So, here's the next one. And due to the updates, they'll be in their third job classes. That, and I'll be adding Laby. And a little challenge to everyone- see if you can find all the references. And just a warning, this chapter is going to be a little dark, no pun intended on the chapter name.

Darkness- They all took the path of darkness, but who is the true master of darkness among them?

Elsword- Immortal
Aisha- Oz Sorceror
Rena- Twilight
Raven- Rage Hearts
Eve- Code Sariel
Chung- Fatal Phantom
Ara- Devi
Elesis- Bloody Queen
Add- Mad Paradox
Lu/Ciel- Diangelion
Rose- Black Massacre
Ain- Herrscher
L̶̷̡͢͡a̴̧͘͞͞b̴̢̛͜ỳ̶̨̢- Nisha Labyrinth

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The Glitter demons ran in fear. They refused to look behind them, frightened that the monsters hunting them down would catch them. What were the monsters they feared? It was none other than the El Search Party. Death rained upon the demons, from on land and from above, and even below.

Elsword used Conwell to make an army's worth of swords rain from the sky, with Aisha making it deadlier by firing dark magic. Not letting the demons have even one breath, Rena fired arrows, brambles lashing out whenever they landed in the ground or hit one of the Glitter demons.

Charging forwards, Raven screamed, "Take this!" He slammed his Nasod arm into the ground, sending Nasod spears out of the ground and impaling even more demons.

A particularly unlucky Glitter was impaled by three Nasod spears before being struck by five copies of Conwell, seven blasts of dark magic, and four arrows. It was then struck by three electron beams, two spirit balls, eight blood saw blades, thirteen gravity spheres, five arcs of demonic energy, six Henir spears, and four thorny vines.

As the demon whimpered, begging for death, it was peppered by stray bullets from Chung and Ciel, who were busy firing upon a retreating horde. Somehow still alive, the Glitter barely had time to think one last thought before Rose's chain blades finally cut it apart, ending its suffering.

From a distance, the now deceased Glitter's only friend, a Glitter archer, roared "Ransa died! You bastards, you'll pay fooaaaaauugggh!" It never got to finish its sentence; Nisha had summoned a Zumyu, which had decided that the Glitter archer would be a perfect meal.

Elesis and Add cackled madly, killing the demons in glee, making each death more brutal than the one before. Nearby, Lu and Ciel tore apart all who were in their way, showing no mercy to their fellow demons. Rose and Ain moved about, killing every Glitter who came within range. Not even the weakest and those surrendering were spared.

As the last one was killed, a Glitter dasher who saw the last death ran off, shouting, "By the Dark El, they killed Ken'ni!" The dasher ran away, repeating his message to anyone in range. The next moment, a few shots from Ciel's sniper rifle and Chung's Phantom Shooters stopped the dasher.

As Ara swept her spear around, cutting apart demons, she quivered in pleasure, her breathing shaky and her face red. Losing herself in the moment, she ran off, trying to find the largest group of Glitter demons. Left behind, Nisha calmly summoned memories of the forest to entangle the surrounding defenders, spearmen, and necromancers.

The girl softly said, "You are all threats to Laby. As such, you cannot be allowed to live." Holding out her hand, she cast Pretty Flower, impaling them all. Her work done, she called back Zumyu and sent it to attack another group of demons.

From above the battlefield, Add watched the carnage with a smile on his face. Holding on to his arm, Elesis watched coldly as the Glitter demons were slaughtered. "Wonderful, isn't it?" she murmured as a cry of "You killed Flipyap!" echoed through the air. "These filthy demons were so arrogant when they attacked, but now that they're the ones being attacked, they're nothing but filthy cowards."

Smirking, Add replied, "The same can be said for the bastards who thought they could mess with us. Pathetic worms, begging for mercy once they realize that we're out of their league." Turning his head, he looked at Elesis and asked, "Has anyone ever told you that you look damn sexy covered in blood?"

Smiling back, Elesis replied, "You're the only person to ever tell me that. And I love it." She leaned down and kissed Add on the lips, disregarding the blood and the rather large audience. As the kiss deepened, an outcry came from those below. Specifically, it came from two people.

Elsword shouted, "Add, you bastard! Stay away from my sister!" He would have shouted more, but Aisha silenced him via whacking the back of his head with her staff. A few feet behind, Angkor giggled in amusement.

The other person to shout was one of the few dark elves among the demon army. One particularly noisy one was pointing at Add and Elesis, frothing in rage. "How dare you!" she screeched, "How dare you force yourself on a little boy, you filthy whore! You think it's fun to trick little boys into thinking you're nice, just so you can force youself on them?" She would have continued, if not for Add's interference.

Shifting into his true form, Add scowled, and retorted, "Don't you dare say that about my girl. And what was that about me being a little boy?"

Her anger renewed, the dark elf roared, "You pervert! Do you think it's fun to pretend to be a little boy to trick girls into being nice to you? You're disgusti-" She never finished her sentence.

She was immediately killed by a barrage of condensed gravity and arcs of dark energy, essentially turning her body into a pulverized pile of meat that was shredded apart.

For a few seconds, nobody spoke. A voice piped up in the silence. "At least we don't have to deal with Caieryn anymore."

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