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January 2014

After searching for about... He didn't even know how much time it had been, but finally Sonny found Will at the river, talking to Mr Ruggles, that creepy old man who had scared the hell out of him, Gabi, Sami and Kate the day they took some Christmas photos.

After an awkward talk, Ruggles left, and he and Will kept arguing about what had happened with Nick, and how scared Will was that this situation would somehow blow up in their faces (which eventually happened later). Sonny sighed, trying to convince him otherwise.

"Let's go home. See our little girl".

Reluctantly, Will stood up and took Sonny's hand, letting his boyfriend lead him.

Sonny was so worried and eager to take him home, he never noticed the tiny smirk Will had on his face.

Present - 2017

A young, relaxed blond-haired boy walked across Horton Town Square. He was wearing a 90's styled jean jacket in whose pockets he hid his hands and sunglasses, and wandered around with what seemed to be a prepotent smirk and a triumphant attitude.

His smirk went deeper when he noticed that some teen girls were watching him, as they murmured and giggled. He took his glasses off, revealing his light brown, almost amber eyes, and turned to them.

"Hey, girls" he said, with a seductive tone. "Like what you see?"

The girls nodded excitedly as they giggled more.

"Then keep watching" he continued, his seductive tone never leaving. "I'm a minor".

Seeing their puzzled and confused faces, he turned around and kept walking, laughing in his mind, and never abandoning his attitude.

He wasn't exactly a minor. He had just turned eighteen a few days before moving to Salem, but he loved making jokes, being sarcastic and laughing at practically everyone who surrounded him.

He stopped for a bit to contemplate the golden plaque with Tom and Alice Horton's names, getting a vague sense of nostalgy, though he wasn't sure exactly why; and then headed to the park, where a young couple with a little girl had their lunch.

"Arianna Grace Horton, eat your vegetables, for God's sake!" protested the young girl as she tried to feed her daughter, who shook her head and crossed her arms, not willing to obey.

"It's ok, Gabi" said her boyfriend, amused. "It's not the end of the world if she doesn't want them now".

Gabi sighed. "It's not that, JJ. She has to eat them in order to be healthy". She turned to her baby. "But a certain someone doesn't seem to get it".

JJ chuckled. "You know you had it coming. She's as stubborn as Will was".

Gabi chuckled too. "I bet he must be proud, wherever he is".

"But you're doing an amazing job raising her on your own, you know" said JJ. "I know Sonny's been also helping you".

"Oh, I know" she said. "And I know he's dying for more time with her, but with everything that's been going on, his schedule barely lets him go and eat something appropiate".

JJ nodded understandingly. "And, is she comfortable, you know, around..."

"Paul?" Gabi thought for a second. "I'm not sure. I think she ignores him most of the time. To be honest, it's better than I expected. She can be cold sometimes, and she is very intuitive and observant. I bet she somehow knows or feels what happened between him and her family".

"Only one way to find out" he replied. "Wait 'til she's grown up".

Meanwhile, bored with her mommy's talk with JJ, Arianna's eyes caught the glimpse of a gracious squirrel. She watched amused and curious how the little animal colected some peanuts from a bag some guy had dropped to the ground.

"I'm sure it's because her toys and all those pretty ornaments Marlena has deserve her attention more" she dismissed. "Which reminds me I still have to pay her for that beautiful vase Ari broke"

"She said it wasn't a big deal" laughed JJ. "Besides, I'm sure John got her at least three new ones by now. Have you seen how in love the guy is?"

"Yeah" Gabi smiled. "That's how I feel about you, you know?"

"I don't know about that" he teased. "I'm not old and gray yet"

Both grinned as they shared a sweet kiss.

"Ready to go?" asked JJ.

"Mmhm" she nodded. "I just need to grab Ari's things"

As she turned to her child's seat her expression changed when she realized nobody was there anymore.

"What the... Ari?" she looked around, starting to freak out. "Oh my God, where's my baby? Ari?"

As soon as he saw the empty seat, JJ quickly stood up and looked around.

Gabi also stood, trying not to lose it. "Ari!"

The blond boy got to the park and sat on a bench. He had a copy of The Spectator, Salem's newspaper, in his hands, and started reading.

"Might as well know what's going on in this town if I'm gonna stick around" he thought.

On the front page the headline "KIRIAKIS VS DIMERA. All you need to know about their business war" made him frown.

"So the boss was right" he thought. "Life will definitely be interesting here"

Deciding he'd read that as soon as he got to his hotel, he decided to see what else could happen in a small town like that, and took out his phone to look for the greatest stories of Salem. He found a page that promised all the details of past events that were too goo to be true, but had happened.

However, his frown got deeper and deeper as he kept reading.

"Devil possesion? Twins from different fathers? Fake deaths? Orchestrated explosions? Twins from outer space? Where the hell am I?" he couldn't help but wonder. "And how many murder, rape and infidelity scandals and serial killers does one town need?"

To be fair, he couldn't be that surprised. After all, he had seen and done worst, or at least, that's what he thought. He supposed it was the fact that it all happened in a small town, a place he had expected to be quiet, peaceful and quite boring. That, and that he saw that one name kept being mentioned very often.

"Horton". He thought for a moment. "Must be a big family or a very important one. Probably both".

"I guess I can never get enough action" he figured. "I knew I wasn't sent here just for a long-term paid vacation. Maybe I'll get a mission sooner than I thought".

He honestly didn't mind. He loved his life and job. But if he was being paid for leaning down and rest, then he was not going to complain.

Time passed. He got so caught up reading about how some crazy girl had disguised herself as a man only to get revenge on some guys who had done her wrong ("Impressive, but who does that?" he decided), that he winced and almost screamed when something tapped his leg.

He looked down, and took a few moments to collect himself when he realized a cute blonde little girl with the biggest blue eyes he had ever seen (os as big as a four year old toddler can have) was staring at him, with a tiny pout.

"Now where have I seen this before?" he wondered, a little startled.

"Hey" greeted the boy. "How are you? What are you doing here so alone?"

The poor girl seemed she wanted to cry. "I'm lost".

Ari had stood up from her seat as Gabi and JJ got lost in their conversation and weren't looking, and approached the funny squirrel, which had noticed her and ran away, scared. This didn't stop little Ari, and, being the curious little girl she was, followed it, thinking she would find some baby squirrels to stare in awe and then tell her mommy and JJ to come and look. However, as she got further and further, she finally lost track of it. When she looked up, she was, eventually, lost.

The boy raised his eyebrows. "Really? It's ok, I'm not gonna hurt you. Why don't you stay here with me and we can look for your parents?"

"Mommy" she said. "Only want mommy".

"Uh" he hesitated. "Either an ugly divorce or she's a poor orphan".

"Ok" he said, as he stood up. "Then we'll look for your mommy".

He offered her his hand, but Ari just looked at him, doubting his sincerity.

The boy just smiled at her. "It's ok, little one. I'm just a friend. Come on, let's find you mommy so you can go home".

Ari finally took his hand. The boy held a soft, but firm grip, so he wouldn't lose her again.

"What's your name, little one?" he asked.

"Arianna" she replied.

"Arianna? What kind of name is that? I was expecting her to be called Stacey or Amber". He shrugged. "Eh, what am I thinking? Those names are too dumb for a sweet baby like this one."

He pushed his thoughts aside. Instead, he smiled at her. "Nice to meet you, Arianna. My name is Malcolm".

"So, I believe you managed to convince those investors to give us a shot".

Victor Kiriakis walked into the living room with a glass of whiskey in his hand and a newspaper in the other.

Sonny Kiriakis, his great-nephew, turned to him.

"Aren't you retired?" he teased. "Because I'm sure I answer to Deimos now, old man".

"Oh, shut up and tell me" he said, waving his hand. "It's still my company and I can get any information whenever I damn well please. And don't call me old".

Sonny chuckled. "They're with us. Paperwork will he ready tomorrow".

"Ah, téleios!" said Victor, with a smile and hugged him. "I knew you could do it, son"

"Yeah, and I'm really glad too, because I was super nervous before that meeting, and I was so convinced I would blow it, but when I got there everything went so smoothly".

"What's important is what you achieved" said Victor.

Sonny nodded. He looked at the paper on Victor's hands. "Is there your interview?"

Victor rolled his eyes. "And Stefano's too. Now everyone in town know what's going on with our businesses".

"Hey, at least it's not anything illegal now" offered Sonny.

"Yet" mumbled Victor.

Sonny didn't hear him. His phone rang. "Oh, sorry".

He picked up. "Yes? Hey Gabi, what's up? What? When? Did you see anyone suspicious near you? Ok, listen, go to the station and report it, I'm sure they will help you. Yes, I'll meet you there. Ok, see you".

Victor was looking at him with concern when he hung up. "Son? What happened?"

"It's... It's Ari. She's missing" he replied.


"Gabi was with JJ and her, and they were talking and then all of a sudden she was gone!".

"How the hell does that happen?" asked Victor. "What kind of a mother loses her focus on her daughter in favor of her boyfriend?"

"Don't start with me, Uncle Vic" warned Sonny. "I gotta go".

"Yes, yes, go" said Victor, as Sonny rushed out.

Chad Dimera walked into the studio rubbing the back of his head, the same way he always did whenever something didn't go as planned.

"I'm guessing you didn't succeed" said someone behind him.

Chad winced and turned around, hand in his chest, to see the severe expression of the man sitting at the chess table, with his arms crossed: his father, Stefano DiMera.

"Geez, Father, you wanna give me a heart attack?"

"You're young and healthy, so knock it off" said Stefano, rolling his eyes. "By that look on your face, I assume they went with Titan, didn't they".

"I just don't know what the hell can Deimos Kiriakis offer that we can't" protested Chad.

"Seems like our name still inspires fear" said his father. "Which is partially good. It means we're still powerful".

Chad was puzzled. "You're not mad?"

Stefano shrugged. "I told you not to go to those morons. Them choosing Titan proved my point. Yet you still seem to have this obsession to go against everything I say. I know I missed your early life, specially your teenage, rebellious years. Is this a make up for lost time?"

Chad huffed. "Father..."

"I know" he replied, rasing his hand. "What I'm trying to ask is, are you finally going to take my advice and call those good gentlemen I suggested?"

"Father, I told you I'm making DiMera Enterprises legit" said Chad. "Even Andre's been helping me, which kind of shocks me, and i was hoping that you would agree with me".

"I do, son. I agree with you and I support you" said Stefano. "Look, if you want, you can check their track records. You'll see they are clean as a whistle".

Chad looked at him suspiciously before giving in. "I'll take a look at it".

Noticing that Stefano just nodded instead of exaggerating his little victory in that argument, he figured his father was being honest. That still didn't mean he'd let his guard down. He knew that with his family he had to be cautious in every step he took.

"Now, there's something else I wanted to talk about" said Stefano. "Jackson Kiriakis".

Chad looked down, sighing. "There's nothing to talk about".

Stefano stood up and approached him. "I know you deeply care about him. He can always come with us, you know? With a few arrangements there can be a job waiting for him in the company".

"Sonny is not gonna ditch his precious uncle" said Chad. "Our interests are not the same anymore. Besides, with what's happened recently, I don't think we can be friends anymore".

"Good thing you sold your club, eh?" said his father.

Chad didn't answer.

Stefano approached and put his hand in Chad's shoulder. "It's business. I'm sure he thinks the same way. You'll move on. But remember, nothing's more important than your family".

Chad nodded. "And that's the only advice I'm taking from you" he said, and left the room, chuckling when Stefano rolled his eyes.

"How could this happen, JJ?" asked Gabi, as she and her boyfriend entered the station. "One second, I stop looking at my baby one second and she disappears! Oh my God, if someone has her?"

"Stop that" said JJ, grabbing her hands. "I'm sure she's ok. Remember what we taught her? She goes to a cop and asks for help. I'm sure she'll appear safe and sound".

"Alright" said commissioner Roman Brady, as he approached them. "What happened? How can I help you?"

"Commisioner, it's Arianna. She's missing" said JJ.

"Arianna Grace?" said Roman. "Does Rafe know?"

"No, I was hoping to find him here" sobbed Gabi.

"Ok, now, listen to me" said Roman, as he placed his hands on Gabi's shoulders, so she looked at him in the eyes. "Everything's going to be ok, alright? I'll send people to look for her. But first I need you to tell me what happened".

"We were having lunch, and I just look away for a moment to talk to JJ and when I look again she was gone!" she said. "Oh, my poor baby, she must be scared and alone..."

"Gabi?" said a man, coming to her. "What are you doing here?"

"Rafe!" she exclaimed, throwing herself in his arms. "Oh my God, Rafe, you gotta help us. Ari's missing, and I don't know what to do..."

Rafe, Gabi's big brother, gasped. "Ari?"

"Don't worry, I already told her, we are going to send a search team" said Roman.

"Then I'll go, too" said Rafe. "I'll grab my things".

"I'll go with you" said JJ, following him.

"Ok, Gabi" said Roman. "You stay here. I'm gonna make some calls, ok? Try to breath and stay positive, we got this".

Gabi nodded, as Roman went to the phone, and started breathing in and out. Just as she turned around she saw Sonny enter the station. As soon as he saw her, Sonny went to hug her.

"Sonny, I don't know how this could happen" she sobbed.

"It will be ok" he tried to comfort her. "Ari is smart and adventorous, I bet she's already found a way to stay calm and cool".

"I just can't lose her, we can't lose her..."

"We won't" reassured Sonny. "I still remember the day we taught her to look for a cop in a case like this one".

Gabi sniffed. "Yeah, I was talking about that with JJ".

Roman approached them. "Ok, everything's arranged".

"And we're ready" said Rafe as he and JJ walked towards them.

"Ok, then" said Roman. "We're going to check first..."

Suddenly the sound of a giggle interrupted him.

Everyone looked stunned as they saw a blond boy no one had ever seen before carrying Ari, who looked too comfortable for Gabi's liking.

"Hello!" exclaimed Malcolm. "Is there anyone useful enough to help me find this little one's mommy?"

Seeing that a few people were staring at him with blank looks on their faces, three of them obviously cops, Malcolm waved at them impatiently. "Hello! I said someone here longs for her mommy!"

"Ari!" exclaimed Gabi, getting out of her shock and running to her, as Malcolm put Ari down on the floor. She picked up her daughter and kissed her over and over. "Oh, sweetie, Mommie was so worried about you".

Everyone approached. Gabi gave Ari to Sonny. When she turned around, she noticed Malcolm was staring at her uncomfortably.

"Oh" she chuckled, and hugged him. "Thank you so much for bring her".

"It was nothing" said Malcolm. "We got along just fine, she's the sweetest. She actually told me she needed her mommy. But you need to be more careful".

"Oh, I'll be" she laughed.

"What I don't get" said JJ. "Is how she asked a stranger for help. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's just, we had told her to look for a cop".

"Blond badge" said Ari.

"Oh" said Malcolm, looking at his belt where he had hanged a golden badge. "She must have confused this ornament my belt has with an actual police badge". He chuckled.

Rafe looked at him suspiciously. "That's certainly not an ornament".

"Well, whatever happened, doesn't matter" said Roman. "What matters is that Ari is with her family now, and all thanks to you, young man. What's your name?"

"Malcolm" he replied. "Malcolm Cooper. I just moved here".

"Well, Mr Cooper, thanks for everything".

Malcolm huffed. "Please, call me Malcolm. I'm eighteen, I'm too young to be treated as a mister".

"Then thanks, Malcolm" said Rafe. "We'll see you around".

"We will" said Malcolm. He looked at Ari and waved. "Bye, bye, little one. Hopefully we'll meet again".

Ari smiled at him and waved back, as Malcolm left.

"Huh" said JJ. "She likes him".

"He seemed nice" said Gabi.

"I guess I'll cancel the search" said Roman. "Excuse me".

Once Roman was gone, Rafe sighed. "Gabi, please be more careful. You may not be so lucky next time".

"I know" she said. "And I'm sorry".

Just after a beat, she realized Sonny had been quiet. Oddly quiet.

She turned to him. "What's with you?"

Sonny snapped out of whatever trance he was in and looked at her. "Huh?".

Gabi rolled her eyes. "Sonny, please you better not be thinking what I'm thinking. You're with someone!"

"I'm not... Hey!" he protested after realizing what she was implying.

"Then what is it?" she demanded. "You don't look so good. You never talked. That's not you".

"Are you feeling ok, Sonny?" asked JJ.

"Yeah" said Sonny. "It's just... This Malcolm guy, did he somehow look familiar to any of you?"

Chad entered the studio again, having forgotten his coat. Stefano wasn't there. However, his brother Andre DiMera was, not that it made things better.

"Oh, Chad, hello" he greeted.

"Andre" replied Chad, taking his coat. "And bye, Andre".

"Oh, wait, wait, Chad" said Andre, getting up, and handing him a letter. "This is for you. Came in the mail a while ago".

Chad took the letter and opened it, deciding to read a bit of it. He groaned. "It's Sami again. I don't know why she has picked up the habit of writing letters. I always knew she was nuts. And to think Will hit me that one time I told him".

"Oh, dear Samantha?" asked Andre, a little more interested.

"Don't" warned Chad. "I know you still hate her for what she did with our money, but she returned it. Don't try anything".

"Oh, I won't" promised Andre. "Us DiMeras are men of our word. She returned the money and we looked the other way. It's water under the bridge. Besides, why would I try to do anything?"

Chad looked at him. "Because she's coming back to Salem".

Malcolm entered his room at the Salem Inn. He tossed his jacket on a chair and sat on the bed.

He looked at his watch, and pressed a button, revealing a touch screen on it. He pressed another one and talked.

"I'm settled. It seems I won't have such a relaxing vacation after all. You've sent me to Action Paradise. Seems to me, I'll have some missions in here". He held the newspaper "There are very interesting things going on I"m sure you'll like to know about".

Almost instantly, a voice from the watch replied. "Excelent. Like I told you, you don't look for action, action looks for you. I'll be waiting all the information you can provide so we can give you your missions. You're one of my best agents, Cooper. Make us proud. Just like you always do".

"I'll do my best" answered Malcolm, with a smile, and disconnected.

Then, he opened one of his suitcases, revealing Army weapons, and took out the "ornament" from his belt. Only, it wasn't an ornament. Rafe and Ari had been right. It was an actual badge.

Malcolm sighed happily, and left it on the nightstand, where the moonlight that came across the window highlighted the word "CIA".

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