This is about how I think how the lives of victims, who used the Jigoku Shoujo website in Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori, went afterwards.

Sequel to Jigoku Shoujo Season 1 Aftermath from Celestialfae

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Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori: Aftermath

Science is not a play thing-Maki Onda

A lesson in science was about to start and in came the teacher. The teacher was a woman, in the end of her twenties, names Maki Onda. Maki Onda was a good science teacher and the students loved to learn science from her especially when it came to experimenting. Maki-sensei was careful when it came to experimenting with chemicals and things, making sure that nothing bad went wrong. Most importantly she always checked to see if students were doing anything silly and dangerous with the experiments. She had seen students who wanted to mess around with science experiments and she had told the students all the time that science, especially chemistry, is not a play thing.

Maki Onda loved to teach science, whether it was biology, chemistry and physics. But of course there was a time when she had been scared of it and that was because of her old science teacher Eiko Kamishiro. When she was a student, Maki got bullied by having caterpillars in her desk, having staplers stuck to her jumper and being locked in the showers. That time was terrible for Maki and then her school friend Hitomi Nakase helped her find out that Eiko Kamishiro was the one bullying her. The reason why her teacher did that because the teacher found it amusing, playing pranks on her like that was like an experiment finding out how Maki reacted to the pranks. It seemed that Eiko Kamishiro was a mad scientist who found experimenting on people fun. Why, she even liked to pour acid on people and hear them scream. To Eiko-sensei Science was her toy, especially when playing it on and with other people.

Not wanting to be bullied anymore Maki Onda typed in Eiko Kamishiro's name in the hell girl website. Even though Ai Emma told her that she would be sent to hell after she died, Maki didn't want Eiko Kamishiro to have fun with her experimenting anymore and she sent her teacher to hell.

Maki Onda never forgot that time and knew she would end up in hell one day because of what she did. But she didn't regret it. Eiko Kamishiro was in hell and wouldn't bully and eperimented her or any other people ever again. All Maki could do now was living a full life as a science teacher and reminding students to never treat science as a play thing.

Becoming a science teacher was all I could think of for Maki Onda from episode 1. I reckon that the teacher borrowed Hitomi's stapler to do the sticking the staplers to Maki's jumper which I believe is how Hitomi found out the teacher was bullying Maki.

I hope it's alright with you Celestialfae that I write this sequel to your story.