"Welcome, Suicide Squad, J.R. Division. Shall we get started?"

Thaddeus stared up at the monitors above him in amazement. He'd never seen anything like it in his life. Mind you, he hadn't seen much of anything in his life, but still...

He could see people's mouths moving but all he heard was static. He wanted to speak, but felt as though he had no voice. It was difficult to even see properly and everything seemed to have a tint of white to it. Everything was just so blurry.

He had just gotten back all of his senses. He shouldn't expect them to be healed up and back to par so quickly.

Still, he was a speedster. And, despite the fact that he was extremely patient and tolerant of things, this was something that he absolutely needed in order to properly function. He had hated being put in that tube. He had been in there for so long, thinking back to when he had first been placed in it hurt. His mind was strained. His body ached. His skin itched.

All these new sensations that came with being out in the open and vulnerable to everything and anything around. It was awful.

But, he was out of the tube. That was more than he could ever ask for.

There was a ringing in his ears now and Thaddeus crinkled his nose in discomfort. He could hear voices a tad bit more clearer now, which was good.

They were probably saying something important, but Thaddeus didn't care. Whatever the hell they wanted with him he'd do. Whatever the hell they needed from him he'd give.

Just so long as it meant he could avoid going back to that damned test tube.

"Do you know why you're here?"

Rose stared unblinking at the only other girl in the room. She was staring up at the screens above them longingly. Almost as though she'd been reunited with some long-lost family, or something. It was actually quite pathetic. You could see the hope in her eyes.

Rose decided that she didn't like her right off the bat.

Speaking of "the Bat", she recognized the boy right next to her almost instantly. Jason Todd. The second Robin. They actually had met a few times back when she was still working all the time with the League Of Shadows. She had heard of his death at the hands of the Joker. Pretty much everyone had. Yet, somehow, he was apparently alive. Rose had no complaints there. He wasn't that unnerving and seemed to be smarter and more calculating compared to the boy she would sometimes run into what now seemed like forever ago.

She also saw familiarity in the boy that showed a clear resemblance to that of Superman. A clone, she figured. She knew how unsteady they could be and decided to play it smart and not get too close to him. His eyes were freaky, but other than that, he seemed to be controlled. For the moment, anyways.

The final boy she didn't recognize at all. He had blue eyes and blonde hair. He was quiet, glaring boredly at the screens above them. He looked to be alright...but looks could be deceiving. Rose had to learn that the hard way.

She tuned back in to hear the girl saying some shit along the lines of something or other-Rose really wasn't listening. One of the members of the Light cleared their throat and Rose perked up at the familiar voice.

Ra's Al Ghul.

"You have been brought here before us because we recognize promising abilities and skills in each and every one of you."

Oh. Oh.

Another voice spoke up.

"Do be aware that you have been specifically chosen from a list of different candidates. You are here because we find that you are the best of the best. The most promising of your age group."

"And, what exactly are you planning on doing with a bunch of thirteen to seventeen year old kids, if I may so kindly ask?" Jason interrupted, eyebrows raised and arms crossed over his chest tautly.

One of the figures hunched up. Another placed their hands together on what she could only guess was the desk in front of them and leaned forward. They cleared their throat.

"We want to assemble a task force of the most dangerous young vigilantes on the planet." they said, and Rose arched her eyebrow up to match that of Jason's. So, these were the "big plans" her father was talking about?

The other girl snorted at this proposition, though there was a slight grin on her face. She thought this was amusing. She thought it was a game. Rose glared at her even harder than she had been before.

"We're the bad guys." she stated bluntly, and they all turned to look at her. Another one of the figures cleared their throat and Rose couldn't help but feel that they were cowards for hiding behind these screens. All of them cowards, except for her father, who was standing in the corner of the room, watching over her silently.

Then again, they were considered to be the most "dangerous young vigilantes on the planet". They were being cowardly, but cautious nonetheless.

"Exactly." a figure said in a low, baritone voice that rung out through the room they were in. The girl looked confused.

That was when her father decided to step up, eyes narrowed and voice ever-monotonous. He looked over them all as though sizing them up. Seeing what harm they could really do. His eyes met Rose's for only a fleeting second and then turned to focus in on the other girl.

"Due to another similar project where we created a team of the most violent and capable adults, we decided to create another group of children that we could shape and morph to our liking." he said. Jason scowled.

"We're not yours to shape and morph." he hissed. Deathstroke looked over in his direction annoyedly.

"On the contrary, you are legally our property. And, if you do misbehave, we have certain...precautions set in place to allow us to successfully eliminate you with no further harm done to us."

The girl scoffed. "What kind of "precautions"?" she jeered, a grin set on her face. She still wasn't taking any of this seriously, Rose figured. She was trying to put on a show and look strong and tough in front of the Light. She was making a complete fool of herself and didn't even know it.

How pathetic.

The next words out of her father's mouth managed to not only shock the egotistical girl, but Rose herself.

"We have administered a long-lasting drug into your systems. It is the same used on the likes of the hero group "The Teen Titans" back when they were still a functioning vigilante force. One press of a button and it will set off a series of reactions that will cause excruciating pain as well as eventual death if not stopped completely."

While the girl seemed to keep her tough demeanor about her-though her smile had fallen and her eyes had narrowed-Rose completely paled. She tried not to let it show, but she knew of this drug on a more personal level. It was the one her father had indeed administered to the Titans to blackmail the then current Robin, Richard "Dick" Grayson, into working for him. She had seen first hand on those monitors what that kind of pain could do to you. And, the Titans hadn't even been aware of it at the time.

The difference here was that Rose was. And, it made it all the more worrying as she knew how to effectively remove the tech placed inside the drug that caused the pain, but did not have the proper equipment nor the power to do so.

Meaning, it was obey or die. Which wasn't exactly a problem for her, but she got the feeling it may be for her "comrades", especially that of the frowning girl.

"Okay." Jason spoke up, and the attention turned to him. "So, say we do do what you say. We are your little toys. What exactly will we be doing?"

It was a fair question, Rose thought, and she turned back towards her father, curious to hear his answer. It was instead one of the Light's operatives that answered.

"I believe that you would be more aware of this than others would, Red Hood. You were on the team of young heroes working for the Justice League, were you not?"

This time, it was Jason's turn to pale. He only stayed shocked for half a second though before laughing cynically as he came back at full force.

"So, we're the Young Injustice League? Are you fucking kidding me?"

The girl nodded and muttered to herself. Rose had to keep from strangling the two. How stupid could they possibly be? Did they not understand the consequences that came with undermining the Light? Apparently not, because she too decided to speak her mind about the situation they were in.

"I'm going to just say right now that the Injustice League was kind of crazy, even for me. I mean, you've got the crazy plant lady, and the creepy clown. Oh! And the giant monkey-"

"Could we get to it?" the boy who resembled that of Superman spoke for the first time. The girl frowned over at him.

"Hey! I wasn't finished-"

Her own scream interrupted her. Rose whipped her head back as she could hear and see the stupid bitch being electrocuted. Her father held a switch in his hand. At least she could be controlled in that way. If Rose was going to be forced to work with these people, she at least hoped that the Light and League of Shadows had an efficient amount of tech to control these wild cards.

She writhed around on the floor for awhile until the current stopped. Then, she bounced back up, hands on her hips and mouth wide open as though to say something, but eyed the switch and apparently decided against it.

"Well," began one of the figures, "Now that the basics have been put down, let me say this; You are no Injustice League. That group of people was used as a distraction for the Light when it was needed. They were of no further use to us. You, however, are of even less use to us. The group of young children which the Justice League have put together has become bothersome. We need a team of our own to match theirs. That is your only use. You are worthless in our eyes. Be glad we have even given you the chance to exit your containment cells."

Jason growled lowly and the girl stared down at her feet. The Superman had a blank look in his eyes, so Rose couldn't tell what was going through his head. The blonde didn't even seem to be listening.

Rose herself was a little confused to say the least. If they were apparently less than worthless to the Light, why had her father said that he had big plans for her? Was this another test? To see how she would react when put through copious amounts of stress? Or was he apprehended by the Light as well?

She didn't know. She didn't care. So long as this was what her father had planned, she would go along with it. After all, he only had her best interests at heart.

"Deathstroke. If you would lead the children to the Preparation Room in order to get acquainted and prepare for further briefing."

It wasn't a question, but an order, and Rose found that somebody of the likes of her father didn't deserve to be ordered around like so. But, before she knew it, the others around her were already being grabbed harshly by guards and lead out of the room.

Rose felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned around to face her father. He nodded at her silently and she nodded back, turning back around and allowing herself to be grabbed and lead out of the room.

She just hoped these "plans" her father had for her wouldn't require her to have to share very much with her "teammates".

She'd go crazy by the end of the week.