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there son remembers the last time his mom gave broth.

Sango walked into her bed room. There she found her husband setting on there bed.

"Your home early what happen at your meeting?"

"It went good, but I rather be home with you my love."

He pulled her in kissing her belly making her laugh.

"Your do soon and I will be there for you. Not like the last three times. There's no war, and I have no meeting. Inuyasha will be going to them this time."

Sango smiled standing up and kissed his forehead before she moved from his arms.

"I still have two weeks to go, and things to do." Picking up her bag and coat.

Looking over her shorter. "You can come with me if you wont to." Walking out the door.

Getting up he followed her. 'By the Gods I love her.' He said to himself.

As they walked to the front door they where stopped by a maid.

"My Lord you have a phone call." She said handing him the phone.

"Who is it?" He asked helping Sango with her coat.

"It's Lord Inuyasha . He is looking for the Golden file."

"Tell him Mark has it. Now we are going out." He said as they walked out the door.

A week later Sango was in labor and in her hospital room. Out side in the whiting room were there twelve children and family. There ages where between 500 years old to 15 years oldest was holding his young son and his wife's hand.

"Daddy will Grandma be ok?" He asked looking up.

"Yes, she's has demon blood in her. She's the strongest woman i have ever known."

He could still remember the last time she gave birth to his little sister. She was sick and they could have lost both of them.

~~~~~~~~1800's England ~~~~~

They came to England to open a new toy factory. Sango was only four months by then. She had wanted to see England and he could not turn down his mate.

While he was in the meeting there host's wife would show Sango the town.

(The black plague was over but there was still a virus killing some low level demons.)

Later that week so I will start to feel sick. This left it off and on for eight months(humans caring demon children Carrie for one year)

They did not know if she or the pup would make it. Or how long after birth either would survive.

~~~~~~~~present day~~~~~~~~

Kahaku got up handing his some over to his wife. "I'll be right back."

He walked to Sango's room. His father was holding her hand as they talked.

"Son what do you need?" Sesshomaru asked.

"Mother I want to ask you. Will this be your last child? Please do't have anymore mom."

He asked with hope in his eyes.

"Know your place son." Came his fathers cold voice.

"I will not father... Ever time she is with child it cuts her life short. I will not lose her."

By now Sesshomaru eyes started to turn red. Sango moved to stop them.

"You will do what your told pup." Sango took his hand making him look at her.

"he is right my love. This will be my last child ever." Looking up at him with a smile.

"Now helps me bring this child in to the world." Pulling him down and kissing him.

Two hours later they had a healthy baby girl. sang fall asleep with a happy smile.