Chapter 2

2018 A.T.B

"Wake up…Wake Up Lelouch. " Shouted CC.

"What…..Where….Where am I ? Nunally!" Responded Lelouch.

"I don't know how you did it but you somehow killed them and regain your memories without my help."-Said CC in confusion.

"What do you mean killed them " replied Lelouch

"Those corpses over there see , you this to them did you"-replied CC

"I don't remember" responded Lelouch in confusion

"What do you mean you don't remember . When I partially woke up I saw you killing them with something like a red sword and then you dropped down to the floor…..Lets not waste time anymore the Black Knights need your help "replied CC

"Oh the Black Knights, Yea right" replied Lelouch

"By the way, wheres Nunally ?"

"We tried to find your sister but with the Black Knights all but destroyed…."

"What about Sayoko ?"

"She escaped to the Chinese Federation…"

"What about my father's Geass?"

"Don't ask me I didn't gave him his Geass "

"I'll find the one who gave the Emperors Geass and end his life and rescue Nunally"

"Wait…. I had a younger sister not a younger brother ,that means he must be planted in by the emperor"

"What are you doing there….. A student ?" a knightmare came and asked the two

"Oh you're a soldier . Help me I was lost after the attack came" replied Lelouch

"Hmmm …..I need your ID please, stay where you are, don't move" replied the soldier

Once the soldier stepped out his Knightmare

"I Lelouch vi Britannia command you to give me your Knightmare and its ID code"

"The ID code is 05-14-2187"

"Thank you"

"Even all you need is eye contact why stage the drama"

"I don't need advice from a theatrical witch"

Location :Babel Tower

Panic breaks out as fire, smoke and screams emerge from Babel Tower

"What about the OSI Forces that went in first."

"No contact yet. "
"Recon Section 4."

"The terrorist is still battling in Babel Tower , recon suggest they may be members of the black knight."
"We've confirmed the presence of enemy knigtmare frames."

"Alright , Special Weapons Battlion 7 will break in from below"

"Yes , my lord"


Location :Upper Levels of Babel Tower

"Just hold on longer for Zero to get a lay-out of the building ,we'll back you up but you got to stand firm ."Shouted Kallen over the comms.


Location:Secret Control Room in Babel Tower

"Well done Q1 ,now move to location 21"…
… "Q4 ,Set up an ambush on section 8"…

."Q3,move to S6 to intercept "…
…."R2, Right 70 degress"…


Doing a time skip here to speed things up

( same stuff as what happened till Episode 3 where Lelouch returns to school)


Location :Lelouch's room

"Hmmmmmm….looks like what happened was real after all" Whispered Lelouch as he stares at the two artifacts that he retrieved from the Ancient Sith Temple.

"Looking for answers , my apprentice"a dark voice emerged from the now glowing red holocron.

"Yes… master just what is this two things?"

"The thing you call a flashlight is a lightsaber a tool we Sith use to mock the old ways of the Jedi .On the other hand what you're holding is one of the most powerful Sith Holocrons in existence …..the Telos Holocron-The Holocron which holds all knowledge of all Sith Lords…..Only those worth enough is deserving of its knowledge"replied the Holocron

"Before we began our training, you shall acknowledge me as Darth Sidious "

"Yes….my master"
"But beforehand let me rehearse the Sith Code:

Peace is Lie, there is only Passion,

Through Passion , I gain Strength,

Through Strength,I gain Power ,

Through Power , I gain Victory ,

Through Victory my chains are broken,

The Force shall set me free.

"As you can see my young apprentice your anger and hatred gives you passion hence strength ,with strength you gain power,through power you gain your victories against the Britanian Empire and if you were to win you are free against the grasp of your enemies"
"Well is that so…All you can offer me is this ! You call this power this is nothing but…"

A lightning wave burst out of the Holocron shocking Lelouch.

"Argggggggg….Arghhhhhhhhhhhh…"Screams Lelouch in agonizing pain

"Please…. please stop it….I was foolish to challenge your wisdom master"

"Now you understand now My apprentice ,this is true power ,to be able to bend the will of men against their own to control them with fear and pain to break them down to your bidding without the use of a toy you call Geass"

"Brother …..are you okay in there ? I heard Screaming " asked Rolo

"It's nothing Rolo I just got shocked by a broken circuit that's all"

"Get rid of him! Kill him now!" the holocron whispered telepathically to Lelouch

"I can't he is a spy sent to check on me if I kill him now they will know of my actions"

"Very well then your training will begin in your sleep I take it he is a suspicious person easy susceptible to tiny tricks ?"

"Yes my master"
"Ermmm hey is it okay that I come in?" asked Rolo holding a knife in hand waiting to kill Lelouch

"Yea im okay you can come in now"

As Rolo open the door the holocron deactivated and returned to its original form

"Hey Lelouch, I want to ask you something ….. How did you escape the terrorist attack"
"Leave it for tomorrow my little brother its getting late now ,we should be going to bed"

Your Training begins now in your dreams my apprentice"

"What shall we learn today my master"

"The forms of lightsaber fighting"

"It will be a sweet dream then"

A lightsaber activates and the master prepares to take a stance .


Location :Ashford Academy

"Nunally just where are you"-thought Lelouch

"Hmm it seems that everyone forget about the Nunally it must be the doing of my father, That Traitious Son of a Bitch!"

"Lelouch make sure to come to class tomorrow you hear"

"Of course coach ,you should have faith in me"

"Villetta Nu ,I once used Geass on her but that excludes Force Mind Trick, she could be one day useful to me, but not when that IMPOSTER is around!"


Location:Student Body Council Meeting Room

"So….Big Brother how did you escape from the military"

"What do you mean Rolo ,did you mean to ask how did I escape from the terrorist not from the military"

"I tried to call you but my cell wouldnt work in that area"

"Wait that locket, it was suppose to be Nunally's present"-thought Lelouch

"Rolo can I have that Locket back its too girly for a man like you ,you deserve something better"

"No….i mean its mine you gave it to me big brother, don't take it back" replied Rolo in a terrified state.

"Well fine you can keep it then Rolo"replied Lelouch in a conforting state.

"You fool …..You just told me your weakness….It seems although you are a spy you have feelings for me as your brother ….. I will consult Master on how do I turn you to be my pawn"-thought Lelouch



My story will make Lelouch slowly turn to the Dark side bit by bit seduced by its power instead of you know "POOF" =Sith Lord , as of now Lelouch thinks he can control this new found knowledge of his but as the story develops he will find himself...