The pitter patter of rain filled the air as Al walked the dark streets of London. The rail puddled, still for half a second, then it was interrupted by ten more rain drops. His footsteps were hardly noticeable against the sound of rain on the cobblestone.

One two, one two. Breathe in, breathe out. The sounds were close, personal. They were his sounds, and rather comforting.

Yet there was something more against the thick rain that poured down all around him, more footsteps. More breathing! More dripping!

Al stopped. He looked around at the buildings that surrounded him. The streets were filled with thick shadows that surrounded him as well as anything and everything else. He shivered as his eyes caught a particularly grouped together shadow. A person… no… a monster…No! A frog! "

Hello." Said the frog, pulling a pistol out from under his cloak, "My name is Kermit."

Al stared. He was suddenly unable to speak. His lips and jaw seemed numb and his legs seemed frozen in place. Kermit let out a cry, or rather a ribbit, and then shot Al twice. Al collapsed, feeling his clothing get heavy with blood. Still unable to move, he let out a quiet cry.

Kermit stepped on him, placing the gun to his mouth and then shot two more times. Al was dead.