Reggie of House Black, born in 2002, went on to become the first house-elf licensed to practice law in Wizarding Britain, receiving her H.O.W.L (Highest Order of Wizarding Lawyer) degree in 2021. She was a founding organizer of the Elvish Nationalism movement of the 2040's, which held that House Elves, regarded as non-citizens by all human-dominated wizarding nations, had no obligation to the wizarding nation-state, and should be free to establish sovereign communities irrespective of human-delinated national boundaries and government practices. The Elvish Nationalists also advocated for the right to establish their own relations with Muggle-kind, rather than allowing overbearing human wizards, hobbled by their own fears and peculiar history, to isolate elf-kind from other sentient peoples, with whom they might be able to form mutually beneficial relationships.

Although she acknowledged the nuclear family as an imposition of dominant human social and reproductive structures on non-human peoples, Reggie nevertheless enjoyed a loving relationship with her common-law husband of 76 years, Crumpet (formerly of House Nott). Although they had no children of their own, the couple fostered and educated over three dozen orphaned and displaced elf kits during their long partnership.

Although they had not seen eye-to-eye on many political issues, Minister for Magic Cassandra MacMillan awarded Reggie of House Black the Order of Merlin, First Class in 2122, in honor of her pioneering accomplishments. The elderly Reggie was only the second house elf to receive such an honor, the first having been awarded posthumously to Dobby in 2019, by Minister Granger.

Reggie died in 2128, although her dream of a free and self-determining elvish community lives on.