Prologue (Parker's Pov and Parker is 6)

My life has been hard. I lived on the streets, learning how to survive. I had crawled into this car's truck and fell asleep. When I woke up, I was in a nice comfy bed. I saw a man just staring. Hey, I'm Nate. Do you want to come live with me? YES!

Kira's Pov

Nate called us to "important" meeting. I didn't want to go cause I was working on school work but I knew that Nate would be mad if I didn't show up. So I stood up from my desk thinking the I can finish my history homework later. As I walked down the stairs, I felt tension in the air. I walked over to the couch and saw Sophie arguing with Nate, Eliot and Hardison giving death glare to Nate. Finally, Eliot noticed I was there. "Hi Kira, how's the history homework going?" It's going fine, I mumbled. Who knew seventh grade social studies could be so easy? I mean really. After hearing the answer, Eliot returned to death glaring Nate. I sat down on the couch watching this chaos unfold. My gears in my mind started to whirl. Sophie is angry at Nate but I don't think it's for the main thing that happens. Hardison never death glares people and well Eliot is just being Eliot. I haven't see them this angry sinceā€¦. OH MY! Could it be? I need to find out now.