and touch the leg, you will feel much better about it."

Mesmerized, Bethany stepped forward to timidly touch the leg. She smelled a whiff of something pleasantly spicy and peppery. The release of her tension caused by fear and dread was like a rubber band snapping.

"Joss," chided the woman in the lab coat, "That's cheating. Spot, go keep the queen company and tell Rufus to come meet with us."

The meeting was short. The problem was that the mole bat nest had to be moved. Visitors were soon going to get out of hand. Global Justice was having difficulty keeping the lid on the press and the Federal Marshals had just taken into custody two hunters trying to get a mole bat trophy. Global Justice and Yamanouchi had worked out a plan to move them to a site in England. The plan included Joss and Rufus going along to help with the relocation. Oddly enough, Rufus had a passport, Yamanouchi was procuring one for Joss.

Scattered to the wind

"Hi honey, have a seat", said Ann as Kim walked into the kitchen.

"We need to decide on what and where everyone will stay the rest of the summer," announced James, "Slim sent me and your mom a voice message apologizing for his actions and offering to put us up at the ranch until the house gets rebuilt."

"Did the apology apply to Ron also?" asked Kim.

James pulled out his phone and tapped the screen.

Slim's voice said "This is for Ron, Kim, Ann, James, Jim, and Tim. I want to apologize for my recent actions. I have no excuse, I was a complete jackass. If you will let me, I would like to make it up to y'all, however I can. I invite all of you to come up and stay at the ranch until your house gets rebuilt. Even if you don't forgive me, remember Joss. She needs family and I'm not enough family."

"So," said James, "who is up for spending time at the ranch for the rest of the summer? For me, while there are meetings I need to be at here at the Space Center, I can get more work done at Slim's setup at the ranch."

Tim said, "I'm in. I want to work with Joss on Tornado."

Jim said, "I'm out. I promised that I would tutor Cassie and her friends in physics to help them pass the summer session."

Ann looked startled, "Do I know Cassie?"

"No mom, she and her friends are nursing students and Introductory Physics is a required course in their program."

Ann looked thoughtful, "I can probably get every other weekend off to come up. Probably even make those long weekends. But I really need to be at the hospital most of the time." Ann thought but didn't say out loud, 'and maybe keep an eye on Jim and this Cassie person…'

"Kimmie, what do you want to do?" asked James.

"Well, I figure that I have maybe two weeks before I should take off for Japan and then I figure to go visit Nana's old teachers in China before getting back here in time for jump training in Georgia. I'd like to spend as much of that time as I can with Ron. If that is here, then I get to hang with Mom and Jim, if that is at the ranch, then I get to hang with Dad and Tim."

"Excuse me, but I have some information that may be useful," Yori stood in the doorway with Suzie and Wanda standing behind her. Both sisters looked disheveled, Wanda had a cut on her lip and Suzie appeared to have a bruise forming on her cheekbone.

"Girls," Ann addressed the two, "Are you OK, just what did you get into?"

"We are fine, Mrs Dr Possible-sensei. We were just saying goodbye to Ron and suggesting that he should treat our Oneesan better," Wanda replied.

"The threat created by Fukushima appears to be ended," Yori pressed on, "We and Mr Bates will drive to the ranch tonight to prepare for transport to England in two days. Joss, Rufus, and the naked mole bats will be going with us. Tim is more than welcome to join us. We are checking to see if we can transport Tornado as well."

Tim and Jim high-fived and Ann narrowed her eyes when Jim said he'd still rather stay to do tutoring.

"We have room in the van if Tim wants to ride with us." Yori offered.

Ann started to say that Tim didn't have a passport, then remember that Nana had gotten her one in less than twenty-four hours all those years ago. The thought of her boys growing up and going away disturbed her in a way that Kim's travels never did.

Slim sat on the back porch enjoying a beer when Tornado flew over. There were only two questions on his mind, first, did Bethany want the child and second, would she marry him. Bethany was not only science smart, she was people smart, especially with regards to a certain old cowboy. He watched it settle to the ground and its passengers dismount. Joss came bounding up, "Daddy, I got to start getting ready to go to England!" Joss was nearly breathless in her excitement.

"You'd better go and git to it, darlin," Slim replied, "Your Nana told me. Now, don't you forget the real Possible woman's motto, ya hear?"

Eyes wide with surprise, she threw her arms around her daddy in a tight hug then bounded on into the house.

Bethany walked up more sedately and sat down beside Slim. "The answers are 'Yes, definitely' and 'No, not at this time'."

"I reckon I was kinda hoping for the 'yes' and well, I can work on the no."

Bethany got up, sat on Slim's lap and put her arms around Slim's neck, "We owe Rufus a pound of cheddar," she declared, moving into range for a kiss, "I bribed him for some insurance."

The last thing Slim noticed before Bethany closed her eyes was that her dark eyes had glowing blue flecks in the irises.

Ron watched the last piece of his heart accelerate down the runway and take off. Rufus had left this morning on a Global Justice transport bound for England and now, Kim and Yori just took off for Japan. He was expecting another two weeks with Kim, but was surprised when she accepted a ride on Yori's high-speed transport. To make matters worse, he was still feeling battered and bruised from Wanda and Suzie's 'critique' of his treatment of Kim. Apparently, certain avatars agreed with the annoyed ninjas and claimed to have run dry of MMP for either assisting in his defense or accelerating his healing. The claims could be true, he was unable to charge Kim before she left. So no mystical communication which tanked. Ron was determined to not read anything bad into Kim's sudden departure and was mostly succeeding. Last night's makeout session helped with that.

"Let's go home, son," Gene put his arm around Ron in sympathy." Gene had driven Ron to the airport partly for moral support and partly because the largest piece of Ron's bike recovered was a fist-sized chunk of the engine block. Fortunately, it was the chunk with a serial number so the insurance company claimed that the bike would be replaced as soon as all their paperwork got filed with the proper office. He was too late for any summer classes at Eastern State. He had received his housing approvals at some frat house called NOPE. His parents had told him that they had a fund they set up for him years ago that would easily cover the finance gap from his scholarships. Going to college was really going to happen. Just without Kim and Rufus.

Ron walked into the kitchen and noticed his mom and Mrs Dr P staring at him. Jean held up a letter, "Ron, this is from a Blue Heart Society. It is a contract offer for your, uh, services. Why didn't you tell us about this?"

If there is a heaven, Ron Stoppable earned a special place there that day for what he did not do next. He wanted to say it, the words 'But mom, this is my way of telling you' were on his lips begging for release. Instead, he walked to the stove, saying, "Mom, I just found out about this a few days ago, how about I'll make some tea and I'll tell you and Mrs Dr P everything I know."

To Be Continued…

Author's Note on Upcoming Stories

Writing this has been an interesting adventure. I am declaring this the end of Part 1. Much shorter individual stories of the various characters will follow. We have the main characters Ron, Rufus and Kim, all on separate adventures. And I'm sure some of the others will be worth an occasional check.

Here are snippets on the continuing adventures of the some of the characters in this story. I intend to flesh them out and publish them as short works. There will be other stories, these are ones I have teaser snippets written for.

Nu Omocron Pi Epsilon

Jessica Fields raised her hand. Ayalisse Dennis, chairperson of the membership committee of the Pi Epsilon chapter of the Nu Omicron benevolent society looked at her, "Jessica speak up, don't wait for permission. NOPE isn't one of these societies that exists to serve fraternities and other lap dogs of the patriarchy."

Jessica almost dropped her ever present smile, She still hadn't figured out when Ayalisse was trying to be ironic and when she was being serious, "Uh right. You handed me this student information packet on someone that housing wants us to take in."

"Yes, housing's tight this year and they're pushing some of the freshmen directly into fraternities and sororities. I saw that Ronica Trappable came from Middleton High School and was hoping that you'd know her."

"Well," Jessica's smile grew, "Ronnie was on the cheer squad junior year as team mascot and spotter. Nobody on the team ever got hurt from a fall while they were within fifty feet of Ronnie. Even saved the team from a run in with some mutant guy. Sort of a goof, but you couldn't ask for someone better to be watching out for you. Their cooking skills are amazing. But there's one little problem."

"Alcohol? Drugs? Slacker academically?"

"No, no, and they really brought up their grades senior year."

"So what's the problem?"

"There's a mistake on the paperwork. I recommend that we admit them after we correct the papers that were sent over. The name on the papers should be Ronald Stoppable."

"You want us to allow a guy into our house? Are you crazy?"

"We aren't admitting a guy, we are admitting Ron."

Jessica Fields

Jessica flopped back on her bed and called home.

"Hi dad, it's me."

"Fine, Taking Calc 2 as a summer course is going to be OK, I guess. The instructor has a heavy Indian accent, but I figure another day or two and I'll be able to understand her fine."

"No, there aren't any 'Merican teachers I can transfer to. It's math, how much language do you really need? Oh, remember I was supposed to watch out for Ronald Stoppable? Well, his paperwork showed up at the house wanting us to let him live here."

"No, we're not co-ed, they made a mistake and the paperwork showed him as a girl."

"No, we decided to accept him."

"Dad, he's not a guy, he's Ron. Remember the team mascot and spotter junior year? That's Ron. The cheerleaders had no problems with him hitting on them or anything."

"No, he's not gay as far as I know, he was going out with Kim Possible all senior year."

"Yeah, the girl that was snatched by the aliens. Rumor is that he was on the team that rescued her."

"No, I'm pretty sure that Ron and Kim are a couple even if that article in Humans suggested that she was in a secret relationship with that woman from Team Go."

"If you talk to anybody from the Blue Heart Society, let them know that I am going to watch out for Ron. Tell mom I love her and if you talk to Kaity before I do, tell her I said thanks for making me a legacy here, this seems like a pretty nice bunch."

Jessica laughed, "Right, bunch of girls plus a Ron who is not a guy. Love you, bye."

Jessica had only recently been told about the Blue Heart Society. Her family, on her mother's side, had a long history of sons who died from heart attacks in their early thirties. Due to the work of the Blue Heart Society, she was the last in her family line to carry the related gene. To make sure she was the last, she would need to have her children's genetics checked and possibly edited practically at conception. They had claimed that there was no charge or price for this service. Recently her father was contacted and told that Jessica might be able to help them out and if so, they would be grateful. If she couldn't, then there would be no penalty. The help they asked was to help watch out for an incoming freshman named Ronald Stoppable.

Jessica agreed, she knew Ron, a nice guy, a bit of a goof, and had a hairless rat for a pet. Certainly not dating material, but probably OK for a friend. She'd watch out for him. It'd be a small price to pay to thank a group that was going to make sure that any sons or grandsons she had outlived her.

The Empire Arrives

The heavy cruiser Peacemaker settled into geostationary orbit in view of Colorado. It was the length of six of the fields used for playing American Style Football, not that the game was actually played in the Empire of Lowardia. Lowardian Football was closer to rugby, with games ending in heavy drinking and singing of ancestral songs. It was not a game for the weak or tone deaf.

"Weapons free, computer assisted targeting allowed, double beer rations for the gunnery team with the highest score." was announced over the shipwide comms.

The target of all ship mounted weapons and even a few overly enthusiastic warriors in heavy assault power suits standing outside on the hull was roughly 150,000 steel cubes approaching the heavy cruiser at roughly six kilometers per second (13,400 miles/hour or 36,077,000 Furlongs/Fortnight).

They would spend three full orbits to sweep the orbit clean of the debris put there by the Spear of Fire to deny its use by geosynchronous satellites.

Commander Pakshok checked the mission status screen. They were well ahead of schedule locating the planet rumored to be the home of the Great Blue, cleanup of the orbital obstructions put in place by those "rebel scum" was well underway. By the suns, he loved the entertainment produced by Dirt, Earth, or whatever the locals called this planet. Although if he had written the movie, his Empire would have crushed the rebel alliance and wouldn't have needed something as wasteful as a "Death Star". Robot probes were searching for the crash site of the Spear of Fire so they could recover the data and log recorders. All in all, the mission was going well. Time for a break, he decided. He would invite all his staff officers for a viewing of another of these Dirt videos about the fictional Empire. The planets of the Lowardian Empire provided strength, resources, and talents of many races to serve the Empire. Perhaps Dirt would be a good candidate. The first medical officer was raving about a story done completely in text. She called it a "para-normal romance" and promised to send him a copy. Something about groups of humans that were cursed by magic that made them occasionally turn into wolf/humanoid hybrid monsters. He hoped it was better than the last one she had praised. That story, from a place called Medus Dery, had way too many tentacles for his taste.

On his main screen was a list of objectives. Near the top was a picture of a human with a blue tint to his skin and a scar on his face. The accompanying tag was "Putative Great Blue."

Waiting for a Hero

Its handle stuck out of the snow, abandoned, waiting for one worthy to grasp it and use it. For Justice. To Defend. Never Vengeance. Its master had left it behind until they could prove themselves worthy again. It would wait for its former master to pull their head out of their nether regions or perhaps another worthy soul would wander by. It was patience itself. It was Mjöllnir.