Chapter 3

2018 A.T.B.

Location:Ashford Academy

"How am I going to save the Black Knights ?...You've done it again Guilford ,pathetic scum"-thought Lelouch

"Hey Lulu I was wondering, its Miss Villetta's birthday soon,can you help me choose a gift ?" asked Shirley.

"This is my chance ,but how… First, ill need to evade being caught by those pesky OSI dirt bags…..Hmmmmm,what they don't know is that I have acquired new powers for the past few days ,new powers that can bring me victory…I need to act fast if I can succeed "-thought Lelouch

"Um ,Shirley I can go along "replied Lelouch

"Thanks ,Lulu"replied Shirley


(Timeskip from the event at Omotesando Mall to the part of Lelouch's Confrontation of Rolo at the underground facility)


Location:Ashford Academy Base levels

"No ones here ,where are they ?"

A gun suddenly points at Rolo

"It seem's your friends have gone missing"

"I see you've gained you're memories back"
"As of now your little playtime of your's will end now . As of you my dearest brother you will be my pawn to find Nunally"
Rolo holds the gun and points it at Lelouch'es head

"Im sorry it had to end this way"

"Hehehehehe…..Hehehehehe" (Laughs Manically)

Lelouch suddenly disappears

"How is this even possible"(Rolo said in confusion


Location :Chinese Federation Embassy

"I can't belive Sith Alchemy actually works ….hehehehehe"

"Patience my apprentice , soon you will unlock your true nature .Your ability in the force is proven to be strong given that you have learned much in such a short period of time"-the Holocron said in evil manner"

"It seems Rolo has a geass that allow's him to stop a person's perception of time like Force Freeze"

"Now I shall pull off the greatest trick…I will lift all the defending Knightmares and free the prisoners"

"With this power I can do anything …..NOTHING Will STOP ME. Even that Dammed Suzaku will be action less like how he reacted to me killing Euphemia"

"Everything ,ok there… You've been acting strangely after the Babel Tower incident is there something that happened to you?"-asked C.C.

"You have been ignoring almost all of us here , you used to allow me to be in private with you but now you've suddenly changed .I hope you do remember the contract that we made"

"Of course , its just I am in a state of anguish,and I need some time alone"

" Well then, I assume that everything is alright and well done then."

"You have my word C.C."

"Shall I get the Black Knights into position"

"Yes you will"





"I am Zero and I have RETURNED "

"Zero, is that really him "

"No it cant be"
"Zero, you finally showed your face"

" Yes ,and I will perform the greatest trick of all.I will lift all the guards into the air and sent them flying across Tokyo"

"Boooooo,Looks like this Zero is just a con-man like the….."
Thousands what in awe as suddenly all Britannian forces defending the prisoners are suddenly lift up and thrown into the sky.

"Now …my Black Knights ,free your former allies at once!"


Location:Ashford Academy

"Brother…You have returned"-said Rolo in an inquisitive manner.

"Yes I have haven't you heard the mall that I and Shirley went got attacked by Terrorist"

"You got your memories back haven't you brother"-replied Rolo while holding a knife in his hand.

"You've figured it brother how could you outsmart me"
Rolo immediately put a knife at his brothers neck.

"Before I end your life tell me Lelouch vi Britannia ,how did you escape my Geass…."

"Well it was simple you immature fool, I wasn't there in the first place"

Rolo backed off in disbelief.

"What do you mean you weren't there , I saw you my own eyes….."

"You do want to know do you , I'll offer you the knowledge if you are willing to keep this a secret"

"Hmmm….. This is my chance… to prove my worthiness to V.V. …. that Lelouch must have a second Geass or something that makes him special ….. No…. No …No…Lelouch is big brother ,I just…..can't"

"Very well then , if I find you're reason's not valid enough I will Kill you right now"

"You won't be disappointed my brother…Come lets go to our dorm"

Rolo puts a gun behind Lelouch while trying to conceal it at the best


Location: Lamperouge 's dorm

"What are you talking about brother ,theres obviously nothing here …You were clearly lying from the start…."

"Or was I….See that sculpture there that's my explaination "
"That sculpture what's that gotta do with evading my Geass?"

"Oh brother, you're dearly mistaken….that sculpture will be my gift to our closer brotherhood….Go pick it up then"

As Rolo walks closer to the Holocron , the Holocron suddenly unlocks itself and the dark room glows with a red light.

"You seek power do you"( A seductive feminine voice appears from the holocron )

"Who's there show yourself!"-A fearful Rolo shouts.

"Theres no one else my sweet child..Just you and me"-the voice repeated.

"The voice is coming from this sculpture?" asked Rolo in disbelief.

"Lelouch I order you to tell me whats….."

The door suddenly slams shut

A Red Lightsaber suddenly ignites and the lighted edge moves to Lelouch'es face revealing Darth Zeroth

"Brother what happp…..pened to you….Why is your eyes glowing Ye…Ye…..Yellow and your face turned Gre….ee…e…yyyy….Give me Lelouch Back"
"YOU FOOL ,I AM LELOUCH…Just on the outside…Inside here im Darth Zeroth and im here to make sure everything is proceeding as my Masters plan"-Darth Zeroth spoke with a grin

"Well….now my child don't be afraid….you can call me Darth Traya …I am here to help you … teach you…. guide you…So tell me what do you desire ?"