It was still early in the morning so the air was a bit cool somewhere birds where singing happily unfazed by what was going on in the graveyard. Yang still stood at attention, along side several familiar faces all in uniform like her. Sun was beside her, next to him was fleet admiral Neptune, a man who always tried to be at the funeral of anyone who died under his command. Next to him was a man in a wheel chair she hadn't met before, but his name was Zeke Manchester, or Fluffy as he had told her before the funeral, he had been shot down right before Ruby, but they had found to him with only a broken leg and fractured collarbone.

Standing on the other side of Yang was Qrow, and Raven who was retired now but she was still in uniform, and across from them on the other side of the flag covered coffin was another line of soldiers that she didn't know. And standing behind the gave a good bit back where twenty one men holding rifles. Yang's eyes cut to the side and looked at the rest of her family. A few lines of chairs where Blake sat, she was dressed in a black dress and held Risay who was crying into her chest, Yang couldn't stand the look in Blake's eyes, as if she was already dead and nothing could bring her back.

Weiss was beside her, her arms around Blake. Jaden and summer where sitting next to their mother watching everything quietly, Jasmine had been left with Weiss's parents for the day. Their weren't many people there, but the few that were, were family.

She saw Nora, and Ren. The couple had always been close to them their whole lives. She spotted Pyrrha sitting close to Jaune, the two had been friends with Ruby through out high school and where the ones that helped Blake open her store.

Then she saw two faces she was surprised to see, Roman, and his wife Neo. They had lived in their neighbor hood when they where younger and always let the two sisters hide out in their house when either Qrow or Raven where mad at them for some stunt they had pulled.

"If their face's were shocking then the final one really was, standing a ways off half behind a tall grave stone was someone she never expected, Yang wouldn't have noticed her if it wasn't for the bright red hoodie she was wearing, something her sister had given the girl back when they had been dating.

Cinder had dated Ruby before she got with Blake, it hadn't been for long and the two were really close, but one day, Cinder just disappeared with no word or warning.

"We are gathered her today, under Oum, not to mourn but to celebrate the passing of a life." The white haired man said from where he stood in front of the coffin. Ozpin had been their pastor as kids when they made it to church, sure the sisters hadn't gone in a long time but everyone thought it best if he was the one.

"The life of a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a soldier." Ozpin said, his words bringing out small sobs from the on lookers. Yang averted her burning eyes, staring out into the sky, to show respect to the fallen soldier she wouldn't cry here, but later, to grieve her sister, she would drink, fight, and scream till she couldn't talk anymore.

"Though your body will be buried you will survive in the heart of all of us."

Yang winced at the words, her sister's body had been lost at sea, that coffin was empty. He talked a bit more by Yang was barely listening. Until Ozpin motioned towards the flag and Sun and Neptune walked forwards with a man from the other side, sun and the man picked up the flag and began to fold it as Neptune saluted and spoke the traditional spill.

Yang watched as Sun took the flag and walked to Blake, kneeling in front of her, she reached out with shaking hands and placed her hands on it. Sun's voice rang out. "ON behalf of the kingdom of Vale and the Chief of Naval Operations, please accept this flag as a symbol of our appreciation for your loved one's service to this country and a grateful Navy."

He stood and saluted her as Blake held Risay and the flag close to her. Tears running down her face.

Yang watched quietly as her sister was lowered down into the ground and buried. Once it was said and done she watched as Weiss helped Blake up and left to take her home, Risay clinging to her mothers hand. And Jaden and Summer followed.

"It's been to long." a voice said behind her and she turned around. Roman was standing there with Neo on his arm.

"Hey you two." Yang said hugging both of them. "I'm so sorry for your loss." He said as they hugged her back.

"My sister was a soldier." Was all Yang said.

Everything was a blur, and before she knew it she was in her home. Weiss was telling her that she would be taking Risay home with her to give Blake some time. Blake had nodded and then they were gone.

Blake looked around the empty house she could see Ruby everywhere, in the floor playing with Risay, at the kitchen table drinking her morning coffee, always awake before the rest of them, on the couch watching TV with Blake and Risay.

She looked down at the flag in her arms and Sun's voice rose in her head. Then anger followed she threw the flag hard. She didn't want some flag, she wanted her rose, as it hit the wall regret filled her and she ran to it picking it up and clutched it to her chest, it was all she had left of her. So she wouldn't let it go.

She cried feeling hurt and alone, but for some reason she felt like Ruby could walk in through that doors any minute, she smiled, 'That's right, she's coming home in a few days.' Blake thought sinking to her knees beside the wall and stared at the door.

She would just wait for her to come home.

Yang hadn't been to this part of the neighbor hood in some time, the side road was a mess and the darkening light made it look even rougher, it was in a bad part of town. She had stayed at Qrow's house for awhile catching up with people, she had wanted to talk to Cinder but she had vanished again. 'Like she always did.' She thought as she parked her motorbike next to a whole line of others and she got off and walked into to the bar. It was packed and loud, the dance floor was covered in writhing bodies but Yang wasn't interested in dancing. She headed towards the bar where a familiar older man was cleaning a few glasses.

"Yo, Blondie, I didn't know you where back." the man smiled at her, She had gotten to know Junior well in her younger days before she had joined the military.

She didn't respond as she sat at the only empty stool before she could ask he had a shot glass and a bottle of whiskey pouring her one.

"The first is on the house, Welcome back Soldier girl." he said kindly. Yang ignored the glass and grabbed the bottle and turned up relishing in the fire that poured down her throat.

"I didn't mean the first bottle." he groaned watching as the girl slammed down the bottle. "I just buried my sister." Yang blurted out and Junior froze. "Not Little Rose." he said clearly surprised, he had known Ruby to, when she would come get her drunken sister in the past and more recently the two would come for drinks when they where both home.

"Keep the bottle." Junior told her as the woman put her face in her hands for a moment before looking up at him. "Junior, What am I suppose to do now?" She asked tears beginning to fall. And she buried her face again.

Junior looked around shocked, in all these years Yang had never cried not even when she had to pull a broken bottle from her side, she had just laughed that off. Her crying was wrong, and he knew she wouldn't want him to see it or anyone here for that matter.

He knew Yang well so he quickly grabbed the still half full bottle picked out the biggest guy in the room within throwing distance and chucked the bottle, his aim was spot on and it smashed into the back of the man's head. He stumbled forwards before gaining his footing and spun around.

"Who the hell!" he yelled looking back at the bartender and Junior pointed down at Yang. That was all it took. Junior stood back and watched as the bar exploded into violence fists and bottles where flying everywhere and in the center of it was Yang. But the tears where still at the edges of her eyes.

Weiss sat on their couch, her feet pulled up underneath her as she stared at the blood red wine in her glass as she swirled it around in around in a endless spiral. Everything had been turned upside down so quickly. Now Risay was finally asleep in the guest room, the girl was young but she understood what was going on, it was heartbreaking but she knew that she would never see her mother again.

Yang would probably come home in a cop car, but Blake. Weiss sighed stopping the glass and stared as the liquid kept spinning. She wondered if Blake would be Ok. She herself was Ruby's friend, and she was barely holding in her grief so she could support the others. 'Blake must be hurting so much.' She thought, the idea of her losing Yang was to painful to bare.

Red and blue lights flashed through the window behind her painting the living room in colors. She drank from her glass and placed it on the glass coffee table in front of her as the door opened and Yang stumbled in.

"Officer Port was so kind and brought me home." Yang chuckled as she pushed the door closed. Smell of whiskey was strong on her and made Weiss's nose curl

"That was nice of him." Weiss said as Yang walked towards her.

"Lets get you to bed love." Weiss said as Yang stepped into the moon light coming in from the window, she could see her face was bruised and a bandage was on it. Weiss sighed unsurprised.

Yang reached her and sank to her knees in front of her and pressed her face into Weiss's stomach wrapping her arms around her waist.

"I don't know what to do." she murmured and her body shook as she finally started to cry.