Just something that popped into my head. Since I evidently lack the ability to write good stories, I would like to offer this to any one would would like to continue where I left off. This was also an experiment to see if this method of writing is favored more by the people on this site, for I will simply have to go for massive chapters. I don't know if I have that ability, personally, but if that's what I need to do, please let me know. If you do decide to take this offer, would you be so kind as to shot me a pm so I may read it? Thank you in advance.

"You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you, Issei Hyoudou? Very well, a favor for a favor. You helped me, and so too will I help you. Understand that this is not a miracle that I use lightly, for a past without future is not something anyone can bear. Now, Issei, bear witness to this Magic that I am about to show you. Observe me as I commit an irrefutable crime against humanity, the planet, and the divine. Remember, and live." The Fifth Magic, inherited from Aoko Aozaki, answers me as I begin. If the Second Magic were available to me, this would be a pointless exercise, for that Magic does not truly change the future. It creates branches, new timelines where both the original event and the altered version exists side-by-side. In contrast, the Fifth Magic erases the original event in order to replace it with the event that I decide. I can feel the weight of the Gods and their servants as they push against me, a fight that I win by simple virtue of being a Magician. They lack understanding of what it mean to wield Magic, while I have wielded it from birth. No doubt any of those gods or servants could destroy me with ease, but when it comes to Magic, I know the rules.

To change one person's time is to change the time of the entire universe. Or rather, when I changed Issei's time, I had to remove him from it entirely. Issei ceases to exist, becoming akin to a distant and almost forgotten memory, desperately held on to by those that care for him the most. But to save his life, I cannot allow that. I look forward and back and observe the Sacred Gear he possesses. A dragon of considerable power, with an even stronger ability. To double his own power every ten seconds. But here, at the End of Time, an infinitely looping second allows him to reach his apparent full power almost instantly. Issei's death would mean hibernation, so the dragon grants me some of that power. I reach across Issei's time, searching for the catalyst(s) to the event that led to his death. A case of mistaken identity and a madman who wants to start a war, no matter the cost or result. I cannot prevent this, so I look back further, and look forward. I find the catalyst for his personality, and look from there. I am loath to change him, but based upon what I've seen this may be for the better. I induce his time to create the event that I deem appropriate and put it in place of his moment of death. A near-death experience is said to cause many epiphanies, so I've heard.

The moment the Fifth Magic was activated, everything with any sensitivity to mana felt it. They instinctively pushed against it in vain, desperately attempting to prevent something that they could not explain, fighting for a cause that they are simply unaware of. Magic, True Magic, is something that is regarded as the greatest of threats. There is nothing that fails to fall to its domain. The existence of 'Issei Hyoudou' failed to register in the minds and souls of those who knew him, and thus it was that Issei died. That event was erased by a power intrinsic to the universe, a correction of time when the existence of 'Issei Hyoudou' was declared to 'not exist' while 'Issei Hyoudou' was confirmed to be alive. To live is to exist, and thus a contradiction with the declared state of 'Issei Hyoudou.' There remained two viable methods of resolving the paradox: Issei Hyoudou is to live and thus 'exist' or Issei Hyoudou is to be destroyed and thus not 'exist'. Between the two, the first was selected, for Issei Hyoudou is already 'alive' and thus met the qualification for a 'human' to 'exist'.

I succeeded in my task. The dragon, Ddraig, is preparing his body to fight or to flee. A dragon, more than anything else, would understand the virtues in fleeing from an impossible situation if the option is available. "Welcome back to the world of the living, Issei Hyoudou. Now, if you will excuse me, I have other concerns that demand my attention. Perhaps we will see each other again, in the near future. Whether this parting be forever or merely for a short time…" I turn away from the young man. "That is up to you."