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What happened to Paz after the car chase and crash in the Bourne Ultimatum?

Paz watched Bourne stride off through a haze of pain. Slumped over the steering wheel, his mind replayed the last minutes and how closely he came to death.

His hands, sitting limply in his lap, twitched, and he attempted to sit up, but the searing pain in his side convinced him otherwise. He breathed slowly and deeply, willing the black spots in his eyes to go away. Voices floated around him, and he became aware of the salty taste of blood in his mouth. By now, Bourne had disappeared and people were clustered around the car. ''Hold still'' a young lady in scrubs (probably just finished her shift at the hospital, he though numbly) told him, holding his neck as straight as possible until firefighters managed to pull him from the wreck. They placed him on a backboard and he was loaded into an ambulance where two attendants immediately started working on him, cutting off his shirt and treating his wounds. While they cleaned the glass off and bandaged his broken ribs and fingers, two men entered the ambulance and stood quietly by the door. "Sirs", one of the ambulance attendants addressed them, "We need to take him to the hospital for observation, this was a serious crash and he's obviously had a concussion". Paz's heart sank as they shook their heads, "Just do the best you can and we'll take over from here." Shaking their heads, they helped him sit up on the narrow cot and gently pulled his bloody shirt back on. Immediately the world swam around him and he felt sick to his stomach. He clenched his fists until they turned white in an effort to not throw up. His breath came in short, painful gasps and twinges of pain from elsewhere in his body reminded him just how he was going to feel tomorrow. Finally, the spinning stopped and he lifted his head to meet their unsympathetic gaze. "All set?" they asked him. Without waiting for a reply, they helped him to his feet and led him out, grabbing his jacket and backpack which sat discarded by the door on the way.

Maneuvering himself down the steps, he glimpsed at his face in the glass of the door. Oozing red streaks chased each other down his tan face, and a few glass shards stubbornly clung to his close shaven dark brown hair. Looking down, he used his good left hand to cradle his throbbing right hand, all wrapped up with at least 3 fingers broken. They approached a large black SUV and one opened the door for him, getting in after he and the other did. "Where are we going?" he asked as the SUV changed lanes and headed down an off ramp. They looked at him, then handed him a phone. The name Noah Vosen was lit up on the screen….

Paz sat in silence, staring at his injured hand and trying to keep his heaving stomach in check. He heard snatches of radio conversation from up front... "saw him walking down the street…. he's in the building now," and guessed it was Bourne. The SUV pulled up beside a group of buildings. "Here." Paz abruptly looked up and saw a Sig Sauer in the man's outstretched hand. He took it, his fingers sliding deftly into their familiar spot. Wondering how they had found his gun in the wreck of his SUV, he got out and the door slammed shut again. He was on his own again.

Instructions ringing in his ears, he took a deep breath, flinched, then made his way to the entrance; it was now or never… his last chance to make things right, or else….

As he went through the door and down the corridor, conflicting emotions hit him. He pressed them down, willing them to stop conflicting with his already whirling mind. A loud crash startled him and he turned to the sound, his gun already trained. He advanced quickly along the corridor and up a long flight of stairs to the roof, aided by his earpiece. By the time he reached the top, his head was pounding and his hands shook. He stopped for a moment, catching his breath, letting the cool air wash over him and take the edge off his nausea before moving along the roof and around the corner…. and face to face with Bourne.

There was a long, uncomfortable silence as they stared at each other. Paz was very aware that he was the only one with a gun, and yet…. he couldn't make any move to fire it. "Why didn't you take the shot?" he finally demanded. Time slowed down and his grip seemed to waver. Then suddenly Bourne spoke…."Look at you…. look at what they make you give."

The words weren't arrogant, scared, or taunting, but they hit Paz hard, sending his mind back into a tailspin. A thousand unbidden thoughts crowded his mind, and he knew Bourne could tell his concentration was gone. The noise of approaching people broke the spell. He made no move as Bourne turned and leaped off the building.

Paz winced as a gunshot came from behind him. He turned, seeing Vosen, and immediately knew full well where the next shot would be aimed at. Suddenly in motion again, he ducked down, sprinting for the fire exit, fear giving him speed. He swung down the narrow ladder, hardly aware of the burning pain in his hands and ribs. "Over here, he's gone down here," the men shouted from above him. A moment later and a bullet whined by his face. Gasping, he lost his grip on the ladder, falling the last storey. He landed hard, pain shooting up his leg. Groaning, he forced himself upright and hobbled for the alley and the safety of darkness….

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