December 18th, 2016, Houston Texas

It was a cold Texas night as I made my way down the streets from the local Barnes and Noble bookstore. Today a huge sale had been going off since we were about one week from Christmas. While most people chose books or electronics such as Kindle fire with the new deals, I instead chose to purchase my very first Gunpla; a MS-06 Zaku II. For the past 15 years of my life I have been a huge Gundam fan since watching the premiere of the original series on Toonami. While it wasn't my favorite anime or series in general, it was definitely up there as Gundam was a very unique fun show in its own way with it's mix of real robot action and war drama. Sure the show had its problems (cough*Newtype OP Bullshit* cough) but it was still pretty good overall with the Universal Century being my favorite part of the Gundamverse. I was in particular a huge Zeon fanboy that had always rooted for the Zabi's to take over the world. Sure as my feddie friends pointed out Zeon may just be a bunch of Space Nazis, but who doesn't like to root for the Empire from time to time. Besides they were completely justified in their quest for independence anyways (though I would always be in hardcore denial when the whole Operation British debacle came up in the intense fan debates)

While I was currently thinking about this as I crossed the street, a wild car was currently making its way towards me as a drunk driver was apparently behind the wheel and had no intention of stopping. I quickly try to run for my life but by the time I make any decisive action it's too late as the car makes contact and sends me flying into the air, landing 5 meters on the ground from my current position. As I sit there lying on the ground with an immense amount of pain and blood flowing out, many thoughts start flowing through my mind. My life starts flashing before my eyes and I look back at everything I've done. Currently I was a 21-year old college student at A&M and had grown up in a nice family of 4, but throughout my life I never really achieved anything of importance. No successful sports careers, above average grades, a mild social life, just a plain old young adult who was about to die without contributing anything major to the world. 'I wish... I wish I could've lived in one of my favorite franchises. Like Gundam, yeah that would've been nice. Hell, maybe even Gihren Zabi, that would've made for an interesting ISOT.' These were my last coherent thoughts as my vision was starting to fade out, where I noticed that a large group had gathered around me with the Paramedics now just arriving. Strange last thoughts to be sure but then again it's not like I ever expected to go out like this. I finally lose consciousness as the paramedics drag me onto the ambulance, with my right arm firmly gripped onto the Zaku II the entire time.

January 4th, 0067, Side 3

After an unspecified amount of time I start to open my eyes and gain consciousness for what feels like the first time in days. 'Am I dead? Is this Heaven?' As I open my eyes I look around and confirm this isn't the case. Apparently I'm in a hospital bed in some unspecified room, the TV was blaring on while the light from the windows seemed to indicate that it was sometime around midday. 'Huh. So they did manage to save me in time. Well thank God for that.' Around a minute after waking up a nurse walked into my room and was shocked at my appearance. She quickly ran out of the room shouting "Get the doctor and alert the waiting room! Gihren Zabi just woke up!"

'Gihren Zabi? The hell is this women high on? Maybe this is just one of my friends playing a sick prank on me.' After that weird little outburst I start to look around the room and start to notice some things that were definitely off. While I was no doctor or medical student (my younger sister was) I have gone to a hospital several times before. From those experiences I could tell that all of the medical equipment around me was not standard issue. For some reason it looked like some sort of weird cross between 1970's and retro sci-fi tech, kind of like the medical rooms that they had in old movies like Alien or Star Wars. Taking my mind off the room I focus my attention towards the TV but as I watch it I notice something is clearly wrong with it as well. As I flip through the channels none of them seem familiar with weird names such as The Space Channel, RoboticsNetwork, Colonylife. The one that most caught my attention was one broadcast on a channel called ZNN where a panel of analysts where discussing what was apparently relations between the Earth Federation and the Republic of Munzo, something that only existed in UC Gundam. 'Okay something is definitely up here. Either I've been kidnapped by Gundam fans or John is playing one very sick prank on me.'

My attention is brought to the hallway where the sounds of a large group of footsteps could be heard passing by as well as several voice who I've never heard before yet sounded familiar. "Please Mr. Zabi your son just woke up after a three day coma from his accident. As the patient's doctor I need to examine him first and make sure that everything is okay before he receives any visitors."

"Ah baloney, after waiting outside in the hospital for three days I will not stand aside patiently as my brother is waking up scared and confused."

"Calm down Dozle, I hardly doubt Gihren would be scared. Though as his father I must see his condition is first before you quacks decide to perform any tests." 'Gihren? Dozle? Okay seriously what the hell is going on in here?! Why the hell is everyone making Gundam references?!

Upon hearing the voices I begin to scream in pain as a bunch of memories start flooding into my head that I had never had before. Memories of a larger and highly dysfunctional family of four brothers and a sister, exceedingly dark ones of manipulation and power grabbing, and what stood out the most was a particular fond one of myself staring at the moon from the window of a space ship. THE FREAKING MOON! With the sound of my voice in agony spreading the until-now unknown group of people bursted into my room where I was meet with one of the most bizarre images in my life.

Standing right in front of my was none other than one of the most infamous families in all of anime history, the Zabi's, albeit much younger. Standing front and center was the large obese man that was none other than the families Patriatch Degwin Zabi, though he looked much healthier still than his appearance in 0079. To his right was the immense figure that was unmistakably no one else than Dozle Zabi (Best Zabi), however his face seemed unscarred which indicated that Sasro's assassination had not happened yet. Speaking of, to Degwin's left was the man himself Sasro who looked exactly like his counterpart in Gundam: The Origins. Standing in the far left of the corner near the door was the redhead Lady Zabi that was Kycillia, on her face was a disturbing expression which was a mixture of shock and disappointment. 'Oh that's right we hate each other and she's one day going to shoot my head off with a large laser rifle. Great, just fucking great.' Finally behind Degwin was a young child with purple hair who I figured to be Garma, the wonderchild and only normal person of the Zabi clan.

Connecting the dots but still skeptical, I reach out desperately for a mirror right next to me and finally see my face for the first time since the accident. What I am confronted with is a major shock that along with my new memories and family before me prove my crazy theory correct. Staring at myself was a reflection of one of the most infamous antagonists in all of anime history. Gihren. Motherfucking. Zabi.

I look back towards the Zabi's, or I guess I should say my... family, with a look of pure shock as I am trying to comprehend how I can possibly be in this situation right now. What passes is a five second silence in the entire room until a now happy Garma rushes up to me and jumps on my bed giving an immense bear hug, "GIHREN!" As I hug back my new little brother, my mind wakes up from a state of shock and I know realize the situation I was in. I just became Gihren Zabi, future Prime Minister of the Princiaplity of Zeon and literally Space Hitler. 'Just Great.'