This my first time ever writing anything about millitary, So please be gentle with your reveiews. Any who, this story will be rather short, it shouldn't go over ten chapters. This story is kind of a real world AU but it stays in the world of remnant all the characters are aged up. And if your wondering why I'm writing this before I finish 'A Rose that Blooms in Darkness' well reasons thats why. Well enjoy, review and tell me your thoughts.

Ruby's heart beat fast, Her breath was eratic they were deep in the enemy territory. The mission was easy her squad, the Rose Squadron, had been sent in to free a prisoner of war, his name was Cardin Winchester. They had secured him, lucky bastard hadn't even reached the real torture methods yet, just got beat around a bit. Her and her five man squad had made it out of the compound, back through the thick jungle and almost to the extraction point before it happened.

A ambush, she had taken bullet in her side, it was her own damn fault, she had been to cocky and had undone the straps of her bullet proof vest on one side because it had been to hot. Not that she had it as bad as Cardin, a round had found it's way into his head. Unable to be of any help. Michael Gold, call sign Stixs had covered her with Cardins body, so now she lay still staring into the eyes of a dead man as fear gripped her while she listened to the sounds of gunfire around her something heavy landed ontop of her making it harder to breathe.

"Shit, Eyes!" she could barely make out the voice of Heart saying. She was losing concousness fast. "I'm sorry Rose." she could hear Hades, he sounded so close to her, why was he so close then she blacked out.

She awoke to her side burning, she opened her eyes, something heavy was on her she couldn't remember what had happened something was there at the edge of her mind but she couldn't grasp it, she pushed up trying to move the weight that had settled on her it was warm and pliable under her hand but the movement sent pain through her side making her wimper, but she pushed again, the weight losened and light shown through, she saw Cardin's face close to hers and it all came rushing back, the ambush, she had been hit. She pushed his face to the side and a gloved hand fell into her veiw, around the wrist was a black paracord bracelet that she reconised. "No." she breathed softly following the arm, she had to twist her head and tears welled in her eyes as she saw Hades's face, his eyes lifeless. Her breath came quicker now fear squeezing her heart, frantic she pushed upwards clawing her way past untill she broke through and sat up. She looked around her and could see them all. Heart, Eyes, Stix, Hades, and Becca. Every member of her squadren were dead.

Ruby's eyes snapped opened her heart slamming against her ribcage and she looked around taking in her surrounding over her head she could see the bottom of another bunk, to her left was a iron wall. She was on board the plane carrier numbered 163 or the Burning Sun, as what the crew called her.

She rolled over in her cot and reached towards the table by the head of her bunk it was crowded with other people's things to but her hand automaticaly found her own stuff, her fingers brushed a bottle of pills labled Sertraline and she paused breathing slowly until her breath evened out and she reached past it grabbing a photo and lay back, the bunk creaking beneath her. She stared at it in the dim light listening to the sounds of the other pilots sleeping.

The photo had been taken the day before she left for another tour on the Burning Sun. In it was her wife Blake giving the camera one of her rare smiles. In her arms was their daughter Risay both waving at the camera. She smiled at the photo placed a kiss on it then lifted her hips into the air enough, ignoring the burning in her side, and slid the photo into her left pocket before she sat up and slung her legs over the side and slid her feet into her boots and laced them up.

Careful not to disturb the man sleeping above her she stood and headed towards the adjacent room moving silently down the line of bunks despite the steady rocking of the ship. Once she was in the dressing room slash bathroom she peed, washed her face, changed from the black tanktop she wore to bed into a dull green shirt brushed her short black hair and left the room through a difrent door that led into the main hall of the ship where she followed it to the mess hall, passing sailors that where heading to their bunks since the night crew was finishing up and the day crew was about to be woke up, but she was always awake early.

She stepped through one of the open metal doors that led into the mess hall. It was practically empty besides having a few people sitting around the room eating. She walked around the wall headed towards the serving line. The cooks where starting to bring things out to put in the warmers but she only grabbed an apple from a basket of fruit. She never ate much in the mornings.

She turned already knowing what table she was going to sit at, in the dead center of the room a blonde headed man sat with his back to her, he wore the captain uniform and had a long blonde tail that flicked back and forth behind him as he ate. He was a monkey faunus one of the few faunus that surved in the millitary. Due to the strong threat that the Faunus that formed the Terroist group the White Fang caused.

She made her way to him weaving through the maze of tables untill she stood in front of him.

"Captain." She said standing at attention and raising her hand in a saulte the blonde captain looked up at her over his food and waved his hand in dismisal. "Ruby, I've told you like I told the crew, if no big wigs are around don't salute me."

"I know Sun." she said sitting down on the wood bench. She had known sun for many years he was even freinds with her entire family. But Ruby was a soldier through and through so she would alway salute him.

"You look tired." he said taking another bite. She just shrugged leaning her ellbows on the table and bit into the apple.

"The dream again?" he asked, worry apparent in his eyes. Some years back his friend had lost her entire squad, the enemy had somehow misstook her for dead and piled the bodies of her squad on top of her.

"Yeah, I get them every so often when I'm away from home." she said distantly

"Why don't you leave, no one can deny that you've went above and beyond." Sun asked, he had asked her the same question when she got out of Rehabitation from her wound and mental trama.

Ruby sighed taking a bite out of her apple. "I can't I'm a soilder, It's all I know how to do, and it's in my blood."

Sun nodded in understanding. Yang, Rubys older sister was a Seargent in the marines, her uncle was a Master Cheif petty officer. Her aunt was in the special forces and both her parents where in the army.

"Well, tell me more about the little flower." he said leaning forwards, he knew that the best way to put Ruby in a good mood was to bring up her adopted daughter, but you couldn't tell Ruby that Risay was adopted or she would grow very violent, he knew that all to well.

Ruby smiled at him. "She loves the Captian hat you sent her, she tries to wear it everywhere."

Sun grinned wide, "Good, I'm glad next time I'm on leave I'll come see her." he said

Ruby nodded taking another bite, "I think she'd like that."

Suddenly alarms started blaring startling them as red lights flashed through the air. Sun and Ruby was on their feet in an instant, Sun grabbed his hat and placed it on his head. As the stereo crackled to life. "Attention all hands, a White Fang Squadren of F-16s just appeared on radar, headed this direction!" the voice issued.

"Ruby, go!" He ordered but she was already running out of the mess hall, the hall was now a live with rushing sailors and pilots. She pushed her way to the stairs that led up to the deck and was welcomed with the morning sun, the smell off sea salt and jet fuel.

She ran across the deck of the massive plane carrier towards where the jets where kept she could see her's already being taxied onto the runway, it was a FF-18 Hornet, on the side was a red rose with a cresent moon beside it, across the right wing in large red letters was Crescent Rose.

"Your filled and ready." The hand yelled down to her from the open cockpit as Ruby climbed up onto the wing as he climbed out and handed her her flight helmet she pulled it on and flicked the tinted viser down. Moving quick she pulled on the flight vest she had in the seat and hooked up the oxygen mask fixing it over her lower face. She turned the coms on and pressed the button to lower the canopy.

"Rose checking in, can you hear me?" she asked as she flicked switches in the cockpit.

"We hear you Rose." A man said from the communication tower.

"Alright, boys whose flying with me today?" she asked looking out over the horizon, she could make out the enemy jets moving in. Her heart slammed in her chest and she let out a slow breath.

"Fluffy is ready to fly!" A man answered. Fluffy was a man from Atlas he was brash and enjoyed showing off muscles and his strength to anyone, she remembered that his name was Zeke Manchester.

"Alright Fluffy, I want you on my ass like you paid good money for it." Ruby said rushing Cresent Rose down the runway.

"Rose how did you know I was an ass man?" he asked, a smile spread across Ruby's face. As she pulled the flight stick back and her stomach lurched as she lifted off the runway.

Once she was in the air she pushed the thrusters to half and rushed onwards towards the oncoming White Fang planes. She didn't need to wait, and she didn't need to look back, she knew Fluffy would be on her six and behind him several more fighters would be following them.

"Rabbit, checking in."

"Boots here."


"Hungry,and I missed breakfast again."

that was it for the piolts checking in. A six on six fight Ruby realized, she kept her eyes on the oncoming fighters, they would be in range soon.

"Rose, do us the honnor of breaking for us." Boots said.

"Understood." She responded.

"Hungry, Your on me," Boots said. "We'll bank left."


"Rabbit and I'll go right." Shark issued.

"Got you."

"Fluffy were going straight through." Rose told him as she flipped the clear cases over the firing buttons on the flight stick.

"Lets hit it!"

"Break!" Ruby cried squeezing the button under her index finger and the Vulcan under her nose started spitting a stream of rounds into the center of the squad causing them to split to the left and right but one dived down to slip under them.

"Bad mistake!" she heard as she past through the planes and heard and explosion from behind her.

"Wooooo!" Fluffy yelled. "He is out of here!"

Ruby smiled. Make that Six against five. She banked left and could see Boots tailing a fighter, gunfire was heavy in the air.

"Shit, someone's locked on!" Fluffy yelled making her look back, slightly to the right of her she could see Fluffy, behind him was a fighter.

"Shake him!"Ruby shouted.

Fluffy banked right picking up spead but the fighter stayed with him.

"He's still on me!" he yelled. Ruby started to follow but Rabbit blew past her. "I got you Fluffy, you know I can't just shoot one plane down." he said leveling behind the fighter.

"Oh Shit!" Rabbit yelled. "Somethings wrong I can't fucking fire!"

"Fuck..!" Fluffy yelled as the fighter fired. Ruby could only watch as the missle hit dead center of his plane and Fluffy headed down towards the ocean in smoke and fire.

Ruby's blood froze and everything grew silent, she could hear her heart beat and could see the faces of Rose Squadren filling her vision.

She was slipping, she wasn't in the cockpit anymore she was back in that pile of bodies, before she could scream it vanished and Risay was hugging her goodbye.

"Your going to take me comic con when you get back right Mommy?" she asked her eyes full of hope.

"Of course I will, I've never broke a promise have I?" Ruby asked hugging her daughter.

Risay looked at her and opened her mouth but a man's voice spilled out. "RUBY MOVE!"

She snapped back to the present, a smoking enemy plane was barreling down on her wanting to take someone down with it. She yanked the stick to the left but Crescent Rose's Wing slammed into the fighters wing and tore it off. Sirens blared in the cock pit as she was sent into a spiral.

She fought the stick trying in vain to straighten out. A light on the control pannel flashed telling her that she was locked on to.

She couldn't do anything as the missle hit her tearing the cannopy off. Fire and wind wipped at her as time seemed to slow, she felt surprisingly calm. She reached for to eject but nothing happend, another damned malfunction. Resigning to her fate she pulled her dog tags off tying them tightly to the joy stick as she plumetted to the ocean.

She pulled the photo out of her pocket and kissed it. "I'm Sorry, but I don't think I can keep my promise."

At 0700 AM Ruby was shot down

At 1000 AMRuby's plane was recovered, empty.

At 2200 PM Ruby's body wasn't found.

At 1200 AM the next day Ruby Rose was pronounced KIA

Blake stood in front of her book store locking the door, It was Four oclock in the afternoon and time to get Risay out of day care, as she walked to her car, her laptop and a few books in one had her phone rang. She unlocked her door and opened it before she reached into her pocket and pulled out her Iscroll. Weiss's face was on it.

"Hello?" Blake answered as she got into her car and put her laptop and things in the passenger seat.

"Hey Blake." Weiss said, "I wanted to talk to you about Yang's birthday coming up."

"Sure, just give me one second." She said cranking her car and sending the call to her speakers via bluetooth. "Ok, can you hear me?" Blake asked as she shifted gears into reverse. "Yeah," Weiss responded her voice filtering through the speakers.

"Whats on your mind?" Blake asked watching behind her, she saw an opening in the traffic and backed her car into it, quickly changed gears and drove forwards, following behind a red sports track.

"I was thinking we can do it next week, since Yang goes on a two week leave this sunday." Weiss said. Yang's birthday was actually saturday, but they couldn't celebrate it with her away.

"Well Ruby wont be on leave till the week after next, so could we do it sometime then?" Blake asked as she stopped at a red light at a fourway. Weiss sighed, "I guess we'll have to." she said, "The problems of being army wives."

Blake chuckled at that as the light turned green and she rolled forward, but a black SUV shot through the red light, Blake slammed on her brakes as the vehicle shot in front of her barely missing the front of her car. "Shit!" she cursed slamming her fist into the horn

"What happened?" Weiss asked.

"Some asshole nearly hit me!" she yelled angirly as she craned her head trying to see the license plate as she drove across the fourlane but no luck.

"Oh my god are you ok!" Weiss exclaimed.

"Yeah, just scared me." Blake said letting out a breath.

"Ok, just becareful we don't want Risay growing up with only one parent." Weiss said.

"Don't I know it." Blake ageed.

The phone call continued for awhile as they discused what they wanted at the party and what they wanted done. As Blake turned down the street the daycare was on she could hear the sound of breaking glass on the other end of the phone. "Jaden!" Weiss yelled. Jaden was the oldest of Weiss's and Yang's three kids.

"I told you not to juggle my plates!"

"I'm going to let you go Weiss." Blake chuckled hanging up the phone not bothering with saying goodbye.

She pulled into the parking lot in front of the daycare and shut it off getting out. She walked up the side walk past a veiw parents walking to their cars with their children. She reached the glass double doors spotted with the color paper cut outs of the children's handprints. she pushed the door open and stepped in heading up a hallway and going to the left entering the room the kids where in. The walls were painted bright colors and there were toys every where.

A few children where still but she spot Risay easily the brown haired girl was sitting in a window seat reading out of a book. Blake felt a smile grow across her face.

"Hey Mrs. Rose." Blake heard a voice and she looked to the side to see a tall slender brown haired woman with rabbit ears aproaching her. She was the owner of the daycare and took care of the children. Velvet Scarlatina was her name.

"Hello Mrs. Scarlatina, how was she today?" Blake asked only because recently Risay had been acting out because she missed Ruby.

Velvet crossed her arms. "She was better today, she read mostly." she said looking over at the young girl still engrossed in her book.

"Good, I'll see you tommorrow." Blake said walking across the room towards her daughter. Velvet waved and walked away to talk to another parent that had entered the room.

"Sweetie you ready to go." Blake asked when she got near to her. Risay looked up and smiled. "Hi Momma." she said closing the book and laid it on the seat beside her before climbing down and running to her with her arms out.

Blake crouched and picked her up, the girls arms wrapping around her neck as she stood up. She smiled at her daughter, "Come on, lets go home."

Once they reached home Blake set about fixing dinner for the two of them while Risay sat on the couch and read a book. After dinner she cleaned up the kitchen and sat down in the living room and watched Risay's favorite movie with her. It was about a young witch that travels to a city to find her place and ends up being a delivery girl.

After the movie was over she gave Risay a bath and helped her get ready for bed, then tucked her in before taking a shower for herself, checked on Risay to make sure she wasn't reading with a flashlight again, then going to bed.

The alarm for six o clock went off but Blake was already awake, she hit the button to dismiss it and sat up in bed and stretched before getting out of bed to start her routine she woke Risay fixed her a bowl of lucky charms for breakfast and a cup of coffee for her self.

She stood in the kitchen in her pajammas listing to her daughter talk about the book she was reading as she sipped her coffee.

Then the door bell rang. Frowning she walked to the door unlocking and opened it.

She had known that this was a possibillity, of course she knew she was married to a soldier, and this possibillity was what worried her when she kissed her love goodbye everytime she left, why she prayed every night she was away, and why every time she heard the door bell she grew afraid.

But knowing, never prepared her. She opened the door and saw Fleet Admiral Neptune standing on her door steps with two men in uniform behind him that she didn't know.

He didn't need to speak, she knew from just them being their. Her body went limp and she dropped the mug on the ground the ceramic shattering as she fell after it, her world breaking around her as the tears fell.

"We're sorry...Shot down...her body wasn't found." Blake could make out these words as she hugged herself as sobs shook her body.