Chapter 1: OC Bio

Disclaimer: The show and it's characters belong to Chris Savino except for my Oc characters

Full Name: Lucas Zachary "Zak" Loud

Age: 12

Hair color: Dark brown

Hair style: Messy, slightly spiky

Clothes: His trademark red hoodie, black t-shirt, blue jeans, black and white sneakers

Personality: Zak is the underachiever in the family. He and Lincoln share an interest in things like comic books and video games. Like Lincoln, Zak can be a bit selfish and sometimes gets in trouble, but in the end he will always do the right thing. He is always snarky in almost every situation. Despite his status as a underachiever, Zak is way smarter than some people think, he can even surprise the child prodigy Lisa. He also a bit of a trickster. He is also protective of his family. He is also lazy and will try to take the easy way out.

Likes: His family, Pizza, Comic books, Video games, Rock and Roll, Tricking people, TV, April Fool's Day, Pranks, His red hoodie, cracking wise

Dislikes: People who mess with his family, being bossed around, school, bullies,, caught in a lie.

Family relationships:

Lynn Sr. and Rita Loud- Despite him being a handful at times, they both love him deeply

Lori- Zak dislikes when Lori bosses him around and they both sometimes butt heads with each other but both care about the other

Leni- He enjoys being around Leni but gets annoyed at her empty headed headedness and when she calls him Zeke.

Luna- Both share a love for rock and roll but like the rest of his siblings, he gets annoyed when she goes overboard.

Luan- As his favorite sister, he spends most of his time with her. She is responsible for some of his personality traits like his love for tricks, pranks and jokes. He sometimes helps her out with her clown business.

Lynn- Like Lincoln, hates it when she rough houses him and forces him to play a sport with her but still loves her unconditional. He tries to go to her games

Lincoln- Out of all his siblings, Zak and Lincoln are the closest due to being the only boys in the family. Both share a love for comic books and video games. When working together, they are an amazing team.

Lucy- Doesn't get creeped out as much by Lucy. Also like the others, will sometimes jump when she suddenly appears. Sometimes helps her with her poems.

Lola and Lana - Both Lola and Lana spend a lot of time with Zak when they were younger. Zak is somewhat responsible for Lola's manipulative personality. Zak gets annoyed when she tries to get him to play tea parties with but he begrudgingly join in sometimes. Zak gave Lana his red cap as a birthday gift. Lana gets her love for mud from Zak too.

Lisa- Due to Zak being into science fiction, he can get the gist of somethings Lisa says. Zak hates it when she tries to experiment on him. She tries to tutor him b

Lily- Zak and Lily have a good relationship. Lily loves her big brother and is more calmer when he holds her

I will be doing both real episodes and OC episodes. Will give Zak a Sideshow Bob like nemesis in a future episode. Also will take episode suggestions.