There was a new guard out today.

Somebody he had never seen before. Usually, it was that same slightly chubby male with the green eyes he had once managed to stab when the idiot had decided to look through his little peephole. You would think that would be enough to drive him away, but it apparently wasn't.

Today, though, it wasn't him. In fact, it wasn't a "him" at all. It was a girl. A real, live woman.

Jason Todd hadn't seen one in years.

Well, other than that bitch Amanda Waller who came to see him every now and then. But, cows didn't count as real woman, now, did they?

This lady, though, had a bust and everything. Jason would reach his hand out to touch her, but he enjoyed playing mind games with his victims rather than just getting physical right away.

"Hello." he grinned ferally, incisors clearly visible despite the fact that she wasn't looking over at him. She was staring straight ahead, the way they were all supposed to. But, she would come around. They all fell victim to his charm eventually.

"Hey." he repeated, "I'm talking to you." She continued to stare straight ahead, her head of blonde hair hidden by her helmet that was fastened tightly around her neck.

Right. Like he was going to lean over and give her a fucking concussion.

He sighed and peered through the peephole once more. She had the ability to close it, and hadn't as of yet, which must be good news. Either that or she didn't know it closed.

Meh. Jason was going with he was winning her over.

He breathed on the back of her neck quite loudly and purposely, his eyes sparkling with glee as he saw the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. He smirked and leaned his tongue out, licking the nape of her neck through her apparent "protection" which wasn't doing much protecting, mind you.

"I know you can hear me." he whispered softly, "I know you want it." She flinched and Jason retracted his tongue boredly. He then managed to fit his hand through the small opening and grabbed a hold of her helmet, effectively removing it. It hit the floor with an audible "clunk". He began running his hand through her hair, an amused smile on his face. He could hear her breath hitch. Jason smirked. He had her right where he wanted her.

Newbies. So predictable. Never know what to do on the first day.

"You like that, babe?" he asked, and his eyes twinkled mischievously. "You can have more, you know. We can do anything you want. You like it rough? I'm sure you do. All you have to do is unlock the door. Let me out, and we can-"

He was interrupted when he heard a sudden slam and there was a searing pain in his arm. He let out a scream of pain, and retracted his hand from the opening which she had slammed on his arm. He let out a string of colorful curse words, falling back and hissing. His arm was bleeding. Fuck.

"Fuck you, bitch!" he screamed, enraged, "Go to hell! Suck a million dicks! Ow! Fucking Jesus!"

She shut the opening after that whilst Jason sucked at the blood on his arm in an attempt to stop it from bleeding where the bitch had attempted to severe his fucking limb. "Never trust a bitch, Red." he muttered to himself as a reminder as he continued sucking on his arm.

He let out another enraged scream and struck out, kicking the door in anger. He pounded against it for a little while longer. Not with the want to escape, but the need to scare the living shit out of the bitch. Or course, he had no idea whether or not it had worked, as there was a fucking door in the way.

There always seemed to be fucking doors in the way of everything.

Grumbling, Jason retreated back to the corner of the room-sorry, cell-and plopped down onto his crinkled mattress that was kind of starting to smell like somebody decided to piss on his "bed" and then had covered up their tracks by spraying it with some peroxide or something. Either that or a skunk had had an accident in here.

He sighed and leaned his head back against the wall. It was a dreary grey. The same grey he had been stuck with for the past forever he had been here. There was no way to tell time, so seconds seemed like minutes and minutes seemed like hours.

Hours were days. Days were months.

It was a sick, pitiful life. Stuck in a smallass box with only a peephole and no way out other than a damn door that he knew would never open.

It was better than most situations, he supposed.

Still, he couldn't help but wonder if he was really as dangerous as everyone else made him out to be.

Scandal Savage realized instantly that there was a change. She realized even before anything actually happened.

It was a dreary day. A cloudy one. She had been practicing her handstands against the bars of her cage, pulling herself up with her legs wrapped around the bars and then going back down. Her cage allowed her to see the outside world as there was a window to her left and a door right in front of her. It was raining. It seemed to be grey everywhere, in both her cage and the outside world.

She had been attempting to pull her tongue out upside down with her own bare hands when the people had walked in.

People. Real, live people.

She hadn't seen people in ages. Ever since that mean lady had come in and told her that she couldn't see people anymore after the last "incident", she had been left alone other than at meals or when she got sick.

The last "incident" hadn't really been an incident anyways...Seriously, the guy was being annoying, calling her a "bitch" among other things. All she had attempted to do was dish out a little karma!

He had deserved those chemicals she had crammed down his throat.

Of course, because of the fact that she wasn't allowed to have any other human contact, the fact that there were at least twenty people in here with her was pretty odd. Out of the ordinary, anyways.

She decided she was going to make friends with all of them! She also decided to ignore the fact that they all had guns. And that they were all pointed straight at her.

"Hi boys!" she giggled, letting her tongue drop and waving at them with both hands. One of the men ran over to her and hit her feet. Losing her balance on the bars, Scandal fell to the floor harshly.

Ow. Okay, so, friends aren't friendly. Noted.

She grinned and picked herself up, rolling her neck back and cracking her knuckles. Some of them stared angrily at her, but most stared fearfully. Which was good. Fear was a powerful weapon, and her favourite one to use at that.

"What's with the party? Is it my birthday! I thought I didn't have one!" she exclaimed, cocking her head in the direction of the man closest to her. The man that had knocked her down. He glared angrily at her.

"Shut up, girl. Be glad you're still alive at all. Be grateful the Light still finds that you are useful to them-"

She reached out and grabbed at him, pulling him close. She took her other hand and wrapped it around his neck. He was in her grasp now. She put him in the closest she could get to a chokehold, squeezing his Adam's apple like there was no tomorrow. He flailed around, fear apparent in his eyes. People around them panicked.

She glared at him.

"Do you know who you're talking to?" she hissed, "Do you know who my father is? Do you know what he'll do to you if he hears you talking shit about me? Trust me when I say it won't be pretty, you slimy little bastard-"

Electricity surged all throughout the cage and Scandal screamed and instinctively let go of the asshole, curling in on herself on the floor. She shook as the current continued for about another minute.

Pain. There was pain everywhere. Her brain was screaming but her mouth just let out tiny, little whimpers. She cackled, though, because she wanted to show them she wasn't scared. That she wasn't going to be their little toy.

When the awful crackling of electricity finally stopped and Scandal was given a chance to breathe, she could hear the clunks and beeps of her many locks being opened and the creaks of the cage around her.

They were taking her out? Her heart began beating fast in her chest and she allowed herself to go limp and not to fight back as they lifted her up with extreme caution and secured her to a gurney of sorts. A gurney with a whole lot of buckles and belts.

But, it didn't even matter, because she was getting out. She was out of the cage. It was a surreal moment. She didn't even care where they were taking her because she was finally getting out.

Had her father finally taken pity on her and forgiven her for her rash actions? Had he heard her pleas and was letting her out?

"Where we taking them, again?" she heard a voice say. She was feeling a little dizzy from the electrical shocks and the fact that she was finally out, but she heard it just fine.

"We have to administer the drug. Then we take them to the meeting." another voice said, and she heard the person grunt in annoyance. "Just be glad we got her and not one of them crazies."

Another chuckled. "You mean it gets crazier?" A chorus of laughs and then she was being wheeled out. There was a strap around her face which made it kind of hard to move, but out of the corner of her eye, she saw the cage getting farther and farther away.

The empty cage. No more caged Scandal. She was out. She was free.

She took one final look at it, at the place she had lived in for the last few years. And then a door was slammed in her face, and it was gone.

It was gone.

Scandal was free.