Sammy McCartney a girl raised in Twinleaf town loved Pokemon.

She would always play with the Pokemon in her yard whether it be a Starly or Bidoof she loved playing with them. She would love talking about Pokemon to her best friends Topher and Ella who also lived in Twinleaf town.

Topher was a boy that Sammy had a crush on for years due to him being cute and adventurous. Ella was a girl that Sammy loved to be with. They would always play with Pokemon together and mess with Topher.

The trio would do everything together, but Sammy always thought how cool would it be to be on a Pokemon adventure with them

Well She would find out soon.

It was 7:00 at TwinLeaf town Sammy just woke up feeling tired and happy from the dream she had about fighting the champion and winning.

She got out of bed and put a blue jacket black pants red shoes and a hat. (The same one Ash wears in the X and Y series.) and went downstairs and went outside to see her favorite Pokemon. Chimchar. Cimchar would always leave the lab and see Sammy

. As Sammy went up and started to pet Chimchars head she noticed Ella walking in front of them.(Ella wore the exact same clothes as Sammy but it was pink.)

"Hello Sammy I see your playing with Chimchar." Ella said happily.

Chimchar then went up to hug Ella's leg. Ella laughed and gave Chimchar a kiss on the cheek.

"Yea Chimchar just got here and well how can I resist not playing with a cutie like chimchar" Sammy responded smiling.

The girls then started to tickle Chimchar for about 3 minutes until they noticed Topher walking up to them wearing the same things as the girls but in a dark blue.

"Morning girls I thought I heard the sound of my best friends tickling a Pokemon so I decided to see whats up" Topher said happily.

"Hey Topher yea were playing with our friend Chimchar you wanna join." Sammy said.

"Sure I'd love to play with this guy. You know hes as cute as me" Topher said.

The girls laughed while Chimchar climed on Topher got his blue hat and started to wear it. Topher then laughed trying to get the hat back. The trio laughed while playing with Chimchar little did they know Sammy's sister Amy was watching the whole thing.

Amy was Sammy's twin sister but evil. She loved to torture Sammy whether it be physically or letting her Pokemon Buizel shoot her with water. Now Amy knew Buizel didn't like to hurt her Sister Sammy but she didn't care.

Amy Never cared for Pokemon only her self. Amy always wore a red cheerleader outfit. The only thing that could tell the twins apart would be that Amy was mean while Sammy was nice and Amy had a beauty mark while Sammy didn't. As Amy watched the trio she decided to get Sammy and her friends in trouble.

She smiled evilly and decided to call the Professor and say that Sammy and her friends stole a Pokemon from the lab.

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