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Chapter Two- Letters from Someone

By June Harry and Beatrice were finally let out of the cupboard. The summer holidays had begun. The only thing that they had been allowed was a small glass of water.

In the kitchen Aunt Petunia was making coffee. She looked at Beatrice and said, "Make the bacon and don't you dare let it burn."

"Yes Aunt Petunia."

Harry was told to crack the eggs. Within fifteen minutes both the eggs and bacon were done. Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia, and Dudley were sitting at the table. "Get the mail, Dudley," Uncle Vernon said suddenly.

"Make harry get it," whined Dudley.

"Get the mail, Harry."

"Make Dudley get it," Harry retorted.

"I'll get the mail," Beatrice intervened.

She walked out into the hall. There were four pieces of mail on the floor. One was for her, so she slipped it into the cupboard. She brought the rest of the mail back into the kitchen. Once there she handed Uncle Vernon the mail. He looked through them.

One of the pieces of mail was a bill. The other was a postcard from his sister. Suddenly Dudley yelled, "Dad look Harry's got something!" he snatched the letter out of Harry's hands. Uncle Vernon then snatched the letter out of Dudley's hands.

"Give me back my letter!" A shouting match began in the kitchen.

Eventually, Uncle Vernon threw Dudley, Harry, and Beatrice out into the hall. The two boys fought to get the better place at the door. While, they fought, Beatrice snuck into the cupboard. She could hear the fighting through the door. She reached up and turned on the only light that was in the room.

She opened her letter from a mysterious person. She next read the letter that had green ink. Her letter said:

Dear Ms. B. Potter,

We are please to inform you that you have been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find all necessary equipment in the enclosed page. We await your owl no later than July 31st.

Yours Sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress

Beatrice quickly closed the letter and opened the other page. On the page was a list of equipment and supplies she would need. As soon as she put her letter away her eyes glazed over. The images that flashed in front of her eyes were unrecognizable. She only recognized one person in the images.

As soon as her vision came it was gone. Who were the other people in her vision? What did these people have to do with the future? Questions flowed through her mind. She didn't even recognize the place she was in, in her vision. Why was she there?

The door to the cupboard opened as Harry came in. His face was red with anger. As he told the story of what happened out in the hall. "If you'd been there he would've told the truth, right."

"Not necessarily Harry. Most of my gifts come and go as they please," Beatrice paused for a moment. "Besides, only two of my gifts are completely permanent."

Harry quickly changed the subject. "Did you get a letter from that place?"

Could she tell her brother the truth? Or, have there been enough lying today? Thoughts rushed through her mind like a racehorse. Finally, she knew she had to say something. "Possibly, why?"

"I want to know what the letter said if you did get one."

Beatrice sighed. "Fine I did get one, but I didn't open it." At least it was only half a lie.

The next morning came along with five letters for Harry and Beatrice. Even though she had already opened hers she would still get them until Harry opened his. The twins watched in horror as Uncle Vernon burned the letters in the fireplace. Aunt Petunia and Dudley smiled at the horrific sight.

By the end of the week several things happened. One of those things was that the twins moved into Dudley's second bedroom. Over fifty letters made their way into the house. Even after Uncle Vernon had boarded up the mail slot. Some were hidden in eggs cartons. Others were forced through cracks along the house.

The family was sitting in the living room on Sunday morning. Uncle Vernon was smiling proudly. "In my opinion today is the best day of the week. Why is that Dudley?" Dudley shrugged in confusion.

"It's because there is not post on Sundays," piped up Beatrice.

"Right you are, Beatrice"

A low rumble wiped the smirk right off of his face. Hundreds of letters shot out from the fireplace. Harry jumped up and tried to catch one. Beatrice ran out into the hall. Aunt Petunia and Dudley hurriedly ran out of the room. Harry soon came running in carrying a letter in his hand.

Uncle Vernon came waddling in after him. He grabbed Harry around the waist. "That's it, we are getting far away; where they can't find us!" Yelled Uncle Vernon.

"Daddy's gone mad hasn't he?" Dudley asked.

"I'm afraid so sweetie, "replied Aunt Petunia.

A half an hour later the five of them were squeezed into Uncle Vernon's car. Dudley couldn't bring his electronics with him. He was moaning all the way to the hotel. The hotel was in Cooksworth. It was very shabby on the outside. Why were they staying there?

The hotel room was very dirty. There were broken springs in one of the beds. Beatrice knew what the room looked like before they even gotten there. She didn't tell anyone what she had saw on the way.

Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia took the good bed. Dudley took the not so good bed. Harry and Beatrice got stuck with the dirty and dusty floor. Everyone was fast asleep quickly. Dudley and Uncle Vernon were snoring loudly. The good thing was that they didn't wake anyone up.

During the night, Beatrice had one of her rare dream visions again. This was her third dream vision in her lifetime. Many images flashed through her mind. One of the images was a tabby cat. She recognized the tabby cat immediately. However, she didn't recognize the rest of the images.

The next morning they ate breakfast, which consisted of stale corn flakes. Beatrice stared at her bowl of breakfast. She didn't want stale cereal, but she was hungry. Dudley dived right into his food. He was hungry like usual. Harry also stared at his food. Uncle Vernon an Aunt Petunia began eating right away.

The hotel manager interrupted their breakfast. She had a bag full of letters. "Excuse me, but are one of you Mr. H. Potter or Ms. B. Potter?"

Before Harry or Beatrice could take the envelopes, Uncle Vernon's arm hit Beatrice's arm. "I'll take them." He took the letters. He had an evil glint in his eye. Beatrice was nursing a bruised arm. She knew what he was going to do with the letters.

Later, that day the family was back in the car again. Dudley started complaining only a few minutes into the trip. He had missed all of is favorite TV shows. Even Aunt Petunia wanted to go home. Rain had stared to pour down. "Why don't we just go home, Vernon?"

She was answered with silence. Uncle Vernon just kept on driving. Only one person besides Uncle Vernon knew where they were going. Earlier that day, Beatrice had a vision of a house on the sea. She didn't tell anyone about her recent vision. No one besides Harry knew her secret. She had yet another secret that even Harry didn't know.

It was dark when Uncle Vernon stopped the car. The rain was a downpour now. He got out of the car to see if anyone was around. Soon he came with two bundles. "Come on everyone out."

"But Vernon, it is raining."

Aunt Petunia, Dudley, Harry, and Beatrice slowly got out of the car. The five of them had squeezed into a small boat by the shore. It wasn't just raining, but the on wind was strong. "Why can't we just go home, " complained Dudley.

The waves crashed into the boat, soaking the entire party. At last the wooden boat stopped at a house on the rocks. After a few minutes everyone was out of the boat and into the small house. Uncle Vernon set the two bundles on the table against the wall.

There was only one bedroom, which Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia took. Dudley got the couch. Harry and Beatrice were stuck with the dirty floor. For warmth they only had a thin blanket. Beside them Dudley was snoring loudly. Harry drew a birthday cake in the dirt. He wrote happy Birthday Harry and Beatrice inside it.

Beatrice looked at Dudley's watch. It was seven minutes until midnight. She drew eleven candles on top of the two dimensional cake. It was now two minutes until midnight. Harry then drew the flames on the candles. Harry and Beatrice watched the time on Dudley's watch.

As soon as it beeped midnight Harry and Beatrice looked at each other and smiled. As soon as they were about to blow out the fake candles, there was a big bang outside. Dudley jerked awake.

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