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Published 11/19/2016 at 1728

"You're kidding me! There's NO way Arrow would beat Cap! There's no way!" Greg cleared his throat and looked on in amusement as the men of his team paused and smiled at him innocently.

Walking over to the table he set down the files he was holding and lowered himself into the seat. "I can't help but wondering how the Arrow and Captain America have anything to do with those evaluations you are supposed to be completing." He nodded at the sole woman of the team as she walked in. "Our lovely Jules finished hers a week ago!"

Jules smiled and handed Sarge a file before sitting down herself. "What're they using as a procrastination topic this time?" Greg rolled his eyes. "Superheroes, apparently."

"And while we're on the topic, what is everyone's favorite superhero group or individual? We've already heard from Eddie and Wordy." The two in question smirked at their friend and boss. "Hey, if you guys want to procrastinate that's your choice. You'll pay the price for it later with Holleran, I'm sure."

Everyone was quiet for a moment before Spike spoke up. "Personally, I was always a fan of those legends from California." Nobody noticed when Jules or Greg stiffened slightly as everyone else nodded. Sam looked confused. "What legends?" Spike looked at him in disbelief. "You've never heard of them? They're still a pretty hot topic." He rolled his eyes at Sam as he shook his head in the negative. "Well, Jules always tells this story the best either way considering the fact she grew up there." Jules quickly schooled her expression as the team looked towards her. She hesitated before shooting Sarge a questioning look, sighing as he nodded.

She straightened in her seat and took a deep breath. "Okay, here we go. Around seventeen years ago, in Angel Grove, there was a space mission. Two astronauts were sent up to the moon to gather some terrain samples to bring back to Earth. During their collection of these samples, they spotted something. Something that looked like, well, an old rusted pot with a lid on it. So they did what anyone would do. They looked inside the container." She shivered and paused a moment to collect herself. "There was someone inside of the container. Her name was Rita Repulsa." She stopped again as the others giggled at the name, catching herself smiling at it as well. "She jumped out of the container, bringing most of her army out with her. Somehow, she ended up building some sort of palace on the moon." She held up a hand to pause Sam's upcoming question. "Don't even ask about the lack of gravity factor. Because I have no idea how she pulled it off. I still don't." He nodded and was silent.

"Anyways, she started sending down some of her foot soldiers, Putties, to start her attack on Earth. Why she focused her attacks on Angel Grove, I have no idea. But I'm slightly glad she did. Myself, and my four best friends had just finished competing in a martial arts world championship and got back when the first attacks started. The foot soldiers, while massive in numbers, were rather stupid. So my friends and I, being the teenage idiots we were, jumped in and started fighting them off. We did pretty good too, considering the things were made out of clay." She winced and massaged her hand at the memory. "Then the Power Rangers showed up. They were amazing fighters. There were six of them. With their help, we were able to take the foot soldiers down immediately. After the fight was done, they vanished. But every time a monster or a large amount of Putties was sent down, they were there." She smiled in remembrance, before a solemn look came onto her face.

"It was scary though. Rita managed to take me hostage a couple of times, thinking me and my friends knew who the rangers were. She would torture-" Jules' voice cracked and she cleared her throat. Feeling a hand on her shoulder she looked up at her boss and smiled thankfully before continuing. "She had some interesting interrogation tactics when it came to me. It only got worse when her husband showed up. But the rangers always saved me. I took to calling their leader, the white ranger, my knight in shining armor cause he was always the one to infiltrate the palace to get me." She laughed. "It got to the point where the rangers showed up at my house one weekend because they hadn't heard about me being kidnapped and got worried." The guys laughed at that. "Anyways, I guess the rangers are still defeating evil, because they've gotten several new suits and moved around to different cities. I'll hear about them on the news but I haven't seen them since around 1995."

"He hasn't seen your scars yet, Jules." Jules shot Ed a look before turning to Sam. Seeing his hesitant look, she rolled her eyes, before standing. Ignore Sam's protest, she took her shirt off in one smooth motion. He fell silent, examining the scars that littered the top half of her body. He looked up at her. "How...?" She smiled wryly, pointing to a bright scar on her forearm. "One of her minions, Goldar, had a sword." Pointing to the scars that lined her ribs, she winced. "These were the most painful. He'd cut through the muscle straight to the bone, then pull my ribs out of my body. He got through about half of them before the rangers showed up. I was in the hospital for about a month after that." The guys looked at her sympathetically. They looked towards Greg as the klaxon alarm sounded. "Suit up!" As the team raced towards the cages, no one noticed the relieved looks shot between Jules and her boss. They partnered up and got in the SUVs. "Connect, Respect, Protect, Let's keep the peace!"

With that command, the heroes of Toronto raced off to save their city.