This is about how I think how the lives of victims, who used the Jigoku Shoujo website in Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori, went afterwards.

Sequel to Jigoku Shoujo Season 1 Aftermath from Celestialfae

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Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori: Aftermath

No Regret - Hachiroku Toyoda

A man named Hachiroku Toyoda was driving his car through the whole night. He had sent a man to hell using the hell girl website but he had no regret for it. The man he sent to hell was a man named Tetsuro Megoro. Tetsuro Megoro was an irresponsible man who never took any responsibility for his actions and he would try to run away from any mistakes he made.

Hachiroku got his car ruined and had coffee spilled over him by Tetsuro. Those were accidents of course, but Tetsuro didn't admit or even apologize for the incidents. So Hachiroku had enough of that scumbag and sent him to hell. In his mind irresponsible jerks don't deserve to live.

Not long after sending Tetsuro to hell Hachiroku found out about him being a failure of a director; always saying he has plans for a movie, but never gets to work on them properly. Another thing about Tetsuro is other than failing in his job, is he would never think things through, didn't pay people he hired well and cheated on his wife and mistress all the time.

Hachiroku still doesn't regret sending Tetsuro to hell for his negligence; in his mind Tetsuro was a real lying scumbag who deserved to go to hell. True Hachiroku was going to hell after he died, but it was his own choice.

From the look on the coffee man's face at the end after pulling the string, I would say he felt no remorse or regret at all.