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I tensed, I know something's wrong. Listening I heard a slight rustle. 'Shit' Then I felt it. The fear so intense I couldn't move. My water reacting before my mind caught up. I heard the cracking of wood and the rushing water. 'Oh.' My sensei's back. Calming immediately I sat up and gave him an exasperated look.

"Really sensei?" I asked with an arched brow.

Tenzo stood there arms crossed an unimpressed look on his face. " We need to work on your awareness."

Now that's just unfair. Come on I was just a little girl not even academy aged. He had a point, though. I should have been up at least as soon as he entered the room. Shaking the thought's of I fixed my sensei with a cheerful smile.

"I can do the leaf exercise now!" I told him my grin dimming at his still bored expression. "I can even hold it for ten minutes now" I added smugly noting the approving look.

"Oh, just one?" he asked ruining my happy mood. ' seriously?' He just had to ruin my mood.

"Don't worry we won't be focusing on the leaf exercise. You can work on that on your own and show me next time." I groaned. Tenzo continued as though he didn't hear me. "We'll be working on taijutsu. More specifically academy katas." He seemed disappointed by my happy expression.

While any physical activity wasn't my favorite pass time I was excited for the exercise after all the meditation yesterday. My news sensei disappeared probably to the arena after telling me to get ready for the day. I quickly got ready and ate a light breakfast as not to upset my stomach if the training was as intensive as I feared.

I was right to fear the lesson. Tenzo never seemed so sadistic in the tv. If it was Orochimaru's or Anbu's influence I didn't know. All I knew was Pain. Okay maybe I'm a bit overdramatic and referring to a god of sorts, but taijutsu sucks. I felt my muscles spasm as I tried to hold the first position.

We went trough the katas painfully slowly. Always making me repeat the same one until I could do it correctly 10 times. Helped me correct my position every time. It got irritating quickly but the triumph over getting the basic katas correct overthrew the anger.

The mocking looks sucked. I would be practicing this. A lot. I couldn't stand being bad at something that I needed to learn. Something I knew I could accomplish.

I was so relieved when lunch came around I almost hugged sensei. I couldn't do that because I fell flat on my face after a single step. There! a suspicious little root stuck from the ground. Curse Yamato.

"Senseii" I whined a little.

"What are you still doing here? Ah, do you want to practice some more?"

That's it. I pushed myself off the ground quickly wincing noticeably when my muscles protested. 'Come on it's just a little pain. I'm sure there we'll be much more of it soon" I scowled darkly. My mind was not kind to me.

I knew I needed to get rid of my weakness to pain. My pain tolerance was low. Sure, it was to be expected, but I would still have to get rid of it soon. Pain is a huge part of being a shinobi. I know I probably wouldn't get a real taste of it until genin maybe chunin days if I was lucky, but the sooner my weaknesses were covered the better. My shinobi training started now so it's as good a time as any.

Rushing to catch up to my sensei we made our way to the kitchen. To my surprise, Tenzo-sensei got to work as soon as we made it to the kitchen making a delicious meal swiftly.

I read the scroll I found in the library as I waited for him to finish. It was actually quite interesting. The theory showing me depths of the three jutsu I never though there could be for such simple techniques. I soon learned why everyone was taught the basic three in the academy. The jutsu if mastered were extremely useful.

I contemplated whether I had enough chakra for these techniques or not. I decided to risk it tomorrow morning before any other training so I would be at full strength for the jutsu. If I didn't have enough chakra I hoped the Anbu would make themselves useful.

The worst case scenario I died. It wasn't such a bad thought. Maybe I would finally join my family. 'or not' a little voice in the back of my head whispered. This thought scared me the most. What if I died only to be reincarnated again or worse. What if I never ended up with my family.

As if sensing the somber mood sensei broke me out of my thoughts. "Are you going to finish that?" His eyebrow raised as he stared at me from behind his empty plate.

"Sorry sensei, I just got lost in thought," I mumbled digging in.

Finishing my food fast I took the dishes to the sink leaving them for later.

"Ready sensei?" He was already gone a pile of leaves in his place. Cursing I ran to the arena only to find no one there. 'Couldn't he say goodbye?' Alright, time for my practice.

Picking up a few leaves left over from my sensei I tried to stick them to my palms. This didn't seem too hard. My concentration wavered and the leaves fell to the ground.

I practiced until I grew frustrated. The progress was slow but I did get better. I knew this simple exercise had to be mastered before I could move to the cool stuff like tree walking or water walking, not to mention I had to master that before even attempting to make my armor. I hoped to be able enough with my chakra control to start making the armor next year. I had no way of knowing if I could do it by that time, oh well I shouldn't dwell on this.

Getting into position I started meditating. I was getting better until I woke up a few hours later my body stiff from the meditating position I was in far too long. I guess the physical exercise took more out of me than I realized.

Yawning I got up deciding dinner was a good idea. After dinner, I made my way to shower playing with the water happily.

It was a truly satisfying feeling watching my water triumph over the inferior spray. It was then I came up with the idea of naming it. It wasn't just water anymore so it seemed ridiculous to call it that. I was a bit disappointed in myself for not noticing this sooner. I needed to think on this.

I got to bed feeling tired. I needed to better my stamina. A bit of running and stretching didn't prepare me for this. I thought as I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up with a start breathing wildly from my nightmare. Running a hand trough my hair in a motion I knew must look comic on a child, that is if anyone was watching. I sighed in frustration. This has to stop sometime, right? Not likely, with my first family dead and the new one keeping me isolated. I know I need to stop agonizing over this, but I can't. It's simply too hard to let go. I decided to give myself a moment to remember their faces still happy. A few tears slipped by, I let them. I knew I needed to cry. The ninja fronts of having no emotions were bullshit. Everyone needs to mourn. I will be happy one day.

I moved getting out of bed knowing sleep was hopeless at this point. It was four o'clock a bit soon but nothing unusual for ninja right? I decided to stop thinking about useless things and go get breakfast. I studied the seals for the transformation technique deciding I wanted to learn this one first. The possibility of looking in the mirror and finding my older self very appealing at the moment.

Breakfast over I headed towards the bathroom intent on practicing before the mirror. I went trough the hand seals on my way over and over. My small fingers felt clumsy but I was confident I wouldn't make a mistake.

I was glad I practiced so close to my room. About 10 unsuccessful and 35 almost passable attempts later I was back in bed exhausted. Okay, maybe I should take a little nap. I woke up around a few hours later surprised to find it was at the reasonable time of 10 o'clock. I still had the whole day ahead of me I cheered mentally.

I spent most of the day practicing katas and running. The training was almost as exhausting, as yesterday but with no one hovering over me, I still had enough energy to practice sticking now three leafs to my palms and forehead for hours.

Settling in for meditation after dinner I managed to stay under for 15 minutes. I was glad to see progress. I was much calmer after meditation this helped me with my water practices. I frowned it really needed a name.

I fell asleep thinking of what tomorrow would bring. I hope sensei won't be disappointed.

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